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5 Factors to Consider When Selecting Cannabis Packaging

Selecting the right cannabis packaging is a rather crucial and challenging task for both consumers and manufacturers.

Standing in the market, almost none of the customers has enough time to weigh the pros and cons of the product in the cart. And a small population bothers to take out their smartphones and run a quick search.

So, what remains for the seller to promote the product and convince them to buy it? Well, it truly depends on the packaging, especially in the case of marijuana.

According to a study, 93% of the customers purchased products based on color. Hence, signifying that visual appearance matters a lot and justifying the striking colors of the marijuana cannabis packaging.

Also, sellers customize their marijuana packaging in a way that the brand and product specifications are visible prominently so that the customer finds it appealing.

Consequently, while a seller might seek business growth through packaging, a consumer might ask the right marijuana product! Read more to unravel the factors that can lead you to the proper marijuana packaging.

Why Does Cannabis Packaging Matter?

“Are you kidding? Who cares about Cannabis Packaging when the quality of Cannabis is the whole point?!”

Here’s a typical depiction of a prevailing misconception. The packaging often gets mistaken as an insignificant factor in the young but flourishing Cannabis industry.

After the recent wave of legalization of medical marijuana in various countries, the olden ways became amended substantially. More and more health-friendly ways to consume and deliver the pot plant, are sprouting up.

Amongst this chaotic boom of the industry, the packaging practices are not receiving due attention. Only a few smart brains are paying attention to this pivotal point.

Most of the others are busy reading the thermometer, determining whether their Cannabis baby is getting optimal sunlight or not. Well, plant-care is essential, of course. But packaging is even more important!

For better visualization of its importance, here’s an example:

The relationship of packaging with cannabis business or consumption is more or less similar to that of water with the Cannabis plant itself.

Just like water ensures the healthy growth of the Cannabis plant, the right Cannabis packaging equipment guarantees the prosperity of a Marijuana business.

Or if we view it from the consumer’s eye, a thoughtful and impeccable packing promises a more effective bud/medical marijuana.

But here comes yet another point to ponder; What exactly makes the packaging impeccable? What are the standards, and what are the factors?

Well, now that you’re here, you need not furrow a brow or search further. Because here in this article, we’ve compiled the top 5 worth-considering factors when it comes to marijuana packaging. So, let’s dive in!

1) Types Of Cannabis Packaging

In old times, the maximum variety that a Cannabis company offered in terms of packaging were different materials in rigid containers. The hard packaging was either manufactured from metal or glass.

Although this provided excellent protection to medical marijuana products, these casings were not disposable.

Even today, some companies and consumers prefer hard material containers because their non-porous nature gives a longer shelf-life to expensive and precious cannabis flowers. With its inert nature, rigid cannabis packaging eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.

However, the following lightweight and disposable packagings are becoming increasingly popular with the passing time. And that’s primarily because rigid packaging makes carrying around a lot more difficult.

For rigid packaging, if it’s glass, it may shatter with a sudden jerk, spilling the valuable cannabis content. Or if it’s transparent, you may have to put it into another opaque casing/bag, if you live in a place where even medical Cannabis is illegal.

Plus, it increases manufacturing costs. Thus, increasing the rate for the buyer and reducing profits for the manufacturer.

  • Pillow Packs

Just as the name suggests, the pillow packaging holds the cannabis product in a plastic bag that’s sealed horizontally from the top and the bottom. It has a greater width than length.

Thus, it can carry a sufficient amount of the pot plant. One can create these from various VFF machines.

  • Stick Packs

Usually used for cannabis freeze pops, drink mixes, or one-time powder servings, the stick packing happens to be a slim style of packaging.

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Thus, it carries a little amount of the product. It is sealed from the top, bottom, and in the center. They get prepared from Multi-Lane Stick Pack Machines.

  • Stand-up Pouches

Also known as Doy-packs, Stand-up pouches are one of the popular types of Cannabis packagings, thanks to its portability and luxurious looks.

