Welcome to the world of natural nootropic supplements, which are brain-boosting supplements. They are designed to expand the cognitive abilities of the user including memory, focus, motivation, and leaning.

Ever had a day when you feel super energetic and productive? And what about the routine days when nothing works right, no matter how hard you try? If you have experienced both, you aren’t alone.

The human brain is a complicated organ, which performs millions of functions altogether. Thinking and ability to analyze things are also the outcomes of these brain activities, which determine your daily performance.

What if you have a chance to choose your productivity level, mental clarity, and energy to think for the day?

Wikipedia elaborates the alternate names for nootropics as “smart drugs and cognitive enhancers”. It further defines nootropics as

“Drugs, supplements, and other substances that improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individual”.

These supplements help for long-term cerebral development and overall brain health enhancement.

They cannot turn you into Einstein for one-time use but what they offer is very promising. It all depends on the right ingredients inside any supplement that you are using.

Be careful if you are attracted by a brain-boosting supplement, which seems like magic, it’s not.

Try to select the supplement, which has complete information on ingredients, dosage guideline and medical research at the back for the likely effects.

With that in mind, this article will explain seven best ingredients, which you must check in any natural nootropic supplements before buying.

All of these work if you follow the guidelines.  Let’s start with a little general understanding of natural nootropic supplements.

Health benefits of using natural Nootropic supplements in routine

The only reason we select any health supplement is its claims and promises. You need to be sure that the product, which you are going to try, will give you required results. Make sure that your expectations are realistic.

The world of natural nootropic supplements loves creating the hype. The leading companies, on purpose over-hype a product to make new customers. But if you know what exactly do you need, you will surely select the right product.

As per brain boosting supplements, make sure that all of your options meet the following potentials.

  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Reduction in fatigue
  • Clarity of ideas
  • Better memory
  • Quick recalling
  • Speedy ideas processing ability
  • Analytical skills
  • Energy Boost
  • Overall brain health improvement

Not all natural nootropic supplements offer these effects. Some of them focus on any two three benefits whereas the rest provide a broad-spectrum of benefits. Understand the areas where you lack. It will help you to select the right product.

Why is it necessary to check ingredients of nootropics before buying them?

Any health supplement is a formula, which is designed for any benefit for the body. The word formula is explained by two factors.

  • Ingredients
  • Quantity

The ingredients are the actual components, which help to formulate a product. All the likely benefits of a natural nootropic supplements are only because of the ingredients. That is why there is a dire need to select the right type of ingredients.

Next thing that is required to make these ingredients work is the right amount of them in a supplement. For example, the daily dose of caffeine to boost metabolism is 100-200 mg only.

Using it in trace amounts will not give the user its benefits. And a quantity higher to the standard dose will bring side effects.

For the efficiency of a natural nootropic supplements, all the added ingredients must be efficient and in the right quantity.

Best ingredients that improve the function of a Nootropic supplement

Nootropic recipe contains some useful ingredients, making an accurate formula for enhancing the brain’s functions.

Following is a list of seven ingredients that ensure the potential of a brain supplement. Check the ingredient label to find their names in it.

  • Alpha GPC – A natural Nootropic to enhance memory

Alpha GPCAlpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine also called Alpha GPC is an ingredient that promises a better memory, better learning and focuses enhancing in the user. It overall improves the working of your brain.

The efficiency of Alpha GPC can be proven from the fact that it is a part of medicines for Alzheimer’s disease, which shows a partial memory loss.

Alpha GPC works by improving acetylcholine levels which is a natural neurotransmitter that our body produces.

The neurotransmitters make the communication between the brain and the body better. In this way, it improves the coordination and responses of all body systems including brain functions.

It is evident by research as a potential ingredient for brain boosters.

“Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior” published research, which was a joint research program among Department of Pharmacobiology, University of Bari, Department of Experimental Medicine and Biochemical Sciences, University of Rome and Institute of Pharmacological Sciences, University of Milan, Italy.

The study investigated the effects of oral alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine or Alpha GPC on the cases of scopolamine-induced amnesia and Acetylcholine levels of the brain.

The study was tested on rats, which resulted in highly positive results. The effect of oral Alpha GPC dose almost reversed amnesia.

The peak effect was achieved with 600 mg/kg IG, 5 H before the training. The results of the tested drug (Alpha GPC) were long-lasting.

They made up to 30 hours with same pharmacokinetic properties. In vivo experiments also showed that Alpha GPC could increase the quantity and levels of acetylcholine.

Another study suggested that Alpha GPC overtook Cytosine diphosphocholine (CDP) among patients with vascular dementia in clinical trials.

The efficiency of work was high, and the results were satisfactory at both user and researcher’s end. It was investigated by First Neurological Clinic, University of Messina, Italy and published in “Journal of International Medical Research”.

The recommended dose of Alpha GPC is between 300-1200 mg per day. You can select the best dose for you by starting from the lowest and gradually increasing till you find an adequate dose. The user doesn’t have to take it at once. It is best to combine it with a full meal for best effects.

Huperzine AAnother product that can make any nootropic supplement highly efficient is Huperzine. Opposite to its name, Huperzine A is a natural product.

Its source is a Chinese club moss, which is processed to make Huperzine A.

It works to make the thought process clear and smooth. The ideas are more defined and uniform which overall improves the cognitive function.

It is medically endorsed for the benefits as a nootropic product. Like Alpha GPC, Huperzine A is also a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s patients.

Both Alpha GPC and Huperzine A works on the same mechanism, which is to improve the levels of acetylcholine.

“Journal of Ethnopharmacology” published a review, which studied 60 natural and synthetic drugs for the bioactivities.

One of the ingredients in herbal medicines for treating Alzheimer and other memory-linked issues was Huperzine A.

