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Weed Bongs: How To Use, Select And Buy Water Pipes

The founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud was the great advocate of weed, and he even proposed that it should be used to curb anxiety and depression which was prevalent even in his times. There are numerous states in the US which have almost legalized the use of weed. To quote an example, we can say Michigan. There are several other states which are voting in its favor and Oklahoma, and Missouri is the current examples of being the recent advocates of weed.

Who doesn’t want a stress-free life but in the today’s hustle and bustle it is almost impossible to heave a sigh of relief even for a moment. People are gulping down the antidepressants like a ritual, and still, nothing is getting better. Is there no way out? There surely is a way out and that way out goes through Weed or Marijuana, and the healthiest way to consume this is through a bong, most precisely it is called a weed Bong or a water pipe.

Definition – What is a Weed Bong or a Water Pipe?

A weed bong is also known as a water pipe. It is a filtration device used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, and weed.

There is never anything wrong with the thing itself but how you use it. If you use the internet for learning purposes, it is safe and secure for you, but if you use it for sexual gratification, it is a poison for you. Same is the case with weeds, vipers, and cannabis if you take them to Shu your stress away. They are harmless for you, but if you use them for addiction, they are dangerous. Weed bongs were made to ensure the safety of weed consumers, and along with the protection they offer one other thing, and that is “an instant high. “

Bongs have made the consumption of marijuana pretty easy. They have been used since long, and one can frequently see them in Africa and Thailand. Weed Bongs are pretty famous in the US as well, there they are seen as a sign of high prestige and are frequently used in clubs or private events.

The Difference Between a Joint or Water Pipe (for smoking weed)

If you want, your smoke filters won’t get this option in a joint. A joint is like a cigarette where instead of tobacco, you roll marijuana. When you smoke through a joint, you inhale the burning of a paper as well. A joint offer little or no filtration whatsoever, but a bong or water piper is different and is more effective.

Its large pipe can hold more marijuana, and the smoke is filtered through water. It is because of the presence of water in a bong that all the dangerous ingredients of weed get screened, and only the purified smoke you inhaled.

It is a lot healthier to smoke your weed through a bong.

There are undoubtedly some compounds in a weed which is likely to deteriorate your health if you burn it but if you smoke your pot with a bong its a lot healthier. How? Because of the presence of water in it. The water pipes of a bong filter great qualities of toxins from the weed which could otherwise go straight to your lungs and wreak havoc there. When marijuana smoke passes through water, the angry toxins like cytotoxins (can destroy your immune system) are filtered, and you inhale only the good smoke.

This water option is only available in Bongs, and it has made the weed bongs much more effective and healthier than other methods of smoking weed.

Smoking Through a Bong. How To Do It?

If you are smoking a weed from the bong for the very first time, you won’t get it straight. For that reason, it’s essential to discuss how can you smoke through water piper like a pro.

  1. First of all, fills the bong with water but make sure you don’t fill it too much or else it will splash on you. When you fill your bong with water make sure you pour the water through the mouthpiece.
  2. The next step is all about packing the bowl with the cannabis. Make sure you grind the cannabis into finer components before you wrap them in the bowl.
  3. After adding the water and packing a bowl breath for some minutes and then relax. After you are sure that you are relaxed, hold the bong from the bottom and put it against your mouth. Make sure the rim of the mouthpiece of the bong is pressed around your lips. Your lips should be inside the mouthpiece of the bong.
  4. After adjusting the bong against your mouth light, the bowl. It is essential that you don’t burn all the weed inside the bowl. Just light the edge of the cannabis so that you will be able to handle the smoke.
  5. After lighting the bowl start inhaling slowly through the mouthpiece of a bong. Make sure you inhale the smoke slowly, so it doesn’t overwhelm you.
  6. After you make sure that there is enough smoke in your mouthpiece stop lighting the bowl and start enjoying the smoke. If you are pro, you know how to enjoy the smoke. Inhale it for a few minutes, keep the smoke in your lungs and then exhale it.
  7. After you take the first hit light the bowl again and get on the beautiful journey of getting high.

Bongs Are the Surest Way of Getting an Instant High

Bongs are the surest way of getting an instant high. With the first hit, a person feels like he is soaring high among the clouds and with the second hit one almost forgets all the worries and anxieties of daily life. After the first and second hit it almost as if you are free from all the stresses of life. Having weed through bongs enhance the whole experience of consuming cannabis and it promises a lot of happy moments.

