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How to Pass Mouth Swab Drug Test?

Passed the interview, Got the job in the reputed organization?? You have selected for this job!!! Congratulations !! Glad to hold the conditional job offer letter, starting to get the required assessments to be done before joining as per the company’s policy.

At this instant, the need for how to pass drug test arises. The next step towards job confirmation requires you to pass the medical assessment including mouth swab drug test along with some blood and urine analysis as per the company’s’ health policy. In some cases, a negative drug test is a stipulation for legal settlement. Whereas, in some cases, it is also the requirement for employee recruitment.

Attempting any drug test is quite nerve-racking but facing an oral swab is perhaps the most traumatic. Employers are usually dependent on saliva tests/swab test because these tests are inexpensive, portrays quick results, convenient, non-invasive, used for the detection of recent drug consumed and requires no time constraints.

Thus it becomes intricate for employees to prepare earlier. Besides that, the probability for defilement or occurrence of exchanging the samples is also uncommon as the swab is directly taken from the patient and is propelled by analysis.

Being an active drug addict escorts the question of how to pass the mouth swab drug test. This article will be highlighting the methods and procedures for how to pass mouth swab drug test. The importance of how to get ahead of mouth swab drug testing has significantly increased. It is because marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines confirmed effective in treating some medical issues.

What is mouth swab drug testing?

A mouth swab drug test alternatively referred as saliva test/oral fluids test is fluid-based screen test used to detect the use of drugs, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, tetrahydrocannabinol, amphetamines and methamphetamines among the users.

Nowadays, mouth swab tests are performed by many international companies as it is less complicated, cheap and presents abrupt results. Moreover, saliva provides an appropriate medium for determination of used drugs. Besides that, saliva swab testing is the non-invasive procedure which is easy to handle and transfer to the laboratory for testing.

How to pass mouth swab drug test?

When considering medical screening, it is always recommended to opt for the non-invasive procedure to prevent infections and other related complications. Non-invasive mouth swab tests are quite easier to pass as compared to urine or blood test when drug testing is concerned.

Conversely, the medical technology is changing rapidly, discovering new and better ways for drug identification in body fluids. It is often said that prevention is better than cure. Considering this fact, it is advisable to abstain from drugs when an individual is well-aware of the mouth swab screening. This article will be providing information on how to pass a mouth swab drug test.

a) Sustaining drug-free 72 hours

The mouth swab test can only unfailingly identify drugs consumed in the last 48 hours. Hence it is recommended to avoid ingestion of drugs at-least 72 hours before performing the test. It is best advisable for heavy, chronic users to be in the safe zone.

In addition, avoiding cough suppressant medication that contains codeine should be refrain from negative mouth swab drug test results. Moreover, the environment also affects the saliva. Besides that, the surrounding environment also has some effect on saliva.

Inhaling second-hand marijuana smoke for more than 30-45 minutes is alleged to affect the saliva. Ultimately can result in unsuccessful mouth swab drug testing. Indeed this is one of the best ways with increased chances of passing the drug test with successful results.

b) Cleaning the mouth before testing

The second strategy which is recommended to pass the mouth swab drug test is to clean the mouth including (lips, tongue, gums, teeth, palate and inner lining of the cheeks) with the cotton swab.

Besides that, liquid mouthwash or clean water can be used for cleaning. The effect of this step is minor, however, it can aid in clearing the drug particles left in the mouth. Besides that, brushing the teeth and gumline frequently can also be helpful in cleaning the drug particles.

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c) Keeping the saliva production constant

Saliva is the digestive enzyme found in the mouth of the mammals. It contains 98% water along with some electrolytes, antibacterial substances, and various enzymes. Saliva production can be increased in multiple ways.

According to the literature, vegetables including raw carrots, celery, endive, and cucumbers when crunched and chewed are the greatest source in stimulating saliva production. Moreover, sour and citrus fruits including lemon, grapefruit, orange, cranberry, and kiwi also trigger in an increased salivary gland production.

Furthermore, cured cheese can also aid in saliva production. Besides that, it is also recommended that tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, used to rinse the mouth is also helpful in increased saliva production.

Keeping the saliva production constant is one of the approaches to lower the concentration of drug-related chemicals in saliva. Ultimately it can result in decreased chances for positive mouth swab drug test.

d) Increasing hydration

Increasing hydration is the most effective way in preparation for prosperous mouth swab drug test. Keeping the body well-hydrated results in dilution of the acidic compounds present in drugs. Moreover, it also aids in neutralizing the effects of the drug in saliva. Thus resulting in negative results for mouth swab drug test.

e) Chewing gums and sour candies

It is also recommended that masticating flavored candies and chewing gums or breath mints are quite useful for neutralizing the acidic contents of the drugs. The more the saliva is neutralized the more the drug contents will be deactivated. Thus resulting in negative drug test results.

f) Avoid smoking

Cigarette smoke consists of many carcinogenic compounds including nicotine. Nicotine is the strong parasympathomimetic stimulant. It is exceedingly addictive and can affect the sensitivity of the mouth swab results indicating as false positive.

g) Eating habits

Apart from other practices, eating habits also play a significant role in determining mouth swab drug results. According to the literature, the consumption of high-fat foods can increase drug absorption in the body.

Ultimately reduces drug absorption and reduce the probability of identifying drug metabolites in the saliva. Besides that, eating poppy seed should be avoided as opium (dried latex) is attained from poppy seeds (scientific terminology Papaver somniferum). Consuming poppy seeds within 48-72 hours can affect the sensitivity and can result from false positive.

h) Other useful strategies

Apart from the above-mentioned ways for passing mouth swab drug tests, there are some practical strategies that can be supportive of successful results. Firstly, recognizing the time required for drug testing can be one of the useful technique towards the path of accomplishment.

The greater the time available the greater are the chances of clearing the drug test. Hence the applicant gets sufficient time for preparation. As the most effective approach towards a successful mouth swab drug test is to refrain from the drug for at least 72 hours.

Secondly, an individual should be well aware of the drug laws and regulations of the specific country. This can be helpful to refrain from the drugs considered illegal for the country.

Thirdly, it is also important to know which drug (name) sensitivity test will be required to test the results. In this way, it becomes quite easy for the candidate to prepare pre-hand. Ultimately leading to the required results.


In conclusion, the above-mentioned strategies are quite helpful for passing mouth swab drug tests. Although the preparations to successfully clear the mouth swab drug test begins ahead of the assessment date. The candidates must follow the above-mentioned techniques for effectively clearing the mouth swab drug test.

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