Imagine that you take a pill that gives a boost to your cognitive functions and makes your thought processes more productive! You must be thinking is it really possible? Yes, It sure is!

Nootropics are the smart drugs that promise to speed up your memory functions, thought processes and increase your brain productivity while improving focus, attention, and motivation.

They also help to boost mood and alleviate anxiety. Today, the nootropics industry is over a $1 billion and people are increasingly looking for these smart drugs to increase their mental capabilities.

One of the strongest nootropic that you can find in the market and it is legally sold is ‘Noopept’.

This smart drug gives a boost to your overall cognitive functions and also places a subtle psychostimulatory effect.

Unlike other nootropics, noopept acts fast (within few seconds of ingestion) which makes it the best nootropic choice to take before some mentally demanding job.

What is Noopept?

What is NooppetNoopept is a derivative of Piracetam and is known to have neuroprotective qualities which provide strength to the various brain functions.

This smart drug has cognitive enhancing effects along with the benefits of reducing anxiety.

The nooppet has become a choice for individuals who want to enhance their mental performance because of its neuroprotective, anxiety reducing and cognitive enhancing qualities.

How Noopept Works?

Taking noopept helps to improve short-term focus as well as certain brain functions simultaneously which makes it the most powerful choice available among other nootropics.

The individuals who used noopept reported improvement in memory, learning abilities, enhancement in concentration and energy levels, improvement in information processing, the slowdown in the cell death rate and enhanced brain cells growth.

It has also been reported to improve the coordination with the right and left hemispheres of the brain which helps in improving brain functions.

All these functions of noopept make it a safe, effective and legal drug for improving learning and working capabilities.

How to Take Noopept For Effective Results?

It is known that Noopept is 1000 time impactful than Piracetam. So, it is wise for you to start taking this nootropic supplement at a low dose.

Noopept is available in the market in both powder and capsule form. Different individuals will have different experiences with the use of the drug.

Some may get better results with the use of capsule while others may observe considerable improvements by taking the nooppet powder.

Majority of people start taking the dose between 10 to 40mg/ dose. To gain the similar effects as that of 10-40mg of Noopept, you need to take 4800 mg of Piracetam.

This means that a considerably less dose of Noopept has stronger effects as compared to a high dose of Piracetam.

How to Start Taking Noopept?

Initially, the best way to start taking Noopept is to start with low dose and then gradually increase with the passage of time if required.

This means that it is recommended to start with as low as 5mg taken 2-3 times on daily basis. The dose differs on an individual basis.

Therefore, you should assess which dosage is best for you starting from a low dose taking not more than 40mg during the 24 hours and increasing it only if you feel that you are comfortable with the increase.

At first, the benefits of taking Noopept may take almost a week to exhibit. With the passage of time, it may also become essential for you to take 2-3 doses each day to make up a total of 120mg.

If you move up to this amount, ensure that you take no more than 40mg of the dose at one time.

Remember that Noopept is rapidly metabolized by the body and has a very short half-life within the body so it is recommendable to take multiple little doses rather than taking one large dose.

This will help to extend the acute effects of Noopept. Studies indicate that the Noopept effects last for about 3-4 hours.

You should carefully and closely observe your condition when you start taking Nooppet and increase it gradually. Every individual should determine his own optimum dose.

Generally, the Noopept supplement is regarded as a safe drug to use on daily basis but most of the users recommend taking a break between the 50- 60 days mark.

Otherwise, your body may develop a tolerance towards the drug and it may not provide the desired outcomes. You can take a short break of 1-2 weeks to restore Noopept to its full effectiveness.

Noopept powder vs. capsule

Noopept powder vs. capsuleIf you are taking it in the form of powder, the drug is placed under the tongue or is mixed in water for drinking.

The effects are experienced within 15 minutes of administration.

The use of capsules is convenient because the dose is pre-measured. You can easily carry them with you anywhere to take it during the day.

It is more suitable for those who already know how much dose suits their requirement. Otherwise, the powder is a more viable option and economical option.


Do not take Noopept dose later in the evening as it interferes with your sleeping due to its energizing effects.

Stacking of Noopept

To improve the overall results of Noopept supplement, choline source like Alpha GPC is stacked with it. This will help in the prevention of headaches.

In order to create your own stack of Noopept and Alpha GPC, you should use 1:20 ratio. You can start with a 20mg Noopept stacked with 400mg Alpha GPC.

If Citicoline is your preferred choice for choline source then you can use the 1:30 ratio which means 20mg Noopept stacked with 600mg Citicoline.

You can also use Noopept in combination with other nootropic supplements including Piracetam.

This combination is particularly useful if you need a higher boost to your cognition.

The reviews about this particular stack show that the users experience tremendous enhancement in their attention span, focusing and learning capability and memory.

If you choose to go with this stack, you should start off with low dose starting with 10mg Nooppet and 1.6mg Piracetam. You can also choose to add about Alpha GPC 200mg to prevent headaches.

A word of caution!

If you are stacking Noopept with other nootropic supplements, it is advisable to stick with smaller doses in order to prevent over-stimulation.

If you exceed the recommended stacking doses, it can be a potentially dangerous action.

So you should avoid exceeding the recommended doses or otherwise see your doctor for a recommendation.

How Long Does Noopept Takes To Work?

One of the distinctive features of taking Noopept besides its excellent effectiveness is its very short-half life.

The clinical tests conducted on rodents exhibited that half of Noopept is removed in nearly 16 minutes.

The half-life of any chemical compound means the duration when precisely the half of the taken amount is detected by your body. In other words, it is a measure of how quickly the body breaks down a supplement.

Talking about the human body, the half-life of the Noopept supplement is almost 30-60 minutes.

This is a quite short half-life as compared to other Nootropics. For example, Piracetam’s half-life is 5 hours while that of Pramiracetam’s half-life is 6 hours.

Note that the half-life of 60 minutes does not imply that after about an hour the Noopept supplement will be only half effective.

It means that Noopept is so powerful that after 60 minutes it will get absorbed into the bloodstream and it changes to an extent that just half of it would remain detectable in the blood.

Once start taking Noopept, it quickly metabolizes to form other compounds like cycloprolyglycine that positively affects your brain functions.

Precautions While Taking Noopept Supplements

It is extremely important for you to remember ‘Never to take Overdose of Noopept’. It is because this is a highly potent nootropic.

It is also important to tell your physician that you are having nootropic especially if you consult for the treatment of the mental condition.

Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.