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Otie’s Botanicals Definitive Review – One Of The Top Kratom Vendors In US

Kratom can cause nausea, it can lead to psychosis and addiction, it will make your intestines bloat out.

It’s funny how the internet manipulates us and how we believe in every second thing we see on it, articles, posts, memes, anything about kratom is a red light, a hazard for people. But there is another side of kratom that you are probably not aware of.

All that you should know about kratom is that it’s a recreational drug which was traditionally used as medicine from the oldest of times, it relaxes your brain, kills pain and provides a night full of comfortable sleep. However, kratom acts differently on every other individual, in a positive aspect.

The main backlash with buying kratom online is that you can never be sure about the authenticity of the product, for all you know, it can be any plain white powder dyed green but we have absolutely amazing news for you.

In this following read, we are going to review an amazing online kratom store that delivers the most authentic kratom products around, the site is certified, best-reviewed and, top-rated.

Lab Test Reports

Apart from the strategical point of view, if we dig into the scientific aspect of this product to find out the exact component that makes magic happen inside of us, then you probably would be surer about kratom.

Otie’s Botanicals make sure that the Kratom is tested to ensure consumer safety, along with the assurance of a safe product, you also get the promise for high-quality kratom.

Let us give you a very straight example of how these tests are carried out and what components are used, we can assure you that all the validated instruments are used in this procedure of testing kratom for authenticity and quality, HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography), ICP ( inductively coupled plasma), and PCR ( polymerase chain reaction or DNA) technologies are used to give us fact and effective results.

The tests are carried out as soon as possible because the shelf life of kratom is very less, Oties makes sure that you get the finest products.

Is It AKA GMP Qualified Or Not?

Aka also is known as American kratom association is responsible to mark a kratom vendor as GMP (good manufacturing practice) qualified manufacturer or not?

You must be thinking that why being a GMP vendor is such a big deal, you see, AKA makes sure that you get only the most authentic products but they also make sure that you are not getting scraps of metal and steel claiming that its kratom because yes, this did happen before.

This product by Otie’s Botanicals, all of them, are not AKA GMP qualified, they are tested several times, gone through many processes.

There are other measures taken to assure you of the high-quality material that they have in store for you such as placing a QR code in each and every product.

There are no reported complications of the product reported till now and the reviews by people are 100% positive.

Are They Making False Medical Claims On Their Blog Or Product Descriptions?

When any product gets to their height of fame, there are quite a lot of rumors about them that arise to defame the well-earned name and the same is somewhat happening with Otie’s Botanicals where some people claimed that the reviews of claims the company made on their product are fake.

When you will open the site and go through the product descriptions and the reviews, you will notice a good number of positive reviews displayed with pride on the site, but what’s wrong with that right?

Well, many of the fellow competing companies that also dealt with kratom claimed that all these many reviews on the site were, in fact, fake and scripted and had no real worth to it, resulting in the false claim of them selling fake products.

But is that really the deal? Are they really selling fake products? Well, no. Otie’s Botanicals are the top-rated for a reason because of the fact that they sell 100% real and authentic products and the reviews on the site are all true to the core.

The reviews are written by people who actually used the product and experienced the changes that they felt going through their bodies.

When talking about the things written in the product description, that description too is also not fake or scripted, Otie’s Botanicals make sure that you know what product are you going for, you have full knowledge about the product regarding kratom before ingesting it.

The product description, the details that are added in the product are there for our ease so that we know each and every aspect of the product.

Are They Selling False Kratom Names?

This is a problem that is highly dangerous and every individual should be cautious about the hazards of false or fake kratom because real kratom would benefit you in numerous ways but fake kratom can really being medical issues that can damage your inner system.

The problems of ingesting the fake green powder filled with metal scraps that are said to be kratom can be several, the most dangerous ones are anxiety, opioid addiction, depression or even cancer.

It’s better to be sure that does the respective brand that we are talking about, does it sell authentic products or not? Yes, people Otie’s Botanicals are known to sell the most genuine kratom and kratom products around.

