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The Golden Monk Kratom (Good or Bad Facts)

Getting bored of the daily routine of coffee? Everyone wants a change and there is nothing more refreshing than trying an organic supplement that keeps adding value to life! Nowadays, while many people use kratom for stimulation and energy, there are many who try to steer clear due to the wrong reviews and false information.

The purpose of this review to clear the air and let potential users know about this fantastic discovery of Kratom, a tree that grows in the Southeast Asian region. Many people mistake it for opioids as the alkaloids in this substance interact with the same receptors in our brain as opiates. However, the alkaloids in Kratom only invigorate and revitalize, making users feel fresh and energetic.

When people think about using kratom for energy, they search for the best online vendors and also look for quality online shops for kratom. Now your search can rest as the Golden Monk online shop for kratom is one of the most trustworthy shops that offer quality products.

The kratom products are energizing and stimulating, and people use them in different forms like powder, capsules, and liquid tinctures. Traditionally, people in the east chewed leaves, but in the United States, you can consume kratom in many innovative ways. Many ketum users say that it helps with anxiety, cough, depression, diabetes, diarrhea, and to improve a person’s sexual performance.

Research suggests that it also benefits those suffering from the symptoms of opium withdrawal. However, the question that arises in our mind is that where can you get your hands on this beneficial element. The Golden Monk is a brand that has the answer to all your questions and so much more.

The Golden Monk is a Canadian brand and follows the progressive healthcare approach of the country. Consequently, it is entirely legal to carry Kratom with you without worrying about breaking laws.

Is this an Ethical Brand?

Have you ever noticed that when a public figure is found guilty of being involved in an unpleasant activity, their followers start to turn on them? Similarly, when customers are not happy with a vendor, they bombard their website with negative feedback. There are very few online shops for kratom that gather praise from all users. The Golden Monk is one of them, and this explains quite a few things about the shop. Upon discovering ‘the Golden Monk,’ I switched on my laptop to carry out a thorough research on this brand, and the reviews were quite pleasant.

T online shop operates ethically, and the methods of production are on point. They have a valid license from the local government to manufacture Kratom products, and they do not harm any third-parties in the process.

The brand does not harm the ecosystem, and all the animals are entirely safe, but what’s impressing is that they dump their waste material carefully without harming the local sea.

Unlike other brands that compromise the safety of nature for personal gains, the Golden Monk does the opposite. They make sufficient profits to help grow their business and improve their methods of production.

In the long-term, this will improve the productivity and efficiency of their company. I have tried several brands before coming across this one, and I must say that this is the most ethical brand of them all.

How is the Manufacturing Process of Golden Monk Kratom?

Kratom is a herb that you need to consume if you wish to reap the benefits. It is essential that whatever you are putting in your body is clean, and made with safe raw materials. Moreover, the executives at Golden Monk understand the importance of this issue, so they have hired expert production planners to develop their production process.

This enables them to beat the competition by putting Kratom products that are made with special care. Firstly, the best of Kratom leaves are selected for processing, and this meticulous step involves a lot of care. Secondly, the plants they are using grow under natural conditions and without fertilizers or pesticides.

Then the product is taken to the factory for further processing, but what makes this brand unique is that instead of testing the product at the end, they test it at every stage of production. This testing enables them to eliminate any defected item and ensures the safety of their prestigious customers. They have grown in size over the years, but they have never failed to meet the quality standards set by the authorities.

Range of Golden Monk Kratom Products

Kratom is usually available in a couple of forms such as capsules, powder, and concentrated liquids .etc.

There are about four to five types of Kratom in the market that include the green vein, red vein, white vein, golden vein, and yellow vein.

What attracted me to this brand was the fact that they had all of these forms and types on their website ready to be ordered. Moreover, their efficient inventory-control system allows them to always keep their stock full.

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It should be noted that different types of Kratom give different effects so it is better to understand your needs carefully and then place an order. They have the green Bali Kratom powder as well as the green Borneo Kratom powder.

The gold monk maeng da powder

The infamous Maeng Da Kratom is also on their website in whatever color you want to buy it. There is the red Hulu Kapuas Kratom powder, red Indo Kratom powder, and red Sumatra Kratom powder that you can order in any quantity you want.


Normally, brands offer Kratom powder in sealed plastic bags of specified quantity so it limits the choice of the customers. This is not the case with the Golden Monk as you will witness upon heading over to their website.

There are so many products offered by the Golden Monk that listing them all here would take two to three pages. Hence, my advice to the readers is to visit their website and see the list yourself.

However, do not rush in deciding which one to buy but take your time and order only when you are fully satisfied to help save time and money. In the end whatever you choose, please know that all their products are consistent with very reasonable prices.


Some of you might have asked yourself how much do these effective herbs cost? For those who are new to the idea of Kratom might think that it would be very expensive and out of reach. However, this substance is very affordable and quite a treat if you find the best online shop for kratom.

The representatives of the Golden Monk believe that such helpful products should not be expensive, so everyone can easily buy them. Keeping this in mind, the products that you want to add to cart are all very reasonably priced and high in quality. When you buy from Golden Monk, you can also enjoy the discounts and coupon codes that allow price cuts.

There are people who need this type of herb to survive so putting a burden on their finances by making it expensive would be pointless.

The prices may go up as you choose to buy higher quantities but I assure you that you would still be able to make the purchase without worrying about your bank balance.

In all my time of using Kratom products, I have never come across a brand that sells high-quality Kratom items at such prices. Relax, place your orders, and enjoy Kratom products without worrying about the money.

Are the Products Lab Tested?

Good quality Kratom products can only be obtained by testing them in a lab full of professionals. The Golden Monk tests their products about six times to ensure that all the quality standards are met.

They are enrolled in the American Kratom Associations GMP meaning that they are audited at the end of every year.

Moreover, everything you receive is packaged in an airtight and cleaned room to prevent any dust particles from entering the packaging.

If this does not convince you then go to their website to verify these claims as they have also provided many test results.

Do they Make Any False Medical Claims?

Here’s the thing, I mentioned the benefits of consuming Kratom in the beginning, but did you think to verify that information? The benefits listed are simply the reasons why some people resort to Kratom products. However, customers can use products that have approval from the FDA.

The surprising thing is that the FDA warns the makers of Kratom products not to give falsified statements regarding their products to mislead the customers.

The results could be fatal, although, no such cases have appeared of the customers of the Golden Monk yet. However, they have mentioned that they are enrolled with the American Kratom Associations GMP that regulates Kratom products to standardize them.

I have simply presented a few reasons to buy Kratom products and not to buy them if you wish to try it then go ahead but it is good if you consult with your physician privately.

Are there Any Drawbacks for the Customers?

Even though many people are using Kratom in America as well as Canada, some reviews suggested that they had a bitter experience regarding contaminated products that caused salmonella.

In addition to this, there is a significant difference in the prices of the Golden Monk and its competitors. PurKratom and Supernatural Botanicals are selling the same quantities as the Golden Monk at a much cheaper price.

I have only tried a few products, but I can say that the quality of kratom is excellent. You can try various strains and decide which one suits you best. Moreover, the packaging and shipping were according to the standards.

It is hard to verify their claims based on the opinions of those who use their products regularly. However, you can go through several social media pages to see what they are offering and what users think.

Asad Khan
Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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