Top Extracts is a website that sells herbal products including Kratom, kava, and kyani online. It is among the latest herbal suppliers, which are making its name among leading Kratom, and kava suppliers of the USA.

This article is a review of this amazing website which is delivering finest quality of kava and Kratom in the US.

Give it reading if you are looking for a new vendor to purchase Kratom, kava or kyani online.

General Information About The Top Extracts Website

best kratom vendorIt is a fully developed site, like most of the reputed online vendors. It is based in Chicago, USA and was established in 2014. The manufacturers specialize in collecting best quality of Kratom, kava, kyani and oils.

The aim of the manufacturers as per their webpage is to supply their customers with the fresh supply of botanical products.

They have now warehouse to stock the products, that is why all the customers will only get the fresh supply.

The manufacturers promote the idea of traditional herbal therapies for common health problems and overall good health.

All the products from this website are thoroughly tested for the effects.

What Are The Products Available At Top Extracts?

Top Extracts is a big name for the variety of the products. There are so many choices that a person can make.

If you open the website, the top right corner shows different categories of the products that are available at TopExtracts. These products include the following.

  • Top Extracts Kratom (powder, capsule, tincture, extract)

One of the biggest names among effective herbal remedies is Kratom. There are so many known benefits of Kratom that are even proven by research studies.

Journal of Psychoactive Drugs published a study two decades ago to tell the world about psychoactive properties of Kratom.

It is one of the initial evidence to show the benefits of Kratom. It is even proven to be helpful in opiate withdrawal by several experiments. Later studies suggested Kratom be a powerful painkiller, stress reliever, anxiolytic, energy booster, stimulant, nootropic and euphoric plant.

Here at TopExtracts, Kratom is available in powder, capsule, resin and extract form. It indicates a variety of Kratom products that is a benefit for the Kratom buyer.

Finding all these best quality Kratom products under the same umbrella is a blessing. There are many strains of Kratom that you can buy from here.

It includes Bali, Horn, Maeng Da and others in red, white and green strains.

However, the website only caters the fresh batches of Kratom. You may not find some Kratom strains at the moment.

But as soon as the latest batch is available, the website updates it to be in stock. It means you can wait for your favorite Kratom strain to be in stock for your next purchase.

The price of these Kratom strains is variable depending upon the strain and weight of the product. You can buy Kratom from TopExtracts for as low as $14.50, which seems affordable for most of the Kratom users.

  • Top Extracts Kava (extract)

Kava Kava or scientifically called Piper methysticum belongs to South Pacific Islands. For centuries, Kava has been used as a ceremonial drink for relaxation and euphoria.

Recently, kava has been studied for its medicinal properties in stress, depression, anxiety and related disorders. The therapeutic benefits of kava are highest in it root part.

These kava roots are chewed traditionally or ground to make juice. The beneficial properties of Kava are due to the alkaloids of kava, called Kavalactones.

These Kavalactones account for the 3% to 20% of the dry root of the kava plant.

Research suggests that kava is useful for some health problems. For example, it reduced anxiety, which is proven by the investigation of the University of Melbourne and is available online for results.

Kava also protects the body particularly the neurons from damage. A study from Neural Regeneration Research explains the neuroprotective potential of Kava, which also suppresses the pain.

Kava is also associated with reducing the risk of cancer, but it needs more research as the current study is only confined to mice.

You can find the best quality Kava at TopExtracts website. There are three forms currently in stock, one is the traditional Kava extract that costs $14.99 for 4 ounces. 60% Kava extract is available in $10.00 for 5ml of extract.

A 70% Kavalactone extract is highest in quality and price both. Only 2 ounce is available for $29.00. This quantity is not fixed and is only the least that you can purchase.

The website gives multiple options while selecting the product to buy. All these details are mentioned on the below right of every product.

You should read it before hitting the purchase button if you want to buy in a more quantity.

  • Top Extracts Akuamma Seeds (powder and capsules)

Akuamma seedsAkuamma seeds are scientifically called PicralimaNitida. It is a herbal medicine used in Africa for the potential benefits of a painkiller and antimicrobial effect.

The properties of Akuamma seeds are due to distinctive alkaloids, i.e., akuammine and pericine.

The oral consumption of Ethanol Extract of Akuamma seeds induces specific histopathological changes in the testes of adult rats.

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research regards Akuamma seeds as one of leading herbal remedy to use during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care.