The multiple drug therapy helps to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer is a disease, which affects memory and all cognitive functions, leading to dementia at later stages.

The FDA approved drugs including Huperzine A along with other ingredients make up the best treatment for Alzheimer’s.

As a part of common nootropics, Huperzine A supplements were marked efficient during a memory and learning performance among adolescent students.

The study is published in “Zhongguo Yao Li XueBao”, and it is available at NCBI for all readers.

The latest research study from “Metabolic Brain Disease” journal suggests Huperzine A as a cognitive functions booster after repetitive traumatic brain injury by reducing neuroinflammation and oxidative stress.

It is an additional benefit, which declares Huperzine A to be one best ingredient for a nootropic formula.

The safe dosage of Huperzine A is between 50-200 mcg per day. For most of the users, 100mcg works the best.

Make sure to check the ingredient label to know the exact amount of Huperzine A in any nootropic supplement that you buy.

  • Cat’s Claw relieves stress levels

Cat’s ClawCat’s claw is a power boost of antioxidants, which enhance the body’s ability to survive during stress levels.

Cat’s claw is also an herbal ingredient, which is derived from a plant UncariaTomentosa. It grows naturally in Amazon rainforest and its nearby areas.

Usually, the stress damages the body to DNA level, causing several health problems.

Neuroprotection, prevention and improving the stress response make the cognitive function better.

Cat’s claw has a role in improving the body’s ability to coordination and memory linked disorders, i.e., Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, etc.

The journal “Neurochemistry International” published a study, which found cat’s claw to be a potential therapeutic option for Parkinson’s disease.

The recommended dose for cat’s claw is one gram of the root bark, 2-3 times every day. If root extract is to be used, the best is to consume only 20-30 mg of it.

  • Bacopa Monnieri improves memory formation

BacopaBacopa is an herb, which is famous from Ayurveda. It grows in India and is extracted from an herb Bacopa Monnieri.

Bacopa is a traditional medicine for improving thinking, focus, and memory.

Bacopa has shown highly positive results to improve mental performance in healthy, sick, young and older users. The recommended dose of Bacopa is 300 mg for at least six weeks to feel a noticeable change.

Bacopa can heal any neural damage. It promotes the nerve growth and prevents the risks of disease, i.e., dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc.

It can occasionally cause diarrhea if new users. For this reason, Bacopa containing supplements are always taken in combination with a big meal.

Neuropharmacological Review of Bacopa Monnieri, studied by the Department of Neuroscience, Pitzer College, Claremont, California and published in the “Journal of Rejuvenation Research” has some interesting findings.

It tells that Bacopa is proven to be one of the best natural ingredients for memory enhancement and neural tonic.

Due to its highly efficient traits, it can be a possible therapeutic agent for Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and epilepsy.

The properties of Bacopa takes place by anti-oxidant neuroprotection (through redox and enzyme induction), acetylcholinesterase inhibition as well as choline acetyltransferase activation, β-amyloid reduction, increased cerebral blood flow, and neurotransmitter modulation.

There is no record of toxicity caused by Bacopa in humans. It means it is overall safe for use.

  • Oat Straw improves focus

Oat StrawOat Straw is one of the oldest nootropics, which has linkage from middle ages.

It was a source of wakefulness and mental alertness back in times at the time of strategic development, war and other administrative tasks.

Oat straw is a natural product, which is scientifically called Avena sativa, a derivative of wild green oats.

A study from “Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine” shows that in 1600mg dose, the herb oat straw activates the best cognitive activities. It includes concentration, attention, focus and memory building.

  • L- Theanine – A natural Nootropic improves memory

L- TheanineL-Theanine is an amino acid which is a stress reliever meanwhile controlling the release of neurotransmitters from the brain.

It induces the feeling of relaxation, clarity and mental alertness. It is naturally a part of green and black tea. In 1949, L-theanine was discovered as a component in green tea.

In 1950, it was first time isolated from Gyokuro leaves. For these excellent effects, L-theanine is often parts of top quality natural nootropic supplements.

The structure of L-theanine is similar to glutamate, which is another amino acid that occurs inside our body and governs the transmission of nerve impulse.

L-theanine works the same way and improves the coordination between brain and the body. The typical dose of L-theanine is 200mg with 100mg caffeine. If high caffeine isn’t required to use, L-theanine works safely in 2:1 ratio with caffeine.

  • L Tyrosine boosts energy

L TyrosineLike L-theanine, L-tyrosine is also an amino acid, which is achieved from various dietary sources by the body.

L-tyrosine helps in protein synthesis and improving the brain functions. It makes up the material for catecholamine’s that are dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine release.

Overall, it enhances the mood, develops motivation, boosts energy and improves the overall cognitive system.

These qualities make L-tyrosine as a suitable ingredient for any useful nootropic supplement.

Who should use natural Nootropic supplements?

There is no restriction to use natural nootropic supplements. Anyone who needs an extra mental boost can use it.

But it is not recommended for underage kids, pregnant or nursing mothers and people with medical conditions.

Nootropics work best for the following category of users.

studentsUse of nootropics is the most common among students.

It enhances their learning capability and helps them to score better in exams.

  • Professionals use natural Nootropic supplements

Professionals take natural nootropic supplements to improve their work performance. The increased brain activity is no doubt an asset for a successful career path.

  • Sportsmen/Athletes use natural Nootropic supplements

Sportsmen and athletes use natural nootropic supplements to improve their performance and concentration during the game.

  • Scientists use natural Nootropic supplements

ScientistsNootropic usage is also common among scientists.

It is a rigorous routine to read, experiment and interpret the results, which required extreme concentration and focus.

With the help of brain-boosting supplements, all these tasks become easier.

Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.