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Pure Hemp Farms CBD Flower Review

Key Features

  • Offering top shelf CBD hemp flowers
  • Three iconic delta-8 flowers strains you can purchase (Blue Dream, Purple Punch, Girl Scout Cookies)
  • CBD inside chocolate bars are the smartest way to get your CBD fix


Many cultivators are dealing with CBD flowers. However, we are currently concerned with Pure Hemp Farms. So, let’s find out whether they can be recommended for CBD flowers or not?

Pure Hemp Farms is a vendor specializing in CBD flowers. They are based in Oregon State in the western United States. Pure Hemp Farms emerged from a local CBD flower cultivator in 2015 to a nationwide distributor of premium quality industrial hemp.

Contrary to other CBD stores, Pure Hemp Farms incorporates retail and wholesale stores separately. So, this may be a plus point for customers. However, despite claims of excelling in top-notch quality CBD flowers, you may also come across customers complaining about the bad taste and smell of the products.

Which retail and wholesale products Pure Hemp Farms is selling?

Pure Hemp Farms provides the customers a wide range of product categories, including but not limited to CBD flowers, Pre-rolls, Vape Cartridges, THC Flowers, and Edibles. Moreover, you can also find strains in different flavors like Soul Space Candy, Lifter, Electra, Fruity Pebbles, and much more.

In addition to this, the online store of Pure Hemp farms is also providing CBD nugs and buds. You can buy anything of your choice in bulk or minute quantity.

The vendor also claims to sell pesticide-free organic products. However, you may find the customers feel ambiguous about the purity of the products.

Pure Hemp Farms pricing

Different prices are shown under the head of each category. The cost of flower hemp starts from $8 for 1 gram. The price may go as high as $500 if you intend to buy in bulk. Similarly, the cost of pre-rolls varies between $5-$8 for a single roll. The price is high for five packs or more. So, the price is neither outrageously low nor unreasonably high.

Is Pure Hemp Farms complying with safety standards?

Safety has always been a genuine concern of CBD users. When it comes to online stores, the lab test report is the only tool that can help customers verify the vendor’s claims. As far as Pure Hemp is concerned, all lab test reports are available on its website. The certificate analysis posted on its website enables users to identify the number of cannabinoids in the CBD flower. Plus, the research also indicates the moisture content in the products.

Shipping and payment methods at Pure Hemp Farms

Several different methods can be used for paying at Pure Hemp Farms. The most common payment methods are Mastercard or Visa Cards. Moreover, you can also pay through AMEX, Diners, etc. Once you successfully pay for your order, it may take 24-48 hours to be shipped out. There are high chances that your order will be delivered through USPS.

However, unlike other CBD vendors, Pure Hemp Farms does not offer same-day delivery, and it only offers free shipping for orders over $50. So, getting your order after 3-5 business days can be frustrating for impatient customers.

Find out what customers believe about this vendor?

After reviewing several comments from customers at various platforms, I’m of the view that most customers are satisfied with the Products and Services provided by this vendor. I have seen customers applauding the premium quality of CBD hemp flower strains they bought from Pure Hemp Farms.

In addition to this, customers also seem satisfied with their customer service. However, some also expressed their grave concern about the bad taste of the CBD flowers available at this online store.  Some were also of the view that CBD flowers need additional trim. In brief, customers are satisfied with their overall experience at Pure Hemp Farms, with the demand for slight modifications and improvements.


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