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Best Weed Games To Play With Your Buddies

Weed is all about fun and games can always fuel the buzz. Cannabis-induced weed games are like weed slang: there are so many of them out there, and you can devise some out of your own fantasy!

When energy rushes through you and your mind is at its best, you can win anything and everything! The euphoric rush is piqued when you indulge in games that challenge your abilities. And when you finally succeed, the victory is not just of the game but much more.

Playing games while Maryjane runs through your veins gives an added high to your adrenaline rush. Weed games get you feeling on the cloud nine super-fast and real sky-high quick. Here are some weed-high games to play when you want to give that additional boost to your buzz while having a good time with your friends.

Here are some weed high games to play when you want to give that additional boost to your buzz while having a good time with your friends.

Weed Games To Play As a Group

1) Strip To The Weed

Weed calls for house parties and what do house parties call for? Some level of naughtiness combined with a little nudity? Nothing gets that blood rushing like some skin and who knows, it might fuel some of the best hook-ups of your life.

You just need to make sure that everyone who is playing is alright with the fact that they might end up potentially stripping down to their underwear.

The rules? They are quite simple. A bong or joint is passed around as participants sit in a ring; with each one of them taking a hit.

Here’s the fun part, you got to hold that hit until the bong comes back right at you! If you can’t or cough and splutter until it’s your turn, a piece of your clothing comes off. How far this game can be taken is what is left up to the host and the participants.

2) Medusa – The Weed Game

As the name clearly says it all, this game is all about stares. It’s the weed game that is a little like a stare down, the only difference being that it is just the opposite. You need to sit in a circle; sober with you weed bong ready.

All the participants put their heads down, and at the count of three, you stare at another player of your choice. Now, if you happen to look at someone who is not looking at you, you end up not hitting a joint.

Similarly, if you end up looking at someone who is staring at you, you are supposed to yell “Medusa” before them and take a hit from the bong. The game continues until everyone ends up high.

3) Don’t Laugh Weed Head

The name itself is quite self-explanatory – you have to keep your weed smoke in without laughing as people tell jokes!

Here is how it is done, you need to take a hit and then pass the joint to the person next to you, holding in the smoke, as someone tells a joke.

Another way is to put on a funny video on YouTube. You cannot exhale until the joint comes back to you or you laugh and lose!

If you are unable to hold your smoke, or you laugh, before the roll gets back to you, you’re out right away. It really doesn’t matter who wins as long as everyone ends up high!

4) The Word Weed

The word weed is another really cool weed game that involves players to put on a random movie and then proceed to select a certain word.

Each one of the players will select a unique word that will be their word; which means that they will take a hit every time the on-screen character says that word.

For example, if the word that you chose was “Hello”, for every single time the characters in the movie say “Hello”, you will take a hit! Be careful, you cannot choose super common words like “and” and “the”!

5) Rock Paper Weed

This is the conventional rock paper scissor game with a little Maryjay twist to it. This weed game works best in smaller groups of 3-4 people, but you can also do it in larger groups by playing until its one-on-one.

You can choose to let the winner take or leave the puff. This is a very simple yet quite effective form of weed game to get people high real quick.

6) Pick a Joint

When your mind is jacked up on marijuana, you either over-think or under-think. Nevertheless, when doped, the human mind tends to thrive on confusion to create stronger hallucinations.

Pick a joint is a weed game that involves a display of 4-5 joints with varying degrees of weed in them, and one of them is completely empty.

Participants pick a blunt without being able to look at it and then when they light it and smoke it, that’s when they get to know what they’ve picked. This is merely a game of luck!

7) Spin the Weed – Never Have I Ever

To play this game, you all need to sit in a tight circle and make sure a couple of joints are ready. Start off the game of never have I ever by picking a person and asking them to make a simple statement that starts with “Never have I ever…” to be then followed by an action.

For instance, one of you might say, “Never have I ever drunk Vodka.” And then anyone who has also done the same takes a hit, and that is how the game keeps rolling, literally!

Contrary to popular belief about weed turning people into potheads, players at national tournaments show up ‘baked’ purely so they could play better.

Dope makes your mind work super fast by speeding up your reflexes. Next time when you and your friends have your heads full of dope, play these weed games to have a great time!

Play Weed Video Games

8) Some Mario Karting

Mario Kart 64 is one Nintendo game that every weed-head should give a shot at when their funny head is filled with dope. This is a great party-friendly game that will get you and your friend feeling so excited you won’t stop playing until you drop.

How to play it? Participants take turns to play and whoever gets the place first takes a turn at the bong and those who lose can’t.

The catch: The better you play, the higher you get but, the higher you get, the worse you’ll perform. So you can’t keep on winning, and hopefully, this saves you from passing out.

9) Skyrim

When you talk about weed games, then Skyrim’s dreamy yet dreary mystic setting with the fire blowing dragons is one of the best buzz intensifiers out there in the gaming world.

The fun part about weed games is that you get to make the rules and they can be as silly as you like. You can take a hit from the weed bong every time a certain expected event occurs.

For example, you can take a hit every time the guard tries to take you to the jail or whenever your companion is dead.

Another great idea is to take a deep smoke each time you spot a dragon. Remember, you are high and you can make the rules.

10) Hempire

Hempire is much like the simple games available for download on mobile and computer devices, but this one has hemp! It creates an exciting high when you grow your weed and then try to develop different strains.

You can push your products in the market, and win customers to make money. An interactive game with a catchy music score and a lot of exciting graphics!