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They have been working to serve their customers the very best products, products that actually offer some benefits to your body rather than leaving it good for nothing.

The best example of this validation claim that is done by Otie’s Botanicals can be justified by the great number of reviews of their site. The fact that the products are AKA approved and, the number of people who loved using the products.

Customer Feedback On Social Sites

Today’s world is moving on in the e-commerce way and people always make sure that they check the reviews on social media platforms before proceeding on to order the product for themselves.

It’s better to know about the reviews on this specific brand and how is it doing on social media before ordering the product itself.

The best part about following the reviews on social media is that the reviews that are written on social media are very casual and they are easier to understand rather than the typical reviews made on the site.

Let us talk about the kind of product that this kratom vendor gets and we would be 100% honest about the fact that each and every review made on all the social media platforms overall are amazing.

All people talked about was the effectiveness, authenticity and, the benefits that the product gave them over a short period of time without any disturbing side effects.

Well, the audience was quite pleased by the amazing products by Otie’s Botanicals, on the other hand, there was also some appraisal on the delivery, packaging, and, customer service of the product.

Is The Vendor Active On Social Media

Most of the times people like to have a real conversation with the team or the head of the company themselves through the medium on social media, if the product has a social media platform then they have to make sure to be active so that no potential client is missed.

It is a treat to the ears to hear about the fact that this kratom vendor which has the best products around is active on social media, you will get the response without any hassle or wait.

Them being active on social platforms displays their remarkable service and their eagerness to deliver the best products around to the people who really want them.

Prices Of The Products Sold Here As Compared To The Competitors

Any product that we think of buying, what is the first thing that we make sure to notice? Well, obviously it’s the price. No matter how much the product is high in quality, we wouldn’t want something that is extra expensive and would break our banks.

It’s always better to make sure about the ”market price”. To find out the market price, you have to compare your product’s price to the other potential competitors that are ranked equally than the product you are looking into.

Luckily, Otie’s Botanicals have the most reasonable rates in high-quality kratom as compared to the other brands. The best part about choosing Otie’s Botanicals is that you get both quality and quantity at the same place.

Do They Offer Return Back Guarantee?

Every other brand has its own policies and exchange protocols for returning or refunding any certain item and so does Oties.

Otie’s Botanicals accept returns that are unopened for a full refund. They accept exchanges if it has been seven days since they received their products and there is at least 90% of the product left.

Any product that is opened, the seal is broken or is used won’t be accepted at any circumstances.

We think that this policy is fair enough because there are customers who are involved in scam too and no company would want to risk their product or money for a minor inconvenience.

What Are The Shipping And Payment Options

There are quite a few payments and shipping options that are being used by the vendor to make sure that you absolutely have no trouble related to the product and that customer and producer bond can be maintained.

The first option for the payment is E-check, the second is Zelle (simple bank to bank transfer) or PMC coin, you can research more about these methods to choose the most feasible for you.

About the shipping, the product uses the services of USPS, they ship Monday to Friday excluding the federal holidays, there are three different options through which you could receive your product, one is the first-class ($4), the second one is priority mail ($8) and, the third one of priority express ($26).

Now, these options are based on the different kinds of weights that kratom is available in for example 12oz, less than 12oz or around or less than a kilo.

Final Thoughts On Otie’s Botanicals Kratom

In the end, we would highly recommend Otie’s Botanicals for kratom purchase if you are 100% sure about the product and how would it affect you as an individual.

But if judging by the quality of the product then we are very supportive of you to buy from Otie’s Botanicals because they are simply all-rounders when it comes to kratom, it’s high in quality, it is AKA approved, it’s reasonable when it comes to prices and they offer easy payment and shipping options.

If you are certain about buying from Oties then go ahead and go through their site by CLICKING HERE.

Kate Freeman
Kate Freeman is the wellpreneur behind Ayuni Organic; a brand focused on spreading the goodness of Mitragyna Speciosa. Kate supports scientific research on this natural tree "Kratom" and believes that this herb can help millions of people to live a healthier life.

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