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Is It Legal to Mail Kratom Powder & Capsules?

Kratom is the plant, which has set the new definition for herbal alternatives. The extensive range of benefits by Kratom does not deserve an ignore. From mood lifting to energy to therapeutic benefits, name anything for which Kratom cannot help you.

The regular Kratom users are aware of its gradually profound effects. Frequent use of Kratom improves the professional life and health both, side by side.

Kratom grows in Southeast Asia, which is a hub of Kratom strains. From here, the Kratom manufacturers purchase and process it to make different products. These products are delivered to the international destinations after online order.

Recently, there was this new controversy with the legal status of Kratom where some influential groups were targeting Kratom. Their concern is that some alkaloids of Kratom have uncontrolled effects which are more of hallucinating.

In many countries, the status of Kratom is still not recognized. It is an important factor before you plan to order it online. To know in which parts of the world it is legal to send and receive Kratom and its products, read the article till last.

Is Kratom legal or not?

The confusion on the status of Kratom is not just in the USA but the whole world. Since centuries, Kratom is here to serve the humankind, but the intensity of Kratom alkaloids is challenging.

Many of people believe that it is due to the absence of research, which opens this debate of doubts. Only if Kratom has scientific evidence to back up, the international Kratom trade will have a better system.

Some people will say that Kratom is illegal because it works the same like opiates. Others will convince that it is legal because you can control its effects. It is not always harmful to you. This matter is complicated to leave an impression. Thus it requires reasons and information on which a reader can build up his narrative.

Within the USA there are state laws, which impose further restrictions and considerations on the trade of Kratom as set by the federal government. To your surprise, they are applicable only in a few states; rests are now okay with not having them.

For now, the Kratom sellers and users are trying to raise their voice to spread the benefits of Kratom. The aim is to tell the world that it is not a hallucinating natural drug but a gift from nature.

Where do you get Kratom?

Kratom is available locally at some specific places and online.  As it is difficult to find the local areas, most of the users prefer to order it online. There are so many trusted names, which ensure the premium quality Kratom, and its products to make their way to your doorstep. Make a background check to evaluate the authenticity of the Kratom vendor prior confirming your order.

Can you get Kratom through a courier service?

Most of the Kratom vendors deliver the Kratom products by mail. It is possible to send and receive Kratom through the mail. However, there are a few things, which you need to know at this stage.

First, the legal status of Kratom is still a question mark in many parts of the world. Even in some parts of the world, you can’t receive or send Kratom shipment. The internet sources tell that it is banned in Thailand, Australia, Burma, Denmark. Malaysia, Poland, Finland, Romania, Sweden, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Lithuania.

As per the USA is concerned, it is one of the biggest markets of Kratom. There are only a few places where Kratom has a complete ban on it. If by any chance you live in these areas, it is not possible for you to enjoy the fantastic Kratom benefits for now. However, there is still hope that Kratom will soon acknowledge itself.

In which states of America Kratom is Illegal?

In the majority of states, Kratom is legal. You are free to order and receive it there. But if you live in any of the following, there is a high possibility that you are not legally entitled to receive it. In fact, you will be liable to state’s law.

  • Alabama: Kratom is under Schedule 1 controlled substance since 2016.
  • Arkansas: Added in controlled substances list since 2016.
  • California: In controlled substance list for San Diego, otherwise it is legal in all other parts of California.
  • Florida: It is a controlled substance list only in Sarasota County. In all other areas, it is legal.
  • Illinois: It is legal in Illinois for over 18 years of age people. However, in Jerseyville, it is not permissible which is only a small part of Illinois.
  • Indiana: It is illegal in Indiana.
  • New Hampshire: It is legal only for 18 years old and above, for all others, it is illegal.
  • Tennessee: It is in controlled substances list.
  • Wisconsin: It is banned in Wisconsin.

What are alkaloids and why is their status suspicious?

Alkaloids are the bioactive compounds, which are responsible for making Kratom so powerful. Since centuries Kratom is a part of traditional medicines for pain, opiate withdrawal, and pleasing effects. It is now available on leave, powder, capsule and various other forms.

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The users prefer to use it orally, either directly or through infusion with the specific food, i.e., tea. The effects start their action in 15-30 minutes. It is a popular alternative therapy and controversial for the possibly severe recreational effects.