Uncle Danny is the main character, which is the player. You have to start with a small business and grow it into a massive empire.

Users say that they like this game and can’t stop playing it! You can hop on the bandwagon too without spending any money. It has some of the best reviews, and you will love it too!

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ca.lbcstudios.hempire&hl=en

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11) Weed Shop 2

Weed Shop 2 is a sequel to one of the favorite weed games on the Internet today. It is an enticing game that aims to make you a weed businessman in California.

You have to sell marijuana to customers and expand the business. You can hire ganja farmers, who may look like aliens but are very hardworking when it comes to business expansion!

The ultimate goal of Weed Shop 2 is to establish the player as a weed businessman with one of the best dispensaries in California. You can decorate your shop and enjoy the money you have earned through hard work.

Players have made Weed Shop 2 ‘Game of the Year,’ and if you watch the trailer, you will want to play too! Some users say that it causes a virtual high, so why not try this game and relax through the day!

Then there is the Weed Shop Wake and Bake set in Colorado. You have to use your creative side to come up with different bakery items and sell them to all kinds of customers. As you advance, the games become more interesting.


Weed Shop Weed Garden Online is in Massachusetts where you can sell to regular customers and maintain a weed warehouse!

You can also exchange weed seeds with your friends on facebook through the Pot face tab on the game! It gets a little dangerous since you can steal weed from anywhere in the world.

This game allows you to rob stores and add to your weed stock. It might sound extreme, but all is fair in business! Enjoy the immersive gameplay with free download option on the website.

The game is available on AppStore, Windows, and you may also download it on a Mac device. So now you have no reason to stay away.

Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/weed-bakery/id972529663

12) Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm says that if you need to learn, it should be from the greatest. Well, this is worth a try then!

This game is about Wiz Khalifa, the renowned weed grower who can plant different strains and then make his empire bigger by efficiently selling it.

You will pick a few useful techniques to show off to friends, plus you will have a good time. You can visit other cities and make purchases to deal with the business better.

Users have given this game four stars out of five. Maybe its time to check it out. You can download the game on Android and iOS with ease. Just follow the simple steps and pass your time growing weed like the famous entrepreneur!


13) Grand Theft Auto – Maryjay Style!

If you are looking for a good time smoking pot then the weed game of your choice is the Grand Theft Auto. GTA has been one of the most played games by sober people and high people alike.

Playing this crazy game will pour some real hot adrenaline into your veins and make your euphoria hit cloud 9.

Playing GTA, weed style is the perfect way to chill and get high with friends. This game is entirely random, so much so that you can build your in-game weed enterprise.

What the fun tip with playing this game while baked? Make sure you hit the blunt every time someone gets run over. With GTA, getting run over isn’t quite a big deal!

This game is available on PlayStation. You can find it in stores all over the country!

14) Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon

Weed Inc Idle Tycoon is all about growing pot, learning ways to make it better and then doing a successful business out of it. If it sounds just like other games, try it. You will be surprised to know that players get addicted to the game and it doesn’t even cost anything!

Weed Inc Idle Tycoon allows users to choose plants, grow them and use them in production. You can then sell them in dispensaries and visit other cities to focus on business expansion!

The various stages of business growth are enjoyable to play and will keep you riveted to the device.

Users have given this game 4.6 stars, and that’s enough to tell you that you will love it. If you want to feel high, wealthy and enterprising, download the game and have fun!


15) Weed Firm: RePlanted

Weed Firm Replanted is available on Android devices and can be easily downloaded. In the game, you can play as a young man, who establishes a business after expulsion from school!

I know, the part about leaving school was unnecessary but what’s fun and exciting is that the player starts a career as a marijuana dealer.

You are expected to find buyers and sell your product to them. Easy? Not really! This game has quite a few challenges which are going to sharpen your skills!

Just like in a real business, you will get all kinds of customers. Your job is to sell marijuana to them, despite their angry behavior or reluctance to buy. Weed Firm Replanted is an RPG and can be a very captivating game.


16) Weed Craft – Releasing Soon

Weedcraft Inc is releasing on April 11, 2019. From the trailer, it appears to be all about the bittersweet relationship of weed with the United States. It’s liked by many, but still cannot be used in many places.

The game is about weed plantation, cultivation and the hundreds of ways in which you can modify hybrids and create new blends. This game is not just about plant growth and then establishing a business.

It focuses on legalization and the scientific side of getting high and feeling energized. The player can progress and build a business and then earn big bucks too!

It has intense graphics and conversation scenes. Try it out to learn more about growing weed and earning profits!


Weed Board games

17) Dude Where’s My Weed?

When friends get together for a good time, it’s always a good idea to pull out a good old board game and maximize your high. In the game, Lennon loses his weed and needs your help to find it. The one who helps find pot for Lennon can ask his friends for a round of ‘truth or dare.’ The players spin the arrow and move the pawns in the direction. If you play well, you can end up in a weed farm or coffee shop! Try this game as it is readily available online. You can order it from different websites.

18) Big Dope Deal Game

The good news is this game is for stoned players! Whenever your friends get together and get high, you all qualify to play this game. It is an exciting game in which you can be the dope dealer. The goal of the game is to make money before you retire. This game is colorful and riveting, and the best part is you can order it online!

19) Weed Card Games

A regular pack of cards, but with the unique ‘pot’ theme anyone? All those raising their hands can enjoy a cannabis-themed pack of cards for their next poker night! You can order it from an online shop and keep the mood elevated when your friends come over for weed, and you all play cards to enjoy your time together.

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