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Sacred Kratom Review – Amazing Vendor 2024

Reading all the amazing Kratom reviews can intrigue anyone to try it. The internet has plenty of informative sources which explain the strains, types, and benefits. The online forums even show the user experiences on which any person can decide a product to try.

Going through all this process ends up on buying Kratom. This ordering seems like the last step yet it is one highly significant level which can influence the Kratom experience.

Selecting a reputable Kratom vendor is as tricky as picking a suitable strain is. If you don’t make a wise choice, your whole Kratom experience will not be up to the mark. Some authentic vendors sell high-quality Kratom products.

One of such name is Sacred Kratom (www.sacredkratom.com) which is a relatively new online Kratom brand.

To facilitate our readers, in this article we will be reviewing this particular site for its quality evaluation. Here is the necessary information on the site.

Establishment And Origin

The vendor site seems new, but the information on it tells that it was established in 2016. It’s been one year that it is functional.

The origin of this site is from the USA. There is a complete address available by which we know that its location is the city of Irvine, California.

Types Of Products

The Sacred Kratom website deals only with Kratom products. It is an all powder shop which sells some beneficial Kratom strains. Some prominent strains which anyone can get from here are as follows.

  • Bali Kratom
  • White Maeng Da
  • Indonesian
  • Borneo white vein
  • Indo red vein
  • Maeng Da
  • Green Malaysian
  • Red Vein Borneo
  • Red vein Bali
  • Bentuangie

One good thing which is probably not a part of any other vendor is that all these products are along with their real images.

When you think of Kratom powder, all which comes to the mind is a green color powder. In reality, this powder may not look same for every strain.

Most of the websites use their package images of the particular products or use a  green powder image for all. Sacred Kratom is one of the very few suppliers who show the different powder for all available products.

Each of these powder has a different shade and texture. This will help to analyze the standard powder which is on the website and the product received for a comparison.

Price Analysis Of Products

The price of all available strains is very affordable. The reason is to adjust all users which may or may not be available to afford the expensive options otherwise.

The most inexpensive of these is Bali strain for $9.99, and the most expensive are Bentuangie for $19.99. The price of the majority of the strains is average.

The least amount which anyone can order from the website is 1oz to the maximum of 1lb.

Opening each product gives a brief product description along with an option of add to wish list, add for comparison and email to the friend.

Maintaining a wish list helps to know the vendors that which Kratom strains do customers want.

Comparison option is to help the prospective customer to select a suitable strain. The email option provides direct access to tell the acquaintance about it.

Orders And Shipments

All the transfers are through the California office. The Sacred Kratom even delivers international destinations excluding the areas with a legal ban on Kratom trade.

Currently, they don’t ship to the states of Indiana, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Tenessee for the same reasons.

As per rules, the customer is responsible for the legal status of Kratom in his area of shipment.

As per policy, the website doesn’t ship to Australia, Burma, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Malaysia, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Thailand, Myramar, and Vietnam.

The local shipment takes 2-3 working days. The international delivery required 7-14 business days. Any delay in delivery and custom complication is rarest to occur.

The international shipments don’t include Import duties, taxes, and charges. There may be additional charges, especially for international shipments. It is the customer’s responsibility to check these before ordering.

Online Tracking Facility

The orders will be shipped on the same day as the user requests them. For domestic customers, most of the times, it is delivered within 24 hours. The working hours are Monday to Friday by 3 pm (PST).

The address check for validity is automatic that takes place within minutes of a customer placing order. If the address seems invalid, the website contacts the customer for further information.

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All the orders which are on their way for the client fall under online tracking. Each order has tracking code by which the customer can check the status of his package.

Refund Dnd Returns

The Sacred Kratom acknowledges if there is a problem in quality or something which is manufacturer fault.

However, they don’t accept the personal reasons to return. The producers hear to the remarks, but they don’t take opened packs without a manufacturing problem.

A customer can cancel his order anytime by sending an email at sales@sacredkratom.com. It is not acceptable if the product is sent for shipment already.


In case of an order inquiry, delivery information, price or general questions, there are plenty of ways to approach.

There are so many options to connect with the customer care such as email, Facebook, Instagram, Google plus and twitter. There is no phone line mentioned.


The Sacred Kratom store accepts online payments through Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Delta, and Paypal.

One of the best things is that the website accepts payments in multiple currencies such as Australian dollar, British pound, New Zealand dollar, Euro, Swiss franc and US dollar.

The Additional Benefits

  • Home page information homepage of the website tells about Kratom. It explains the history, uses and even the controversies with Kratom use. It also shows a clear disclaimer that all the information here is only for informational purpose. For those who question about the authenticity as a medicine, it is also evident that FDA does not evaluate it. This information means that the user is responsible for using Kratom.
  • Complete product guide: The website gives a short description of all the Kratom products. It is helpful for the new users who know nothing about any strain. Additionally, there is an option for product comparison which allows selecting the best strain for the user.
  • Online reviews: Each product has a choice to consider it. It includes a ranking of various parameters and a detailed content of the review. It helps the first-timers to check what is the regular customer saying about any product.
  • Privacy policy: The information which website needs for sending the package is essential. It includes name, demographic data and contact details. It doesn’t ask for any sensitive information which may be at a risk of privacy breach. This is a good thing that they have mentioned it on the website in detail. Rarely the site may send an online survey on quality, customer service and products.
  • BlogThe web store has its blog. For those who may not now, the blog has general informative articles on Kratom and different uses of it. It is helpful using Kratom education especially for those who are new.
  • Bulk discount: Be it a domestic or international shipment, order a bulk purchase gives a significant discount on the overall order. More details are available by contacting the customer care department.
  • Free delivery: All domestic orders over $100 are free of cost. There are no delivery charges. For international orders which are over $300 worth also follow an entirely free delivery. A user doesn’t need to claim it. As soon as the amount reaches to $100 0r $300, the delivery charges are exempt.
  • Promotions and offers: Like other Kratom dealers, this website also believes on giving incentives to its customers. As per administration, they offer time to time discounts and offers. For example one of the offers these days is to sign up for the newsletter from the website and get 10% discount on the next order. All the upcoming offers and promotional packages reach to the customers through an email. Also, one can check them from time to time by visiting the website.

Final Thoughts On Sacred kratom

The site seems to be an authentic seller of Kratom. There are only a limited strains available which show that they don’t go for pomp and show and focus more on quality.

As it is a comparatively new set up, the Kratom strains are only available in powder form. It is justified because it is tough to maintain so many products so selecting one and maintaining a high quality in it is a wise thing to do.

The prices are nominal and affordable. The shipment details are reasonable. There is no apparent reason to doubt it.

The user reviews on the website are satisfactory, and most people endorse it for timely delivery and quick communication response.

All these points suggest that Sacred kratom is a reliable source to order Kratom online.

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