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These Are Some Of The Top Forums Catering To Kratom

Kratom is getting highly positive remarks from the users day by day. It is a hot topic of discussion on open public forums and Kratom chat groups. Due to the increased popularity, everyone is trying to use it for once.

First, the superior quality Kratom is not available everywhere. There are only a few trusted vendors of Kratom that operate online. Secondly, when you get your required strain of Kratom, it is still a matter to use it in the best possible way. Kratom is highly sensitive to its effects. That is why new users are not sure how and how much Kratom to use concerning strain.

The Internet has made the life easier for everyone. Even for Kratom users, the Internet is bliss. There are so many online forums that cater to Kratom. Almost all Kratom users worldwide have joined these forums and share their valuable experiences there.

Why you need a trustworthy forum on Kratom?

One thing that you must know that internet is full of scams. Everything that you may read online is not always correct. Hence only a few online forums are trustworthy for the information that they share.

Mitragyna speciosa or Kratom is native to Southeast Asia especially Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia, and Brunei. It belongs to the family of coffee. It explains why both of them have high stimulatory powder.

Kratom is an excellent remedy for some health problems. At a low dose, Kratom is a stimulant. At high dose, it is a painkiller, stress reliever, medicine for diarrhea, sedative product and treatment for opiate withdrawal.

American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy has published the latest research on pharmacological and clinical assessment of Kratom. It explains that Kratom has opioid and α-2 receptor agonistic effect as well as anti-inflammatory and parasympathetic impeding effects on humans.

Another study from Drug and Alcohol Dependence tells that Kratom has natural psychoactive properties.

A comprehensive review proved of all studies on Kratom use and its effect on mental health, published from 1960 till 2017. The results confirmed Kratom’s potential to reduce stress and boost mental capabilities.

A study on neuropharmacology of Kratom tells that it is a promising medicinal plant but has a high potential for abuse, if not correctly used.

A similar study from psychopharmacology (Berlin) says that Kratom has a high potential for abuse as per 8 factors of controlled substances act. All these studies recommend fair usage of Kratom.

For a new user, knowing everything on Kratom is challenging. The necessary information on strains and types is somehow available at blogs.

Also, it is correct, most of the times. But a user cannot select dosage, appropriate method, and frequency of dosing on his own. Reading Kratom experiences of others is an excellent way to learn about tips and tricks on using Kratom.

It also teaches you about the most common Kratom mistakes that users make. That’s why when you are reading something on a powerful herbal therapeutic product like Kratom; make sure that you understand the honest opinions.

In case of misleading or inaccurate information, you may experience mild to severe side effects by Kratom.

Following is a list of 6 top forums where you will find reliable information:

1. IloveKratom Forum (www.ilovekratom.com)

As the name indicates, this website is heaven for Kratom lovers where they can read blogs about Kratom. These blog posts are on latest news, strains, and methods to use Kratom. The forum is made to discuss the safe and legal use of Kratom.

Kratom, unlike the myths that declare it unsafe, is 100% safe for humans if you follow the right way to use it. Most of the posts here have informative material that makes the Kratom experience worth it.

The best about IloveKratom forum:

  • It gives an opportunity to the readers for finding information on their required topic. Even if their topic or question is new which doesn’t fit into any previous category, the website may adjust it in a new one on request to the support team.
  • All the viewers are required to be over 18 years of age. The website has a strict policy on age, and it doesn’t facilitate accounts of under 18 people. The site suspends these accounts are automatically. This rule is to ensure the safe practice of Kratom, as Kratom is not suitable for underage people.
  • It promotes respectful posts and comments by everyone. No self-promoting, bullying or disrespectful choice of words is tolerated. The forum has a strict policy for such people that are to ban them forever.
  • Ilovekratom even respects the rights of Kratom vendors. The users can only negatively remark vendors in the respective category and not just everywhere. Also, there is a list of recommended Kratom vendors for those who ask for it.
  • It emphasizes on the fair and legal usage of Kratom. It is clear that it will not compromise on any inaccurate information on the blog. It deletes all the misleading, illegal, and irrelevant material from the threads. So, all you find at IloveKratom is accurate information on Kratom.

2. Kratom Reddit Forum (https://www.reddit.com)

Reddit is an American website that contains a considerable number of discussion threads. Not just Kratom, Reddit provides information on almost everything including science, movies, music, fitness, food, books, images, news, etc.

All the people who want to be a part of these discussion threads are required to register. Then they can share content in the form of links, texts, post or images which may be voted up or down by fellow members.

The subject of the post is the basis of topics organization. On Kratom, you will find hundreds of threads. By subject, the website holds the posts by calling them subreddits. These subreddits are just user created boards to make categorization easy.

