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Specktra CBD Review

Specktra is a nutraceutical company that is geared towards producing the most innovative and effective CBD products. Their mission is to provide the highest quality CBD items to their customer base to make their life easier. Intending to combine innovation and effectiveness, Specktra ensures stable and consistent quality of CBD hemp products.

According to their mission statement, their biggest priority is the satisfaction of the customer. They aspire to not compromise on the health and happiness of the customer for any monetary gain. This feature is what propels them to not cut corners by cutting costs and compromising on the quality of their products.

At the same time, there are specific key characteristics that need to be analyzed when reviewing any CBD retailer. Whether or not Specktra is living up to its mission statement will be decided by their performance with regards to those key characteristics.

Are their products lab tested?

When it comes to CBD oil products in specific lab tests, and their authenticity matters a lot. These lab tests are essential to make sure that the CBD oil you are purchasing doesn’t contain any harmful toxins or metals. It is also vital to ensure a certain level of THC. The THC levels of CBD oils need to be maintained on an individual level to make sure these products aren’t psychoactive and are legal. The percentage of THC allowed in oils in most states is 0.3%. Lab tests find out the percentage of THC as well as other cannabinoids.

The authenticity of these test results comes from them being conducted by an unbiased third-party. Specktra realizes this as Cannalysis Labs test their products, and you can find the links to the test results of each product underneath the product description. For instance, a relief tincture of 600mgs contains no THC, 552.4mg CBD per serving and 569.3mg other cannabinoids per serving. This public access to test results is not universal for all retailers, which is why this is a big plus point for Specktra. Simultaneously Specktra CBD also provides full tracking of the raw materials that they are using and their source. This transparent approach is what attracts customers as they are assured of their safety.

Products available at Specktra CBD

The variety of products is what makes any retailer shine. When it comes to CBD that the need for a variety is increased as different people need CBD tinctures for various reasons. Some need it for insomnia while others need it for chronic pain. Specktra hosts a large variety of CBD oil products which is another advantage that it holds over its competitors.

One of the fascinating features of Specktra’s CBD products is how innovative they are. Specktra aims to redefine how basic some retailer’s CBD products are. They do this by creating unique aroma therapeutic blends of CBD hemp oil products. From lavender flavored deep sleep CBD to anti-bacterial moringa flavored CBD, they have it all. CBD oil isn’t all they sell; they also sell vape products and patches which has a growing market in the CBD world.

One drawback of Specktra’s selection of CBD products is the fact that they only host full-spectrum CBD products. Full-spectrum CBD items are ones that contain all the cannabinoids, including THC. For people who want to isolate CBD products which only contain CBD and nothing else or broad-spectrum CBD tinctures which contain most cannabinoids except THC, this becomes a problem. The product range at Specktra makes it perfect for people looking for strong and potent products but not ideal for people looking for mild products.

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How much would a CBD tincture cost at Specktra?

The amount of CBD in a bottle and the price of CBD are all interlinked. For a 30ml bottle, the price would increase with an increase in the amount of CBD. For instance, a tincture with 600mg CBD costs 69$ while a tincture with 400mg CBD costs 50$ and that price lessens with the amount of CBD. At the same time, the amount of CBD in a bottle also determines how potent that oil is. 600mg CBD in a 30ml bottle will be twice as potent as 600mg CBD in a 60ml bottle. Overall the prices at Specktra are relatively reasonable as you can get CBD oils at prices as low as 30$ for 250mg CBD. 

What can I expect from Specktra in terms of the quality of products?

When it comes to the quality of products, Specktra aspires not to cut corners and give it their all to ensure quality. They have an experienced team with an onsite research and development laboratory. This feature helps in delivering a consistent quality of CBD as well as innovating and improving CBD items over time. At the same time, they have extensive warehouse facilities and the most advanced technology to make sure quality is not compromised. 

A question that several CBD users ask when choosing a retailer to purchase from is if the CBD is home-grown. Specktra, as a company does not believe in outsourcing hemp or CBD. All of their CBD is grown in the U.S and products made in Los Angeles. This attention to purity is important to build the confidence of the customer base in the quality of the products you sell, and Specktra does this very well.

Shipping and payment methods:

The brand offers effective and quick shipping. The order is shipped to the customers within 1-4 business days after the order is placed and confirmed. The company also offers a 30-day return policy in case of a faulty product. Specktra products are legal in all 50 states of the U.S They are compliant with the regulations of the FDA and make sure that their customers do not face any legal repercussions because of their products. The payment options include credit and debit cards because they are the easiest and accessible payment method for customers today. 

Are they active on social media?

In the current age of social media, every booming business needs to have a social media presence. Not only does having active social media accounts attract customers, but they can also be utilized to introduced new offers and products. Specktra has an active social media presence on all leading platforms. They have teams updating their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest regularly.

Is their online store easy to navigate?

Since Specktra is only an online retailer, they have put in the maximum effort to make their website easy to navigate. From having information of optimal dosage under each product listing to having publicized reviews of their products they do their all to educate their customers. Apart from that, they have a designated section of their website designed to educate and inform the user about the uses of CBD. Not a lot of retailers go through the effort of making this information accessible.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that Specktra is by far, not a bad CBD retailer. They are one of the most innovative and quality-driven CBD businesses out there. Although they have certain drawbacks like only providing full-spectrum CBD oil, they make up for it with the quality of that CBD tincture. With a no-compromise stance on the safety of their consumers, Specktra is a recommended retailer if you are looking for CBD products.

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