Kratom is the new age herbal extract which is leading the alternative supplement market. The name Kratom itself is an introduction which was initially famous with its usage controversy.

The plant from Southeast Asia has more positive than negative effects. Kratom has an addictive nature which is the main reason that initially people rejected it. Using it in the right dose and with proper administration, these extreme effects are as low as zero.

The daily use of Kratom

The benefits of Kratom are therapeutic like pain control, stress relief, anxiety, drug abuse and recreational i.e. energy, stimulation and much more. Most of these reasons require a daily use of Kratom.

One of the reasons that people find ways to use Kratom is because of its mysterious nature. The taste and aroma of Kratom are unusual which is not similar to any other plant or herbal product. Using it on a daily basis is hard.

Methods to use Kratom in routine

The internet is full of alternate methods and strategies to use Kratom. Many people prefer to use it in a way that the taste and fragrance may not be a problem. The exotic flavor may not be a suitable choice for the taste buds. The sickening feeling arises with the scent of Kratom leaves.

In a situation like this, finding a method which doesn’t involve a direct use of Kratom powder or leaf is the only solution. Here are the best options which can help the casual Kratom users.

  • Wash and toss method

The traditional methods include wash and toss method as a leading one. It works best with Kratom powder. It is a direct way to enjoy the alkaloids of Kratom plant which ensures the efficient results.

This method uses two cups, one with Kratom and one with water. Drink some water to moist the inner lining of the mouth. Take another sip, big one this time. Hold it inside the mouth and make some Kratom powder from the second up.

Mix both inside your mouth for only 1-2 seconds and swallow it. The water that was already inside the mouth helps to swallow it at once. Drink another sip to rinse the remaining of the powder completely.

Repeat this process again if you are using a low amount of Kratom powder.

This process is too quick for the tongue to feel the taste of Kratom. Also, it takes some time for the taste buds to feel the astringent flavor of Kratom. Together all these reasons make this method a popular one among Kratom users.

Kratom is now available in capsule form which is rather a simple way to use it. It is just the regular Kratom powder which is inside a capsule of set dosage. This capsule is easy to swallow and has a faster absorption because of its gel like formula. You only need water to use these capsules.

It is the best method for a person who cannot tolerate the taste of Kratom. Using capsule is like swallowing the Kratom without any extra ingredient but with a taste prone process. It is probably the most convenient way for the real user.

The only problem with this option is that there are a limited number of Kratom strains available. Your favorite strain may not be available in ready-made capsules. However, one can make these capsules easily at home.

  • Smoke it

For smokers, it is good news that there is an option to smoke Kratom too. Kratom can be a better replacement for regular tobacco powder with fewer damages than smoking. There are no commercial products available for it, but you can make your Kratom rolls. Set a fixed amount and turn it into a paper like a cigarette.

Both take Kratom powder and a combination of Kratom and tobacco powder are popular. But this method has a restricting element involved; not all users can try it.

  • Make a herbal tea

Kratom taste is not as such bad for those who develop a taste for it. Tea is one of the most useful hot beverages which itself has a soothing effect. Ther herbal teas are trendy and modern at the same time for the benefits they provide.

Kratom can be a part of herbal tea if someone doesn’t like the flavor of raw Kratom.

Just add Kratom leaves or powder to the regular tea recipe or boil it alone in the water for 20-25 minutes. Add honey, mint or lemon juice before serving which will enhance the flavor. The result is a yummy Kratom blend which has no taste of Kratom but all effects of it.

For stronger tea, leave Kratom powder or leaves inside the boiled water for over 20 minutes. Strain it and use it with additives.

  • Make a fruit smoothie

Fruit smoothies are a delicious drink which has fans of all ages. It is simple, easy to make and healthy. Fruit smoothies may be of one fruit or a combination of two, three fruits. Kratom in a fruit smoothie recipe may sound like an insane idea, but actually, it is beneficial for suppressing the taste. It will be the regular smoothie with additional benefits which make it ideal for breakfast, pre or post workout drink and even a dessert after a meal.

Use any solvent like juice, yogurt, almond or soya milk. Add any fruit of your choice and make an excellent combination. Now add the set dose of Kratom to this mixture and blend it.

Some fruits for example Banana masks the taste of Kratom at maximum. One can also use ice, sugar or honey for the extra flavor and temperature.

  • Make a fruit cocktail

The natural fruit juice can be so much more fun when you add Kratom into it. The refreshing part of the fruit punch along with Kratom creates a balance of effects such as freshness, alertness, nootropic support, instant energy, and boost. It is an excellent way to shadow the bitterness of Kratom leaf powder. The best choice is orange, cranberry or grapefruit juice.

  • Mix it in Greek yogurt or chocolate pudding

The refreshing combination is easy to make. It can be a replacement for a meal or snack if you are diet conscious. The flavor of both these options is strong which suppresses the taste of Kratom. There are other similar recipes to incorporate Kratom as well.

  • Use it as a cooking ingredient

To your surprise, Kratom can be a cooking ingredient like other dry herbs. They can be a part of the regular recipe of grilled chicken or steak. One can even add dry Kratom powder to salads, soups, and the liquid diet. Not only these delicious recipes will mask the taste of Kratom, but also the addition of Kratom powder can make any meal more powerful and beneficial.

  • Mix it in alcohol

That can be a tricky combination, but it works for some users. The combination of alcohol and Kratom is very potential which is only advisable for a rare use.

Use it with vodka and rum, these two are typically utilized for this purpose and helps to overcome the undesirable taste of Kratom ultimately. This combination is not lethal, but it requires particular care and parameters to follow.

Final thoughts on the Kratom usage

When it comes to using Kratom without tasting it, there are multiple options available. There is only need to select any of these as per personal choice. Like every person is different, their choosing of taking Kratom may also differ. Some users are stuck to one method whereas others keep on switching it. All of these methods are ideal for the beginners who usually are not comfortable with the taste of Kratom.

There is no right or wrong way but only a proper administration of any method. With care, dosage design and management of dosing, there is not possible to get any side effect.

Faisal Jamal leads the team at Restorm Scientific and believes in ethical medical marketing. He has helped many leading healthcare companies to develop a successful marketing strategy in a rapidly changing marketplace. He has a great passion for medical research and believes in providing evidence-based information on Cannabis, CBD, & Kratom.