The best about Kratom Reddit:

  • There are so many threads where you can find your answers. The comments by fellow members make it easy for a new Kratom user at Reddit to understand the topic. Even if a discussion doesn’t make sense for the reader, he can always try reading more threads on the same subject. There are so many threads available, and there is a high possibility that he will find his answers. In any case, if he cannot find a solution, he can start a new thread.
  • Reddit is available in the browser, Android, and iPhone to facilitate its members.
  • Reddit brings its Kratom using members closer by keeping them together. It enables to share, vote and discuss the information, personal experiences and general information on Kratom and its alternatives.
  • Reddit provides a vast range of acceptable topics on discussing Kratom. But it doesn’t facilitate content if it is illegal, involuntary pornography, aggressive, abusive, bullying, misleading or related to the minor. The safety parameters of Kratom only encourage fair usage of Kratom.
  • On Kratom threads, Reddit doesn’t tolerate prohibited behavior and NSFW content. The responsible member is eventually banned from Reddit if he violates these rules. It means all Kratom stuff that you will find on Reddit has made its way by making it through the strict criteria. Hence, there should not be any doubt on the trustworthiness of the information.
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3. Kratom on Drugs-forum (https://drugs-forum.com)

Drugs-forum is a very famous forum, which has more than 20 thousand registered members. There are so many things that you can read about at Drugs-forum. It has forums, journals, media gallery, news section, reviews and studies on several drugs and natural therapeutics like Kratom. It is a non-profit website that runs one of the most read drugs informative threads.

The best about Drugs-forum:

  • The forum saturates with valuable information. It is not just a discussion forum; there are so many things that you can read here, i.e., journals.
  • For Kratom users, Drugs-forum has valuable information. Unlike other websites, the discussion threads here are limited, but they have accurate, detailed and descriptive comments by the valuable members.
  • The latest news here is not just random news. On Kratom, Drugs-forum has detailed news with relevance to new posts, journal entries, journal comments, news comments, news entries, items, media, studies and even new questions. Searching a specific piece of information is not a problem if you are a registered member of Drugs-forum.
  • It would offer live chat to all viewers if they stuck anywhere. The customer care response is 100%, and the forum is considered to have honest opinions, views, and posts on Kratom.

4. Kratom on Drugsbuyersguide (www.drugbuyersguide.net)  

Drugsbuyersguide is an informative forum with thousands of members and readers worldwide.

The working of this amazing Kratom forum is very interesting. It offers discussion, blogs and online chat facility to its members.

You may start your blog post here on which other members can share their opinion. However, all of these blogs are community blogs. To be a member of Drugsbuyersguide, you must be 18+.

The best about Drugsbuyersguide:

  • There are no spam Kratom posts here.
  • You can view all activities of the day and previous days without a hassle.
  • There is no post with misleading or illegal ways to use/transport Kratom material.
  • The forum doesn’t encourage and tolerate hate speech of any kind.
  • The administrators share all the information on Kratom here after approval. Hence all information shared is accurate.
  • There are over two thousand posts on the general discussion on Kratom. Over 600 threads are available on how to select a reputed Kratom vendor alone. So not just the information, here you can look for a Kratom vendor for buying your required product right away.
  • No one will spam your post with personal comments here, neither anyone will ask you for your details. Drugsbuyersguide has a strict policy against such scam members, and they are banned immediately. Thus you can enjoy reading to your favorite Kratom blogs and threads without a difficulty.

5. Medschat (https://www.medschat.com)

With over 75 thousand subscribers, medschat is one of the largest online forums that share information on Kratom and numerous other products. If you are by the way visiting the website, it will show you recent posts and trending posts on the homepage. You can select any of them to read.

The best about Medschat:

  • There are over thousand threads on Kratom, which are mainly on strains, legal status, availability and methods to use Kratom.
  • If you subscribe to it, it will send you a newsletter daily regarding the recent activity on the website.
  • The goal of medschat is to provide the most user-friendly environment for readers to share experiences, stories, and questions related to drugs, both natural and herbal.
  • Unlike other online forums, there is no registration needed at medschat to post a comment or join a thread. There is a form below every post that you can use to post your comment.
  • If you cant read the whole list of Kratom discussion threads, you can search your specific keyword at the keyword search bar at the bottom of the page.

6. Bluelight Kratom Forum (www.bluelight.org)

Bluelight is a top discussion forum, which has an aim of content sharing on controlled drugs. It is an official partner with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) that is an organization made for clinical research on psychedelic drugs.

Another partner is Pillreports.com that is a web-based database of pill testing results. Bluelight has direct links to both these organizations; this information is open to the public at Forums listing on the Bluelight home page.

On Kratom, bluelight has numerous threads, each one of which has answers to common questions asked by members.

The best about bluelight:

  • It has 100% accurate Kratom information on it. It is even a part of some research studies as a reference.
  • You can find comparisons of Kratom and chemical drugs here, based on real-time experiences of users.
  • There is information on psychedelic drugs related warnings; if anyone is using a combination of Kratom with a drug, he must read these posts.
  • All the information shared follows strict criteria for getting approved. Any false, inappropriate and misleading Kratom information and its legal status are not acceptable.
  • You can enjoy reading threads of your interest without any tension. Blulight secures privacy of each one of its members. You can report a comment or account if you find it causing trouble in any way.

The Takeaway

Kratom experts worldwide suggest Reading about Kratom on a proper discussion forum. Most of the cases of Kratom side effects are due to insufficient information about Kratom and its usage. It is necessary to make background study before using Kratom.

For that, reading these reliable forums of Kratom is a great help. Try registering at these top level forums for reading about Kratom such as Reddit, Bluelight, IloveKratom and others.

Asad Khan
Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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