The mood enhancing supplements has a  tremendous demand in the supplement market.

The industry working on supplements is producing countless mood enhancing supplements which claim to be the beneficiary. However, not all of them are suitable for everyone.

As far as mood enhancers are concerned, there are multiple options to consider. For example, Phenibut and Picamilon which are two most famous enhancers.

For herbal alternatives, there is nothing which can cross Kratom. Among many benefits of Kratom, mood enhancing is one of the prominent effects.

It is a difficult decision to select the best supplement when there are more than one options.

These three mood enhancers are famous for the right reasons but the effects are user specific.

This article is a complete guide on a comparison of these three mood enhancing supplements. It will help to select any of these supplements for the personal use.

Picamilon Vs Phenibut

Picamilon and Phenibut are two stress relief supplements which are comparable to each other.

They are thought to be similar but their mechanism of action is not same. Even the effects of these two do not match identically.

Both these are available in nootropics which are cognitive mood enhancing supplements with stress relief property.

Picamilon and Phenibut are GABA compounds. They enhance the activities which lay inside GABA neurological system.

There are only a few differences which make these two differ from each other. Generally, all nootropics work the same and there is only a little difference, either in composition or effects.

But for Picamilon and Phenibut, the effects may be completely different for the user.

What is Phenibut?

Phenibut is a derivative of GABA. It was invented in Russia for the objective to help the patients against anxiety.

Phenibut activates the GABA receptors which are located inside the brain. It releases the neurotransmitters which enhance the mind and improve the overall cognitive effects.

The mood enhancing supplements which have only GABA derivatives in them may not be helpful for the mood elevating property.

The extra benefit of stress relief and making the mood better is due to the specified composition.

The molecule of Phenibut has a phenyl group at B-position. The structure of Phenibut and baclofen are same but only lack one chlorine atom at para position on the phenyl group. It also has phenethylamine in addition. (2, 3)

Phenibut for mood enhancing

The molecules of Phenibut are acidic in nature. When a user consumes them, they increase the acidity of the stomach.

That is why using it on empty stomach shows increased absorption of Phenibut. It is more complex than all other anti depressant supplements.

Unlike benzodiazepine, Phenibut is a complete GABA agonist. This is same for Phenibut and baclofen. Phenibut also increases the dopamine levels in the brain.(4)

How does it benefit you?

The supplement Phenibut is famous for its stress relieving property. It is non-sedative which makes it a different class of anxiolytic supplements because the majority of the are sedative.

It induces the calming effect which removes both physical and mental stress. The particular effects of Phenibut are as follows.

  • Physical effects

    Stimulation, mild sedation, euphoria, increased libido.

  • Cognitive effects

    Mood enhancement, stress relief, anxiety relief, cognitive euphoria, clarity of thoughts, motivation, empathy improvement, sociability increased, concentration enhancer, overcoming extreme mood swings.

What is Picamilon?

Picamilon is a nootropic which offers a GABA prime supplement by combining GABA and niacin. It is designed to make the stress least damaging for the brain.

It balances the stimulation and refrains the mind from negative thoughts. Picamilon was originally invented in Russia. (5)

picamilon for mood and energey

Once Picamilon makes its way to the cerebrum part of the brain, it utilizes GABA and niacin which is basically vitamin B3.

Both these are then ready to emit signals to the brain which activates the stress relief potential.  The function of niacin here is more of a vasodilator and it’s only the GABA which plays a vital part.

How does Picamilon affect you?

The blood flow and nutrient supply to the whole body are one of the primary functions of niacin. It modifies the working of neurons which increases cognitive capacities and also improve the mood.

It makes the attentiveness and concentration easier which is started by a stimulatory effect.

It also eliminates the toxins from brain which overall impacts the effectivity of the brain.

The combination of GABAergic and Niacin roles as whole works as a useful nootropic which is best for self-administered supplements.(6)

Picamilon is more of a dietary supplement than a medicine. Contrary to this, in many parts of the world such as Russia, it is only prescription based supplement.

It is helpful for many problems such as blood flow related diseases, depression, stress, dementia, migraines, trauma, vasoneurosis, and alcohol withdrawal.

How is Kratom helpful for mood?

Kratom is the legendary tree from southeast Asia which has high medicinal potential and value.

It is a part of local herbal medicines which are now available for the whole world. Kratom is scientifically called Mitragyna speciosa. It has multiple benefits to offer. (7)

The working of Kratom is different on different dosage. For mood enhancement and cognitive improvement properties, the best dose is low to moderate.

For new users, the low dosage works the best. Along with stimulation, mood enhancing properties run side by side with energetic effects. It proves Kratom to be an all in all solution for all brainy activities.

using-kratom-for-moodKratom is an excellent nootropic. It is a better choice for the users which don’t want to use a chemical based supplement. Kratom is 100% herbal and safe for human use. It is now available at leading Kratom vendors for international orders and shipment.

Analysis of Phenibut, Picamilon, and Kratom

The details on Picamilon, Phenibut and Kratom suggest each one of them to be helpful for improving the mood. All three are effective to make the user feel better. They also stress reliever which improves cognitive functions.

The differences among all of these are of pharmacology. But the more significant thing to know is the effects.

If the user wants a supplement which also heals insomnia then Phenibut is a better option. Picamilon increases the mental alertness which doesn’t allow the user to sleep.

On the other hand, Picamilon is a better choice if someone wants high mental alertness and no sedation at all.  Kratom is a herbal choice in nootropics where as Picamilon and Phenibut both are chemical based drugs.

The effects of mood enhancement by using Kratom are high in the low dose which has no sedating effect. The sedation by Kratom needs a little higher dose which means Kratom doesn’t cause drowsiness in general.

How much dosage enhances mood?

The dosage required for Picamilon to work is between 50-500 mg, it mainly depends upon the profile of the user that how many doses will suit him.(8)

This dosage is less as compared to Kratom and Phenibut. This is a proof that Picamilon is a lot more potent than these two.

Phenibut required 250 to 1500 mg to work on daily basis. Again it is a matter of user health status and requirement that enables him to select one final dose to use. (9, 10)

Kratom starts working on as low as 1 gram which is the last dose of it. The best effects of Kratom are common on the dosage between 2-5 grams. (11)

What happens with long-term use?

It is not a sound idea to use nootropics for a very long time continuously. The recommendation for Picamilon and Phenibut usage is not to use it for more than two months. (12, 13)

It can cause a discomfort when the user tries them for such long term. It mainly causes urinary system problems. The best way to use these nootropics is to use it periodically.

Use it for a couple of weeks and then leave it for one week. It will prevent the chance of tolerance.

Kratom also has powerful compounds in it which can initiate a risk of tolerance with long term use. The strategy to use Kratom is the same as that of Picamilon and Phenibut. All the information suggest to use these nootropics off and on. (14)

Final thoughts on choosing the best mood enhancer

Mood enhancers are helpful but they are not a routine requirement. Phenibut, Picamilon, and Kratom are three best selling mood-enhancing compounds which are equally beneficial.

The effects of these three are same but may show different secondary effects such as sedation.

It is better to shortlist the requirements before selecting any nootropic. It will help to select a more relevant supplement and dosage for the user. For safe health practice, it is better to use the nootropics off and on. It will prevent any discomfort to affect the user.

Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.