The packet has an oval-shaped bottom and a flat top, which gets sealed. It can only open from the top. Also, it has silicone material which keeps the oils from sticking and wasting the product.

  • Semi-Flexible Containers

Semi-flexible cannabis containers can crumble or break if they experience enough pressure.

Usually, these containers get manufactured from the carton, thermoformed plastic, or aluminium. The texture of all three is dense enough to secure and hold the product but is not very durable.

To help you select the best, here’s a quick comparison:

QualityPillow PackStick PackStand-up PouchesSemi-flexible Containers
Sophisticated LookNoNoYesYes, but might deteriorate over time.
Portability & FlexibilityYesYesYesYes
DurabilityYesYesYesDepends on Handling
Cost-effective(For both manufacturers & consumers)YesYesYesYes
Opaque or Semi-transparent?Both AvailableBothAvailableBothAvailableOpaque
Amount of ProductAppropriateLittleAppropriateAppropriate
Cross-contamination risk upon breakageMinimalMinimalMinimalMinimal
Printing CapabilitiesExcellentExcellentExcellentGood
Customization for ease of use(Hang Holes, tear notches, etc.)ExcellentExcellentExcellentGood

As per current customer & manufacturer preference.

2) Meeting Marketing Needs

With increased marijuana awareness, more people are willing to try out the products. However, a majority still hesitates on account of the previously associated negative impression.

Hence, the manufacturer has to make the packaging attractive but not in a way that catches a child’s attention.

Also, the increased legal restrictions leave little space for the manufacturer to market his product effectively.

To overcome this challenge, most of the manufacturers prefer stand-up pouches. This particular packaging offers an augmented surface area to market the product while fulfilling legal obligations.

3) Freshness Potency Of Cannabis

Being a marijuana cannabis purchaser, paying hefty amounts, you must look for a fresh and premium quality product.

On the other hand, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to package marijuana in a manner that seals its freshness.

The cannabis-based products tend to depreciate in quality when it comes in contact with oxygen. The oxygen turns THC cannabinoids into CBN cannabinoids.

Hence, most of the marijuana manufacturers use the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).

In this method, the harmless nitrogen gas gets sealed in the packaging. As nitrogen displaces oxygen, the cannabis remains fresh and of high-quality.

4) Compostable Packaging

With the world advancing towards chaotic conditions, the demand for sustainable packaging has dramatically increased.

The number of people demanding sustainable or green packaging is increasing day by day. Around 300million tons of plastic gets produced each year, and half of it is not usable, according to the Plastic Ocean Packaging.

Also, packaging contributes more than 40% of the total plastic usage. As plastic is not biodegradable, it accounts for the rapid climatic changes, global warming, and disasters.

Thus, as a responsible human being, the consumer must purchase eco-friendly packaging, and manufacturers must focus on compostable and eco-friendly packaging.

5) Legal Standards

Marijuana-based products have to go through a lot of legalization steps before entering the market. These legal standards may vary from state to state, such as:

  • Legal warnings stated on the package
  • Required font size
  • Accurate and evident features like THC content
  • Packaging design and branding

Thus, a manufacturer must lookup for relevant standards and abide by them. One of these steps is testing for child-resistance.

Marijuana may prove to be beneficial for seniors, but it can have adverse effects on children aged till 14.

Hence, governments of several countries, like the United States, have restricted the marijuana manufacturer to produce only child-resistant packaging.

Under the Poison Prevention Act 1970, these marijuana Cannabis packagings get tested separately to ensure that a child under 5 finds opening these products difficult, while adults can open them easily.

Therefore, if you a manufacturer, then ensure that the packaging is child-resistant or else it would never make to the market. And, if you are a buyer, then check for such marijuana Cannabis products that offer ease while staying child-resistant.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Packaging

Now that you know about the factors that you must consider marijuana cannabis packaging make sure that you purchase or manufacture the ideal one.

The consideration of these factors can genuinely help you battle the challenges related to marijuana cannabis packaging.

Jennifer Kurtz
Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.

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