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OPMS Kratom Shots Benefits

If you’re a new user or a regular Kratom fanatic, you might be interested in OPMS Kratom Shots. These K shots have aroused curiosity among people, and everybody wants to try this innovation among other Kratom products.

What benefits do OPMS Kratom shots have? In which variety are these shots available? Is the product worth buying? Let’s start the journey to get the answer to all these concerns!

An Overview Of OPMS Kratom

OPMS Kratom is a brand that has been making outstanding Mitragyna speciosa products since 2010. Anyone who knows what this herbal plant also knows about OPMS Kratom. The vendor claims to sell only pure, organic, and unadulterated herbal products. You can find its products online and in stores around the US. 

What makes them different from other manufacturers is their unique cold process extraction technique that makes them so special. First, they dissolve the mixture in hot water and then cool it rapidly to extract the alkaloids. Finally, they filter the liquid mixture and get the alkaloid-rich extract.

Range Of Products That OPMS Offers

Usually, most brands offer products based on three variants of these botanical leaves: Red, Green, and White. While in the case of OPMS, it’s divided into Gold and Silver categories and comes in different forms like capsules, powders, and liquid. 

Compared to many other online vendors, they have a limited stock of strains. These strains include Maeng Da, Sumatra, Green Malay, Thai, Indo, and Borneo. Mostly, they have the Green strain.

What On Earth Are OPMS Kratom Shots?

Although there are many products that the OPMS brand offers yet, here we will talk about OPMS Kratom shots. The K shot by OPMS, otherwise known as “Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions,” is a concentrated liquid extract that the manufacturer makes from the liquid form of the herb. 

OPMS shots are just like other energy drinks or energy shots. The K shots have a high level of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. The blended extract, with natural flavors and sweeteners, makes it delicious and easy to consume. 

If we talk about its packaging, it is available in an hourglass-shaped bottle containing 8.8 ml of liquid. This compact size makes it incredibly simple and easy to consume. All authentic OPMS bottles are carefully shrink-wrapped and tightly sealed to ensure no leakage. 

How Are OPMS Kratom Shots Different From Liquid Extracts?

Confused between liquid extracts and K shots? Let us brief you. Liquid Kratom is obtained when you mix ground botanical leaves with certain additives like water and ethanol in the liquid state. 

With a robust alkaloid profile, this liquid extract is further separated into various end products, and one such output is a Kratom shot. So, in short, K shots are extracted from the liquid form of the evergreen botanical.

Extraction Of Liquid Kratom Shots

These energy shots are much different from other Kratom products because they are prepared using a unique method. OPMS Kratom’s extraction process involves putting the liquid extract into distinctive cooling and high-pressure procedures. 

This method is designed to preserve the natural alkaloids found in the Southeast Asian plant, resulting in a final product that is potent and rich in its effects. The extracted liquid is blended with natural flavors and sweeteners to enhance the overall experience, resulting in a delicious and consumable shot.

OPMS Kratom Shots Variety And Advantages

There are many well-being advantages for which people use OPMS Kratom liquid shots. The two, OPMS Gold Kratom shot and OPMS Black liquid Kratom, are the popular ones from the brand. Let’s take a glance at the possible benefits both the liquid extracts may offer:

  • OPMS Gold Kratom Shot And Its Benefits

The shot is superior to many other K shots in the market. This high-quality liquid extract is prepared from Maeng Da Kratom using high-pressure and water techniques. It has a perfect blend and balance of alkaloids without providing much bitter flavor. 

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It has many benefits, and there is good user feedback about this product. According to users, they feel euphoric bliss, more relaxed and comfortable as it relieves aches.

  • OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Shot And Its Benefits

This shot is relative to the OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom, but its effects are more potent and long-lasting. Using Maeng Da strain, cool water, and a high-pressure procedure like the Gold one, this stronger K shot is prepared and works within a few minutes after intake. Another thing to mention is that it has a more delicious taste than its other available counterparts.

It has remarkable benefits, including relieving discomfort and restlessness and improving blood pressure and sexual performance. Yet one thing to remember is that it can be more vigorous for new users. So only regular consumers can try it to feel its robust effects.

Other Pros Of OPMS Kratom Shots

The OPMS best Kratom Shot is an excellent choice for individuals seeking the benefits of the substance without facing bitterness. It provides a convenient and palatable alternative. 

OPMS Kratom Shots offer several other advantages that make them a preferred choice for many Kratom enthusiasts, like

  • Potency

These shots deliver a potent dose of pure Kratom extract with rich alkaloid content, ensuring the users experience the full benefits of the botanical with a low dose. 

  • Easy To Access

You can easily buy these K shots from smoke shops, gas stations, or online.

  • Quick Kratom Experience

The drink may have fast-acting properties, with the effects kicking in within minutes of intake. This rapid onset allows for swift relief or energizing effects as desired.

  • Flavorful

The product has natural flavors and sweeteners, boasting a delightful taste. This flavor turns the consumption of Kratom into a pleasurable and enjoyable experience.

  • Convenience

These shots are incredibly convenient to carry and consume, making them an ideal option for individuals with busy and active lifestyles.

Cons Of OPMS Kratom Liquid Shots

After knowing all the K-shot benefits, it is crucial to learn further about the possible cons that the products may carry.

  • The shots are not based on 100% natural Kratom leaves, as they have many artificial flavors and sweeteners.
  • There are no standard lab test reports about these liquid shots
  • Taking a high dosage can cause nausea, vomiting, restlessness, muscle, and joint discomfort.
  • It’s expensive compared to other liquid extracts or Kratom products available in the market.

What Is The Dosage Of OPMS Kratom Shots?

OPMS Kratom shots are available in three different serving sizes. The recommended dosage is typically 1/3rd of the serving. Each K-shot most probably contains 14 grams of Kratom powder, which may correspond to approximately 225 milligrams of alkaloid-rich content.

However, we suggest you seek medical advice on how much you can take the OPMS Kratom shots. It’s crucial to adhere to the recommended dosage guidelines to ensure a safe and effective Kratom experience. 

OPMS Kratom Shots Compared With Other Industry Shots

OPMS liquid shots have many factors that distinguish them from other Kratom liquid extracts. Let us look into all these factors: 

FactorsOPMS Kratom ShotsOther Liquid Shots
Consumption MethodUsed by adding into tea, coffee, and juices or taken as it isCan be used likewise
EffectsPotent in its effectsNot as strong 
DosageSmall amount make huge differencesMore amount is required 
Extraction ProcessUsage of high pressure and cold water technique Usage of hot water and alcohol
Suitable UsersFor regular usersFor both new and regular users
PriceExpensive Cheaper 


OPMS Kratom shot is a product that stands out for those seeking a complete and alkaloid-rich Kratom experience in liquid form. This new form of Kratom consumption is in high demand as it is convenient and gives various health benefits. Its unique extraction process gives it a competitive edge over other Kratom shots available in the market.  

We hope this guide to OPMS Kratom shots benefits has provided valuable insights. So feel free to try this fantastic and unique liquid extract and improve your lifestyle naturally.

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