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SLO Kratom Review


Kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa is a tropical evergreen tree that is a derivative of coffee and native to Southeast Asia. Kratom is indigenous and grown in places like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. It has been used in traditional medicines since at least the nineteenth century.

How does it make its way to America and where can I buy it you may ask? Kratom can be found at most of your local headshops, but this IS NOT where I recommend you buy it. If you want top-shelf, premium Kratom, then finding an excellent online Vendor is the way to go. This is common knowledge within the Kratom community and has been my experience as well. The Kratom you will find in headships/smokeshops is of very low quality and extremely overpriced.

So what online Kratom vendor do you recommend? Well, I have been in the game for 5+ years trying vendor after vendor in search of the Holy Grail. I believe I have found the Holy Grail in a newer company that has been steadily gaining traction and notoriety within the Kratom community called Slo Kratom.

Today I am going to review every component of Slo Kratom from the quality of their product, their website, pricing, customer service, and payment options.

Quality of Kratom/Product

Let’s start with their product. As mentioned above, it is of my belief that Slo Kratom offers a product that is unmatched in both quality and potency. They are a no-frills kind of company and stay true to Kratom’s grassroots. If you go to some of the bigger Kratom vendors sites, you will see upwards of 30 different strain names. The vendor themselves created most of these names for the sole sake of marketing, which creates for an overwhelming shopping experience when trying to decide which variation of Kratom to buy. Even though two strains might have different names, it is likely they could both be coming from the same exact Kratom batch. In my opinion, this is both scammy and does not stay true to what Kratom is all about.

At Slo Kratom, you will only find four strains; Yellow Vein, Green Vein, White Vein, and Red Vein. They also offer their own blends known as “SLO BLENDS,” which are simply blends of their staple Kratom.

  • Sunrise is a 50/50 blend of their Yellow and White
  • Sunset is a 50/50 blend of their Green and Red
  • Rainbow is a 25/25/25/25 blend of Yellow/White/Red/Green
  • Everything they offer is absolutely top-notch!

Kratom Prices

In preparation for this review, I analyzed all of the other Online Vendors I have tried over the years. Slo Kratom’s price points on are on point(no pun intended). What many people forget, or don’t realize, is that many eCommerce stores in general false advertise. They will often trick you with low prices, but once you get to the checkout page, you will see outrageous charges have suddenly been applied for shipping or other “service fees.” Slo Kratom DOES NOT pull this trick and misleads their customer.

Slo Kratom offers FREE SAME DAY SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS! This is unheard of in the industry. Most online businesses only offer to ship if you spend above “X” amount of money. Whether you spend $5 or $500, Slo Kratom will provide you with free same-day shipping.

If you are at all hesitant by their prices, keep in mind free shipping helps offset the price if it is your belief they are expensive. Remember you pay for what you get, and you will only get premium Kratom at Slo Kratom.

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Additionally, you can use this discount code: rs30off at checkout for 30% off your first order at SloKratom.com Take my word for it, it will be the best Kratom you have ever had.

Payment Options

A huge hurdle for most Kratom Vendors is how they can process payments. Most Credit Card companies and Banks don’t want to touch Kratom due to the nature of the grey area that it remains. Slo Kratom has a variety of options for you to pay. These are easy to use and have become commonplace in our day to day lives which I am sure many of the readers of this article use such as;

Square Cash App, Venmo, Bitcoin, eCheck (ACH Transfer)

Slo Kratom uses a highly reputable merchant payment processing company called Green Money. Green Money processes eChecks where you simply enter in your Routing and Bank Account numbers. It is just as simple as purchasing via Credit Card. Green Money is a company that has been around for ages, and in fact, works with many Fortune 500 Companies.


One of my favorite things about Slo Kratom is their website. I love their logo and color scheme of neon green/black/purple. The site is exceptionally slick and very user-friendly. They cover all the bases when it comes to any questions you may have. They have pages dedicated to their background, FAQs, Payment Options, and a contact form for any answers you may need that you can’t find on the site.

The website is very easy to navigate, and their product pictures and labels are very aesthetically pleasing.

Customer Service

In Slo Kratom’s “About Us” section the claim to take great pride in their Customer Service. This is just as important to them as the quality of their product. I decided to experiment to see if this was indeed true and emailed them regularly with silly questions. Every single time their Owner Ryan responded to me within 24 hours. Often times much sooner. Regardless of how basic my question was, he treated me graciously and with the utmost respect. I can honestly say that their customer service is unmatched with other experiences I have had in the industry.

Final Notes

Overall I give Slo Kratom a 10/10. I genuinely tried to find something wrong with them, but as hard as I looked the more, I learned to love them, to be honest.

I challenge you to find an Online Kratom Vendor with better Kratom, better Customer Service, better reviews of their product, fast and free shipping, with an incredibly slick, user-friendly website to top it off.

It is possible they might not be your cup of tea because hey, not everyone can agree on everything, right? I think you will be pleased if you do decide to try them out though, and I hope you all come back here to let me know how your experience with them was. I can only imagine it will be just as good as mine!

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