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CBD’s potential as a wellness product has been making waves around the globe. From using hemp oil in beauty formulas to taking proper CBD dosages for arthritis, we know that almost everyone is trying to get their hands on some authentic CBD oil and products.

If you are also on such a hunt online, it is essential to look for sellers that not only provide 100% organic hemp but also swear by squeaky clean extraction methods. However, it might not be as easy to find one.

For your utmost convenience, we are here, with an honest-to-god review on one of the best vendors for original CBD oil -and that is Nuleaf Naturals.

Overview Of Nuleaf Naturals

Nuleaf Naturals is a trusted brand name that sells high-quality and full-spectrum CBD oil. This much reputable company was founded in 2014 by a group of passionate innovators augmenting the power of herbal medicine. The website owners refer to themselves as “health-conscious plant medicine aficionados.”

It has a small but most-used collection of CBD oil products. Although they only have CBD oil products, people still love it because of the obvious reasons -and that is safe hemp growing process, natural extraction method, and availability of different potency levels.

Source Of Their CBD

If you know about the manufacturing process of CBD oil, you must be aware that it comes from a hemp plant. Nuleaf Naturals sources their CBD oil from Colorado, USA-grown hemp plant, and that too watered by the clean waters of Rocky Mountain springs.

The fact that hemp is locally grown adds to the benefit that USDA can closely monitor and regulate the farming procedure.

The hemp grown is cross-bred to yield only the highest quality CBD oil. The company also ensures that the farming process is entirely safe, organic, and free of any use of herbicide or pesticides.

It is essential because the hemp plant is a bio-accumulator, which means that its purity can get affected by the surrounding environment.

Another exciting fact favoring Nuleaf’s products is the “entourage effect.” Although the term might sound a bit fancy, the concept is pretty simple. It means that multiple components are used together to enhance the overall effect of the product -which, in this case, is several cannabinoids and terpenes.

Top Product Picks

Nuleaf Naturals offer only one kind of CBD product -and that is CBD oil. They don’t have a vast range of products like other brands selling different forms of CBD, vaping products, teas, and whatnot. However, their customers are pretty content with their collection as they sell only pure quality.

There are only two products that Nuleaf Naturals is currently selling. Here they are:

1) Nuleaf Naturals High-Grade CBD Oil

The CBD oil offered by the brand comes in five different sizes. Nonetheless, the strength of oil remains the same in all the sizes, as you will get 24 mg of CBD in 10 drops (one serving) and 50 mg of hemp extract in each mL.

The five sizes of full spectrum CBD oil available at Nuleaf Naturals are:

  • 300mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, 5mL (60mg/mL) – $38.50
  • 900mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, 15mL (60mg/mL) – $99.00 – $434.00
  • 1800mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, 30mL (60mg/mL) – $179.00 – $264.00
  • 3000mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, 50mL (60mg/mL) – $239.00 – $1,053.60
  • 6000mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, 100mL (60mg/mL) – $439.00 – $1,953.40

2) Nuleaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD For Pets

The CBD oil for pets is nothing different than the one intended for human use. Yes, it is the exact same full spectrum CBD oil. Howbeit, the dosages differ and depend on the weight of your pet animal.

For instance, a dog weighing between 25-50 lbs should have four drops of the CBD oil 1 or 2 times in a day. Similarly, a dog weighing above 50 kg should have 6-8 drops 1 or 2 times a day.

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Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Pet Oil (60mg/mL) – $38.50 – $179.00

It comes in three sizes:

  • 300 mg CBD
  • 900 mg CBD
  • 1180 mg CBD

Why Should You Choose Nuleaf Naturals?

Full Spectrum Extracts

Full-spectrum extracts containing traces of more than one cannabinoids are more useful for health purposes than extracts having CBD only. Nuleaf Naturals pride themselves as one of the only few sellers in the US providing full spectrum CBD extracts. The products are entirely organic and non-GMO.

Independent Lab Testing

Independent lab testing means that a third party is testing CBD products of the given brand. It is essential, as there is minimal chance of bias this way. The lab results verify that their products have high levels of CBD and contain no additives or fillers.

These reliable test results are also available for public viewing on the website of Nuleaf Naturals, or you can also ask them directly for the reports.

Natural Extraction Method

Nuleaf Naturals uses the CO2 method of extraction that saves the cannabinoids from any damage. It also doesn’t use any harsh high temperatures or solvents. This natural extraction process not only helps in yielding high quality and full spectrum CBD oil, but THC levels are also maintained below 0.3% -as allowed by American law.

Super High Potency

The “entourage effect” that we explained above is what adds to the strength of Nuleaf Naturals CBD products. It is super potent because the CBD oil is enhanced with other cannabinoids. Although some people prefer pure CBD, many users still realize the benefit of using this improved CBD oil.

Color, Taste, And Smell

The color of Nuleaf’s CBD oil is a lovely golden and pretty fluid in thickness. It shows that the oil is of the highest and purest quality.

Further, there are absolutely no artificial tastes added to the CBD oil. You can ascertain this when consuming the product as it tastes as woody or tart -that is the natural taste of CBD oil. It might not be much pleasing, but you will survive.

Similarly, the smell of the oil is also natural and almost inappreciable.

Completely Vegan And Gluten Free

Another good thing about Nuleaf’s CBD oil is that not only is it organic, but it also is 100% gluten-free and entirely vegan.

Yes, a win for all, surely!

Fast Shipping And Delivery

Nuleaf Naturals offer super fast shipping services. They send the product via USPS priority mail that delivers only within 2-3 days to the buyers. It also ships all over the US -including the other 40 countries around the world.

Remarkable Customer Service

This reputable brand provides the best and quick customer service. Whether you want to see the third-party lab test results or have to inquire about any shipping details, they’ll be right at your service readily.

The website is also easy to navigate and user friendly with an excellent interface. You can find absolutely any product on their website, by only clicking once or twice. Their FAQ section is also filled with all the essential information -so much that you might not feel the need to inquire separately.

Amazing Returns Policy

Returning the stuff to the vendor might be a worrisome process. However, Nuleaf Naturals doesn’t let you sweat about it even for a minute. They have the best returns policy that allows you to return unused products within 30 days to get a full refund in s few days.

Final Thoughts

Nuleaf Naturals is proving to be one of the top-notch leaders in the CBD industry. People love their products for the availability of high-quality and full-spectrum CBD oil. Their CBD oil for pets is also a well-appreciated product, and pets love it because of its many robust effects.


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