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How To Take Phenibut For Anxiety And Depression?

Phenibut (also known as β-Phenyl-γ-aminobutyric acid) is one of the most commonly sold, over-the-counter anti-anxiety drug sold majorly in USA and Russia.

It is not just sold as a drug for anxiety and depression but also it is prescribed and sold as a nutritional supplement to aid patients in the attainment of their health goals.

Since the usage of Phenibut is so common, there are a lot of good as well as bad reviews about this drug.

However, if all of the reviews and patient accounts are examined closely, it can be found that people who had bad experiences with this drug either weren’t taking the right amounts and dosages as per their needs, or were overusing it, or were using it combined with overall poor eating and sleeping cycles, which led to their bad experiences.

Therefore, in this article, we will be telling you the correct way to take Phenibut for anxiety and depression so that you can reap the full benefits of this over-the-counter anxiety and depression medicine.

How to take Phenibut for anxiety and depression?

Phenibut if taken correctly and in moderate dosages lowers the anxiety and stress levels without dampening and hampering physical performance.

If taken correctly, it can make you happy, stress-free and relaxed. However, Phenibut is the kind of drug for which the patients build up their tolerance pretty fast and it is not unusual to become addicted to the effects of the drug.

Therefore, it is best used in moderation and with a lot of discipline.

Usage and dosage of Phenibut

The usage and dosage of Phenibut differ according to gender and health conditions of people involved.

For males, the recommended dosage of Phenibut is 2-2.5 g and for females, it is 1-1.2 g.

The dosage also differs according to the medical history and health conditions of people.

It is not advised to take Phenibut daily as you can become addicted to the effects of the drug and how it makes you feel.

If this happens, the withdrawal from the drug becomes really hard and that can further worsen your anxiety and depression.

Therefore, it is advised that you discuss your whole medical history, your work schedule, and when and how your anxiety is triggered by your doctor and then get the dosage of Phenibut accordingly.

The drug should be used according to the aforementioned schedule only and deviations should be made after careful considerations.

Need for moderation with usage of Phenibut: A case study

To illustrate the reason that Phenibut should be used with discipline and moderation, we will present a case of a salesperson on Phenibut.

The salesperson started taking Phenibut for anxiety and depression and was the first time that he took a medication for his anxiety.

His recommended dosage was 2g of Phenibut once a week. After the intake of Phenibut, the salesperson felt clearheaded, happy and overall great.

This good emotional state reflected in his job performance and his sales boosted on the days on which he was on Phenibut.

Therefore, he upped his dosage to 3 times a week. Due to high dosage, his sales figures soared and for the first time, he was one of the best workers on his team.

Addicted by the overall sales figures, the adrenaline rush after taking the drug, he upped his dosage to a tablet of Phenibut daily at work.

For a while, it worked as he was highly effective at work, however, with this dosage his weekends became unbearable as he went through withdrawal symptoms on the weekend.

This eventually started translating into his weekday’s performance as well and worsened his anxiety and depression.

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Eventually, he had to sit down with his medical practitioner and device a plan to wean off the high dosage without it hampering his performance at work and overall anxiety levels.

The right way to incorporate Phenibut into your schedule

This is just one example of a case gone wrong on the high dosage of Phenibut.

The Internet is full of similar stories where people had horrible experiences with Phenibut when they deviated from their recommended dosages.

Therefore, it is highly advised that before committing to Phenibut, do your own research, have an open discussion with your medical practitioner.

If you feel like you are becoming dependent on the drug and feel like taking more, then incorporate alternative coping mechanisms for anxiety and depression into your schedule so that you are not wholly dependent on the drug for your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Using Phenibut for chronic depression

If you suffer from chronic depression and are new to the usage of Phenibut for anxiety and depression, then even if your doctor recommends a higher dosage, we would advise you to start off with 1g a day.

The drug usually takes 2-4 hours to kick in. It is also observed that the drug usually kicks in faster if it is taken on the empty stomach.

Therefore, try out 1g and if you feel that it’s not kicking in after 2 or more hours, then take 500 mg more and then 500 mg more if needed.

However, when starting off, this dosage should work for you on empty stomach. Do keep in mind that you MUST not go beyond 2g and MUST not take Phenibut more than 3 times a week.

Mixing Phenibut with Alcohol

It is also highly advised that you do not mix the drug with any form of alcohol as it can affect its potency and adversely affect your health. Therefore, if you are on the steady dose of the drug, stay off the alcohol or limit its usage so that your drug functions the way it is supposed to.

Moreover, if you have any other form of substance abuse problem, then discuss it openly with your doctor before starting your course of Phenibut.

Using Phenibut in a balanced environment

Start off using it only once a week and incorporate long walks, eating a balanced and healthy diet and some form of meditation in your schedule along with the inclusion of drug.

This will ensure that you are cultivating and creating a holistic and balanced environment to tackle your depression and not becoming completely dependent on the drug.

It is also advised that you share your journey with close friends and family so that they can support you when you feel like you need more drugs in your system.

Such a support will ensure that you tackle your depression with bravery and heads on with appropriate support without it shackling you and making you dependent.

Support for your loved ones when using Phenibut

If you are in a committed relationship, it is also advised that you take your loved one to the visit to the doctor so that both of you are aware of the effects and after-effects of the drug and how to best use it to combat anxiety and depression.

The wrong usage of Phenibut can also adversely affect your sexual desires, however, if used correctly, it can make you more excited during sex. Therefore, it is important that your partner is well aware of your journey and how to best help you in dealing with the drug and its effects.

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