The alkaloids responsible for most of these effects are,

  • Mitragynine
  • 7 OH Mitragynine

These are indole alkaloids that resemble by a structure with yohimbine, another medicinal alkaloid. The raw plant, which is without any processing, has the highest concentration of these alkaloids. Though Mitragynine covers maximum part of the phyto-chemistry, it is 7 OH Mitragynine, which is very affinitive for the opioid receptors.

The users base most of the information on Kratom and its usage on therapeutic evidence. The scientific data on Kratom is only available since 2012 and afterward. There is no remarkable research on Kratom before this time. The adverse effects of Kratom, which add negativity to its fame, are the following.

  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Hypotension
  • Seizures
  • Psychosis
  • Insomnia
  • Tachycardia
  • Respiratory depression
  • Addiction and tolerance

What does DEA say about Kratom?

DEA is the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration department, which has already received some opinions about Kratom. One point is that they should make it illegal because it is adding up to the country’s opioid epidemic. The other is that the medicinal benefit of Kratom makes it a therapeutic drug.

Earlier, the DEA announced that they are going to make Kratom leaves, Kratom capsules and Kratom powder added to the Schedule 1 drug, in which other opiates like heroin, LSD, and ecstasy are already placed. These are potentially high abuse drugs, which can go wrong with poor administration.

The researchers, who are studying Kratom to the primary level, have suggested that Kratom can be useful to remove the opioid addiction. The opiate addiction has already killed many people and the time recommends controlling it. A third pressure group says that it is just to control the international trade that is wrongly influencing Kratom.

In response to all these narratives, DEA has opened a public pole and comment period. For now, it has 23,000 comments and approximately 140,000 petitions signed by the users to make it legal.

Earlier, in 2016, the two alkaloids, Mitragynine and 7 OH Mitragynine were temporarily placed in Schedule 1 list under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Before this, Kratom regulation of usage and mail was under FDA and DEA policies as an herbal product, which is legal.

The DEA examines all the drugs under the schedule for their Eight Factor Test, which is to check the potential risks of the particular product. The temporary scheduling means that it is required to check for three out of eight factors that are,

  • History and current pattern to cause an abusive effect
  • Intensity, duration, and scope of abuse
  • Calculative risk for public health

 For this analysis, DEA will consider actual abuse potential to manufacturing, trade, and distribution of Kratom in the USA. For Kratom, DEA says that the information and facts suggest that it has a high potential to cause and abuse. There is no authentic medical research to prove its medicinal benefits, and it is not safe to use it without supervision. That was the reason they banned it in individual states of USA.

Public response to the DEA’s decision

The action of DEA was not unnoticed by thousands Kratom users. The public backlash immediately formed which included the groups like American Kratom Association and Botanical educational Alliance.

The petition signing was started saying that the benefits of Kratom should be available for all. Making it available to the public was the main concerned.  In result to that, DEA announced that it would withdraw the decision of placing Mitragynine and 7 OH Mitragynine from Schedule list. It took two months, and the judgment was reversed. That’s why you can now send and receive Kratom leaves, powder and supplements in most of the regions of USA freely.

Can you receive Kratom in the mail in the USA?

If you are living in a state, which has no legal ban by the state’s regulatory authorities, you can undoubtedly receive Kratom by mail. If you are living in the USA, it is better to select a native vendor to avoid the possible complications by customs. To check if your preferred vendor ships in your state, make sure to read the information on shipment and delivery section of the Kratom online store.

You can ask for more details to the supplier if you are not sure if the information on the website is sufficient.  Usually, all leading Kratom supplier mention their shipment and non-shipment areas on their sites. You can always shortlist a few and compare them to save the hassle of Kratom delivery challenges.

Can you receive Kratom by international mail?

Yes, you can order and receive Kratom and its products through the international sellers. Many Kratom suppliers offer timely delivery for international destinations, only if they have legally approved it.

You can’t get it if you are living in the previously mentioned countries, which are yet struggling for Kratom ban.  For all others, the international mail may take longer than regular delivery days. Gather all the necessary information before placing the order for your favorite Kratom powder and capsules.

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