Akuamma seeds are also proven for their role as muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-diarrheal and antipyretic activities.

You can purchase Akuamma seeds in powder and capsule form at Top Extracts website.

The price for Akuamma capsule is $10.50 for 30 capsules. These capsules are 0.75 mg each and are of size 00.

The cost of 1 ounce Akuamma seed powder is the same. A user can buy any of these available options.

  • TopExtracts Passionflower (extract)

Passionflower extract has numerous health benefits such as sleep regulation, treatment or insomnia, stress, anxiety, inflammation, menopause, ADHD, high blood pressure, asthma and others. Passionflower in extract form is available on TopExtracts website for the nominal price.

  • Top Extracts PeganumHarmala (extract powder)

As per Pharmacognosy Review Journal’s study, wild Syrian rue or Peganumharmala is a popular folk medicine.

It has benefits such as pain, skin inflammation, disease, anthelmintic and fertility. TopExtracts has its extract in stock.

  • South African Kanna (powder and rough cut)

This herb is one of the best for enhancing mood, tactile and sexual responses. You can also purchase Kanna powder, and Kanna rough cut from TopExtracts Kratom and Kava vendor.

  • Kyani Products

Kyani is a company, which started its operation in 2005. Since then it is producing quality products of health supplements.

The objective is to promote the healthy concept of life. These products are not medicines but for all health improving supplements.

These products are not medicine so everyone can use them. Fortunately, Kyani supplements are available at TopExtracts for purchase.

There are three supplements currently in stock. It includes Sunrise, Sunset and Nitro FX.

Kyani Sunrise is a morning supplement, which gives you an energetic boost, cognitive support, stress relief, cardiac and metabolic support for the whole day.

It has a recipe of superfoods, which is useful for the said benefits.

Kyani Sunset is to be taken in the evening. It is a formula, which supports cardiovascular, cognitive health and immunity.

Kyani Nitro FX is the next level supplement, which works on all of the said benefits of Kyani supplements with higher boost.

If you click on the category of Kyani and select your required product, it will redirect you to the direct link of Kyani website. Here you can place your order.

The Best About Buying From Top Extracts Vendor

  • Billing option

The website accepts some payment methods for orders. It accepts credit and debit cards. For example, you can pay via VISA card easily. It also receives payments via PayPal.

  • Delivery areas

For now, it only ships within the USA. It is easier to send fresh herbal products in areas under access. The worldwide orders take many days to deliver.

It may affect the quality of products, as it comes fresh from cultivators. But the international delivery is also under consideration to facilitate global customers.

  • Shipment of orders

All the orders inside the USA are sent via USPS Priority Flat Rate shipping which requires only 1-2 days to deliver.

There will be no delivery charges if your order is worth $65 or more. You can also track your orders online. In any case, if you fail to track your order, USPS will refund your order entirely.

  • Bulk Purchases

In any case, if a customer wants to buy a specific quantity of any of the available products, he may contact the customer care for particular order. The website also offer wholesale purchase; they have a wholesale page for these special orders.

  • Return policy

One of the amazing things that you may not see at other online vendors is the return and exchange policy. TopExtracts offer 7-day return policy, by which you can claim refund or replacement.

The item must be unused and in original packing for return and exchange. Refunds are only given if they are applicable. Complete terms and conditions are mentioned on the website.

  • Reward points

The web-store facilitates its regular customer by reward plan. It awards 1 point for each dollar spent while ordering from Top Extracts.

You can always view your points. Referral code also adds points, and these points can be used to buy Kratom, Kava or other products from Top Extracts for FREE.

  • Customer care

The customer care of Top Extracts has100% response rate. You can write your query to them, and they will get back to you.

All the questions must be sent to [email protected] The website has a complete postal address, phone number and online performance for direct queries.

Final Thoughts – Should You Trust This Web-Store For Your Next Purchase?

Based on the analysis of information mentioned on the official web page, Top Extract seems to be a reliable option for ordering Kratom, kava, kyani products, Akuamma seeds and other products.

One thing that this supplier never compromises is the quality. As already mentioned, there is no shop, no warehouse of this vendor. All the orders are shipped as soon as they arrive at them. There is no delay in deliveries.

Customer satisfaction is the prime concern. Price is affordable, and there is nothing that feels suspicious about the website.

If you are planning to order any of these herbal products, try this fantastic retailer for its featured products.

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Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.


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