Enhance Your Relations With Weed Bongs

Smoking weed is an enriching experience in itself but smoking it with others enhance it’s valued a little more. In a private gathering when one passes the bong and the lighter to the others one feels secure and happy. Smoking weed has its benefits, and the most are, a shared smoke through bongs enhance the quality of your relations.

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Let’s Talk About the Material of Different Bongs

What type of bong do you want for your weed is totally up to you. Selecting a bong means choosing your preference and only you can decide what kind of bong you favor more. Bongs are made from various materials and based on these material cannabis taste different with mixed bongs.

For instance!

Glass Bongs – They are classic and the most effective. They can make the experience of smoking weed delicious and enriching. It is also easy to clean the glass bong as compared to other bongs.

Plastic Bongs – They are the cheapest in the market and the most effective. They are the most durable as well. If you drop the bong during your smoke, it won’t break. They make a great travel partner.

Ceramic Bongs – They are more substantial and robust. They are also the most beautiful and they come to the market in fun and pretty designs. Most people use ceramic bongs for special occasions. They are heavier than the other bongs, and they came in novel designs.

Bamboo Bongs – if you want your bongs to be durable this is the right option for you. They are durable, and if you care for them, well they can last forever.

Metal Bongs – Metal bongs are not frequently used. They are rare, but they are durable. They are cheap as well, but they do affect the taste of your cannabis.

Various Designs of Bongs Available in the Market

Like there are so many ways to smoke the cannabis there are many choices available for you to choose the perfect bong. They come with different designs which make them a little more desirable. There are many types of bongs available for your smoking pleasure. For instance,

Carburetor Bongs

If there is a hole in the centre of your bong its a carburetor bong. The hole in this type of bong comes with benefits. It clears out the smoke in the chamber. Carburetor Bongs makes you inhale the fresh smoke because when you inhale the smoke from the chamber of the bong by removing your finger from the hole the fresh air rushes in and enhance your smoking experience.

Percolator Bongs

Percolator Bongs or bubbler bongs are also famous. They come in all shapes and are handy to use. These kinds of bongs have a percolator in them which is basically a piece of glass. This percolator dispels the smoke before it gets filtered by water and because of it, the smoke cools down rapidly. The percolator is found in mostly multi-chamber Bongs which are the most expensive.

Gravity Bongs

They are the kind of bongs which will give you the instant high.

They work by submerging a plastic bottle where cannabis is placed on top into a bowl of water or a larger bottle. If you are smoking marijuana through a gravity bong, the concentrated smoke will into your lungs. There are two types of gravity bongs which are bucket gravity bongs and waterfall gravity bongs.

Straight Tube Bongs

They are the simplest Bongs available in the market. They consist of a single tube with a stem. Just pour a little water in the tube, light your cannabis and go on a roller coaster ride.

Beaker Shaped Bongs

Beaker shaped bongs are more stable than straight bongs. They are pretty much the same as straight bongs except that it’s base in flat. To smoke your cannabis in the beaker-shaped bong follow the same procedure as used in straight tube bongs.

Round Base Bongs

They are much similar to straight or beaker-shaped bongs. The only difference is, they have a base which is a little less flat than the beaker-shaped bongs. They are more stable than straight bongs but less stable than beaker-shaped bongs. Using them is easy. Just add water in the sphere-shaped tube of round base bongs, light your cannabis and smoke.

Multi-Chamber Bongs

Multi-chamber bongs are expensive for their extra chambers and are hard to make. This kind of bong built out of the straight bong. Two or three chambers are built out of it.

With these bongs, the smoke is filtered twice or thrice depending on the number of chambers.

Make sure when you buy bong its not too large. Usually, large bongs are preferred because there are fewer risks of their breakage, but they are too much of a liability. They are heavier and are not comforting.

Where to Shop For Bongs?

One can find many kinds of bongs in the local market, but it’s difficult to tell which is the most durable. The surest way to get a durable bong is via online. Make sure when you buy your selected bong online you check the reviews of the company you are buying it from. When you see how successfully the company has sold it bongs, you will be sure of its reliability.

Smoke shops are your best bet in this regard if you are in the UK or US. Usually, in these shops worldwide shipping option is available. This makes it easy for you to have a bong of your choice and at the end of the day, it’s up to you to choose the type of bong you need for your weeds.

Bongs are there to make your smoking experience delicious and enriching. If you want to make sure Y get the sharp hit and instant high bongs are your answer. Buy bongs of your choice from your favorite smoke market and have the marvelous experience of smoking cannabis.

Jennifer Kurtz
Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.

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