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Oranje Pharma Cannabis Oil Concentrates Review

Oranje Pharma Cannabis Oil Concentrates

Address: 2755 Lougheed Hwy Port Coquitlam
BC V3B 5Y9
Email: oranjepharma@gmail.com

Payment Options: INTERAC eTransfer & Bitcoin (with a 20% discount)


Oranje Pharma Concentrates is a company that deals with cannabis oil and ejuices. The company is based in British Columbia, Canada. Oranje Pharma Concentrates manufactures high-quality ejuices that have a high concentration of THC that creates a sense of high while you cherish from the medicinal benefits.

The company offers ejuices of different flavors as well as full-fledged vaping kits for anyone to indulge in the ecstasy of vaping. In this article, we’ll be reviewing some of the popular products offered by Oranje Pharma Concentrates along-with modes of payment and some key features.

Ok then. Let’s get started…

Products Offered

1) THC/CBD Vape Juice and Cannabis Oil Concentrates Starter Kit Deluxe

This kit comes with a powerful 900mAh Li-ion battery, a G5 dry herb atomizer, an M7 oil atomizer, two clearomizers, an M6 glove atomizer, two ejuice bottles and a bottle of pure cannabis oil in a zipper case.

There’s also a USB charger in the case for charging the atomizers. This kit is great for starters to puff all the ecstasies of pure cannabis oil and ejuices. It is sure to amaze anyone.

2) THC/CBD Vape Juice Starter Kit

This starter kit contains a 900mAh battery, G5 dry herb atomizer, an Ego-d M7 atomizer, a Kanger clearomizer, and two bottles of vape juice 2ml each. This kit contains vaporizers for stealthy as well as conventional vaping experience.

3) 95% pure THC/CBD Cannabis Oil Concentrates

This is one of the purest concentrates of cannabis oil available in the market.

With 95% purity, the concentrate looks like honey in a bottle and provides the same sweet and sugary taste. The oil can be either vaporized or added to baked goods that give a rich taste with all the medicinal benefits.

4) Strawberry THC/CBD Vape Juice (20%)

Who doesn’t like strawberries? The good news is: you can relish the sweet taste of strawberries with this THC rich vape juice and that too at an affordable price.

5) Raspberry THC/CBD Vape Juice (20%)

Raspberry vape juice is an all-natural ejuice that used in all sorts of vaporizers. It is derived from pure marijuana oil and gives the delicious and soothing taste of THC.

6) Non-flavored THC/CBD Vape Juice (20%)

Don’t like flavors while vaping? No problem. This ejuice has no added flavors and gives the same benefits as any other ejuice in the catalog. With the non-flavored vape juice, inhale the creamy and original goodness of marijuana and have rich experience.

7) Fresh Mint THC/CBD Vape Juice (20%)

What’s the first word that comes in mind after reading ‘mint’? Cool. Well, here is a flavor for all those who like to feel the crisp and fresh taste of mint in the throat after puffing.

This vape juice has prepared from the original extract of marijuana oil. It is suitable for both stealthy and conventional vaping.

8) Combo Flavor 6 Pack of 2ml THC/CBD Vape Juice (20%)

This pack contains six bottles of different flavored vape juices. The flavors include:

  • Fresh Mint
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Grape
  • Hawaiian
  • Non-Flavored

The package provides better value compared to buying the flavors individually. If you are a regular vaper and wish to puff a different flavor each day, here’s a good option.

9) Kanger EVOD 900mAh Spare battery

So, your vaporizer’s battery died? Don’t worry, as Oranje Pharma provides a spare battery for a fraction of the price. So, switch it, clip it, and there you go.

10) Kangertech Mini Protank-3 Clearomizer

Kangertech clearomizer is one of the best tanks for vaping available in the market. When it comes to value for money, it stands out when compared to similar products in its niche.

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11) M7 Wax or Cannabis Oil Atomizer

The M7 is a metallic atomizer that used for different concentrates of cannabis oil. It has an elegant design and is durable, so you can expect your atomizer to last a long, long time.

12) M6 Glass Globe Wax or Cannabis Oil Atomizer

This glass atomizer is an easy-to-use device. It is excellent for vaping pure cannabis oil and its different concentrates.

The best thing about this atomizer is that you don’t have to repurchase the entire unit.
You can buy a new coil head and replace the older one. That’s it.


The prices for the different products mentioned are:

  • THC/CBD Vape Juice and Cannabis Oil Concentrates Starter Kit Deluxe – $150
  • THC/CBD Vape Juice Starter Kit – $100
  • 95% pure THC/CBD Cannabis Oil Concentrates – $50.00-$200
  • Strawberry THC/CBD Vape Juice (20%) – $40.00-$600
  • Raspberry THC/CBD Vape Juice (20%) – $40-$600
  • Non-flavored THC/CBD Vape Juice (20%) – $40-$600
  • Fresh Mint THC/CBD Vape Juice (20%) – $40-$600
  • Combo Flavor 6 Pack of 2ml THC/CBD Vape Juice (20%) – $200
  • Kangertech Mini Protank-3 clearomizer – $15
  • Kanger EVOD 900mAh Spare battery – $10
  • M7 Wax or Cannabis Oil Atomizer – $15
  • M6 Glass Globe Wax or Cannabis Oil Atomizer – $15

Payment Methods

The company offers a versatile mode of payment on its online store. These include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Interac e-Transfer

These modes of payment are getting more and more popular with every passing day. Oranje Pharma offers a 20% discount on the products purchased via either of the two modes.

Variety Of Strains

Oranje Pharma Concentrates predominantly uses two different strains to manufacture cannabis extracts.  These strains come from both Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. The company uses different concentrates of these strains to produce the vape juices.

The strains are:

1) OG Kush

OG Kush comes from Cannabis indica. This strain comes originally from Florida from the late 20th century.

This strain helps with stress, pain, anxiety, and depression. Several people have reported positive effects in their lives after using this strain.

2) Girl Scout Cookie

Girl Scout cookie is a hybrid of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. This strain has a high concentration of THC, which may sometimes reach 28% or more. It provides the high you need for relaxation. It also helps you cope with stressful conditions like anxiety.

Pros About Oranje Pharma

  • Highly potency: THC/CBD Vape Juice 200mg THC + 20mgCBD per/ml
  • The cannabis oil manufactured by the company is more than 90% pure extract
  • The orders are shipped twice daily. So, you don’t have to wait for days
  • Versatile modes of payment
  • Free shipping on orders above $99
  • FDA approved ingredients

Cons About Oranje Pharma

  • No shipping of the products outside Canada
  • No money-back-guarantee offered
  • Lack of a return policy

Key Features

  • You get everything related to vaping under the same roof.
  • The value is much higher compared to the pricing.
  • The company offers a wide range of flavors and even has a non-flavored ejuice.

Bottom Line

Oranje Pharma Concentrates offers a wide variety of cannabis concentrates and vape ejuices. The packages offered are excellent. The company makes the best of its efforts to package the products neatly, making sure that none of the products is faulty or damaged.

However, in case of a damaged or mishandled, the lack of a return policy is something that is not attractive. All the ejuices and concentrates mentioned on the site have been prepared solely by the company, which is, honestly speaking, a good thing.

What do you think about Oranje Pharma Concentrates? Have you tried one of its products?

Let us know in the comments section…

Asad Khan
Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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