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How Similar Are Wellbutrin and Kratom?

To counter health ailments, we are told to try out different medicines. From botanicals to non-herbal, we try every prescribed remedy to feel better. For the same purpose, people use Kratom and Wellbutrin.

Just because we are discussing these two under the same article does not make them the same. They have their differences and similarities. Wellbutrin is a atypical antidepressant, while Ketum is a tree whose leaves are responsible for offering therapeutic benefits.

The question here is, How similar are Wellbutrin and Kratom? Can they be mixed? And got other questions too? We have got your back! Keep reading to kill all your curiosity regarding these two.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is found in Southeast Asia and countries like Myanmar, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Indonesia. Although its composition is different from coffee, it belongs to the coffee family. There are many alkaloids in Mitragyna Speciosa but two of them are responsible for making it a therapeutic substance. These alkaloids are 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine.

Why Is Kratom Used?

There are certain health benefits that people associate with kratom. For instance, stress relieving and energy boosting qualities are said to be present in Ketum. However, nothing is scientifically confirmed.

It is seen to be used in religious ceremonies, as a medicine, and it is also considered a substitute for opium.

In old times, labourers used to chew on their leaves to seek energy. This helped them meet their work requirements, and they could work for long hours without feeling tired.

What Is Wellbutrin? 

It belongs to a class of drugs called antidepressants. It helps increase the activity of natural chemicals in the brain. It is a prescription drug that comes in two forms, extended-release tablet and immediate-release tablet. As the name indicates, an extended-release tablet works slowly while the latter works faster.

Why Is Wellbutrin Used? 

It works pretty much the same as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI), but as they focus on serotonin, Wellbutrin, also known as Bupropion, focuses on dopamine. It is used to treat depression and other forms of disorders called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), Bipolar disorder, Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and major depressive disorder (MDD). Furthermore, it is also helpful in making people quit smoking.

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Is It a Good Idea To Mix Kratom and Wellbutrin?

In simple words, no. Taking both of these together is not a good idea because both work by competing for metabolism. Wellbutrin is known to cause seizures at times. Therefore, mixing it with Kratom increases the risk.

If at all, you want to take both of these together, better consult a doctor who will set timings for each of these by planning gaps in their consumption.

Comparison Table Of Kratom and Wellbutrin

Kratom and Wellbutrin are both comparatively safe, but that does not mean they cannot cause any side effects. From origin, legality, usage and composition, they both have differences. Let us discuss this by comparing them below.

OriginIt’s native to Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand and other Southasian countriesIt was made by Burroughs Welcome (now part of GSK)
CompositionIt contains Mitragynine, 7-Hydroxymitragynine and other alkaloidsIt contains bupropion hydrochloride and other inactive ingredients
LegalityLegal in the US, but Kratom laws vary from country to country Legal in most parts of the world by prescription
UsesTo seek energy, relieve pain or uplift moodTo treat ailments like forms of depression, quit smoking, or treat disorders

What Are The Side Effects of Kratom?

Well, due to scarce research, we cannot be certain about the side effects of kratom. However, deaths, seizures, high blood pressure and other side effects are reported by people. The side effects that people associate with this substance are mentioned below.

What Are The Side Effects of Wellbutrin?

It is known to be one of the best antidepressants because it barely has any side effects. However, this does not mean at all it is free of any side effects. Some side effects can occur commonly, while some are rare. It is best to take one product at a time containing Bupropion because it can increase the risk of seizures, and other complications can also be caused. Let us talk about the commonly occurring side effects of this medicine.

Above mentioned side effects do not usually tend to be serious. However, the ones that rarely occur but can be serious are stated below.


Lastly, Kratom and Wellbutrin both have a lot of differences. Kratom is usually taken as a mood booster, while Bupropion is taken as an antidepressant and is consulted with dopamine. However, both counter to metabolism and, if taken together, can rather turn out to be harmful. Therefore, it is very important to consult a doctor about the dosage and if you want to make any changes in them. If you found this article helpful, then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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