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Is Vaping CBD Oil While Pregnant Safe?

People have concerns about the fact that they might get addicted to the CBD oil, it might make them feel stoned or high.

The Cannabis has two primary compounds which include tetrahydrocannabinol,i.e., THC and CBD, i.e., Cannabidiol. The THC has psychoactive effects while CBD is non-psychoactive.

A little herb called cannabis helps in easing the pain and complications associated with pregnancy.

The Cannabis herb is the drug of choice in pregnant patients in Western women. However, prenatal consumption of CBD oil might result in risks.

Why there is a concern of cannabis on prenatal and postnatal use?

CBD oil is derived from the cannabis which is extracted from such strains which are high in CBD content and low in THC.

It aids in medical benefits of painkilling effects along with the neuroprotective effects and avoids making you high.

CBD oil has cannabinoids which interact with the endocannabinoid system. During pregnancy, the system is involved in fertilization, implantation, placentation, and parturition.

The THC interacts with the CB1 receptors playing an essential role in brain development during pregnancy. The prenatal use of THC leads to the neurological disorders of inborn babies.

It is a concerning issue to use a product during pregnancy. Every substance might result in a negative or positive impact on the baby.

However, according to the studies and evidence, Cannabis use during pre-natal phase has no association with an increased rate of life-threatening conditions or congenital disabilities.

The compounds in the Cannabis results in the interaction with the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a set of receptors with the agonists called endocannabinoids.

The cannabinoid receptors serve as a lock while endocannabinoids act as keys.

The endocannabinoid system has an essential role in controlling the body functions such as mood, appetite, memory, metabolism, movement, reproduction, sleep, immune tasks along with a necessary part on an infant’s development.

Research Evidence Leading To Concerns

According to a study in 2014, the psychoactive compound THC has an impact on the function of nerve cells and cells prepared outside the human body.

The use of TCH might result in neuropsychiatric illnesses in the newborn baby. However, there is a shortage of research regarding post-birth issues with the effects of CBD oil. The study is only conducted regarding the use of Cannabidiol.

The CBD oil aids in stopping the inflammation cycle helps in soothing down the nerves along with the pain receptors.

During pregnancy, the muscles of the body are under strain to support the weight of the baby.

Some of the muscle strain is associated with the uterus applying the pressure in the pelvic area resulting in tension and pain in the lower back, feet, and legs.

Is vaping cannabidiol safe during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a blessing for all mothers. Every mother desires to take care of her child more than anything.

However, pregnancy is not easy, and it is a roller coaster ride of 9 months with emotions and physical symptoms.

We have CBD oil which is a natural form of cannabinoids and helps in getting rid of the unpleasant symptoms associated with pregnancy.

However, bear in mind that some cannabinoids might result in a negative impact on you and your baby’s health.

Any substance might have adverse effects on pregnancy which might result in concerns. CBD oil should be used with consultation from the health care professional during pregnancy.

A piece of high-quality evidence is not available regarding the cannabis use during the fertility, pregnancy or the breastfeeding phase.

In the US, the cannabis is considered as a Schedule 1 drug which means it has no medicinal value.

Few studies are available regarding the use of CBD oil during pregnancy, and most of them are related to THC and pregnancy which is a psychoactive compound.

Conditions which are affected by CBD oil during pregnancy

Cannabinoids in CBD oil work in correlation with our body by interacting with the endocannabinoid system.

The CBD oil has pronounced effects on the conditions and symptoms associated with pregnancy:

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Morning Sickness

A first three months of pregnancy are usually linked with the morning sickness. As soon as you come out of bed, you will feel the worse hangover which can be quickly relieved by the use of CBD oil.

Nausea or Vomiting

These symptoms are the body’s inbuilt reflexes which occur due to the digestion of extra food material. However, during pregnancy, these reflexes shoot up during the first trimester or first three months of pregnancy period.

If during pregnancy, the CBD oil is consumed, it activates the neurotransmitter termed as 5-hydroxytryptamine. The neurotransmitter aids in slow expulsion reflex of the body and helps in reducing the body symptoms.

Chronic Back Pain

A backache increased weight of the baby applies excessive pressure on the lower body and back during the pregnancy period. It results in backache and restlessness. The CBD oil aids in subsiding the chronic back pain associated with pregnancy and diminish the symptoms.

Premature Contractions

Early deliveries are frequent these days because of multiple reasons. One primary reason is the rapid contraction. During certain conditions, the body tries to expel the body during the early phase, resulting in the birth of the baby. A study was conducted during 2010, which concluded that CBD oil aids in the prevention of the premature contractions leading to delivery of the baby. The Cannabis assists in the prevention of contractions for a longer time.

A study was conducted in 2006, where the effects of THC were found on pregnant ladies. It showed that the THC resulted in alterations in the ovulation phase, poor implantation, self-destruction of the embryonic cells.

However, CBD has no role in exposing the early chances of delivering the baby or miscarriage.

According to a study in 2010, the treatment of CBD oil during pregnancy reduced the oxytocin-induced uterine or myometrial contractions in the cells which were cultured outside the body. However, the study concluded that THC has a negative impact on the premature contractions similar to the anandamide on the endocannabinoid system.

Post-partum Blues

Many mothers during pregnancy are found with increased depression after childbirth.

CBD oil during pregnancy helps in activating the serotonergic signals via the 5HT1A receptor mechanism. The activation of the 5HT1A receptors results in the release of happy chemicals which aid in fighting the depression.

Chronic Pain Relief

The use of CBD oil aids in relieving the pre-existing pain before pregnancy which might increase during the pregnancy period.The CBD oil results in narrowing down the signal transduction and transmits the fewer pain signals for causing pain.The CBD oil assists in fighting the chronic pain which might enhance during the pregnancy period.

CBD oil for the breastfeeding phase

The cannabis which is high in THC during breastfeeding might affect the baby’s health.

If you want to alleviate the symptoms associated with pregnancy, then opt for CBD Hemp oil.

CBD oil is the safest option without any harmful chemicals transmitted to the baby. The effects of CBD oil on the fetus occur during pregnancy if you have consumed the wrong product.


The pregnant ladies have been using Cannabis since years to diminish the symptoms during pregnancy which include the body aches, vomiting, nausea, depression, and others.

However, consult your doctor before the consumption of CBD oil to avoid compromising the baby’s health.

The safest option during pregnancy is to prevent the use of Cannabis which is high in the THC content. Use CBD hemp oil which is safe during pregnancy and helps in reducing the symptoms.

According to the research and evidence, CBD oil results in an anti-anxiety, neuroprotective and antipsychotic effects along with the reduction of adverse effects caused by THC due to the prenatal exposure.

CBD oil still has concerns regarding the use during pregnancy because there needs to be a lot of research, evidence and until today the science is in progress regarding this matter.

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