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Nootropic Stacks For College Students – Do They Really Work For Studying?

Victoria Santalesa
-April 1, 2017

College is tough due to ever-increasing academic competition. As students have to work part-time, maintaining studies is quite hard.

To cope with the pressure, Nootropics for college students often seek refuge in various cognitive enhancers. Most of the cognitive enhancers are dangerous for the body.

Hence, there is a lot of reluctance in using them. Nootropics serve as an attractive category comprising of safe drugs that college students turn to.

What are Nootropics?

The term ‘nootropics‘ covers a broad variety of both synthetic and natural supplements which provide different benefits.

These drugs are scientifically proven as safe and can manage the function of the brain without producing any side effects.

Some of them promote alertness while others induce sound sleep. Some nootropics can even perk up the physical performance and immunity to fight diseases.

A massive amount of nootropics exists by far, each of which can have a different mechanism of action.

Most of these nootropics have an ability to regulate the activity of neurotransmitters in the brain by changing the sensitivity or increasing their production.

The function of nootropics can vary depending upon the type of neurotransmitter they affect. Some nootropics can increase the blood flow in the cerebral circulation and provide more nutrients and oxygen to the brain.

Some of them can even help in removing waste products from the body such as lipofuscin which can otherwise cause several neurodegenerative diseases.

Nootropics can provide benefits to almost everyone, from business executives to athletes. Nevertheless, their most imminent use is in academic circles where they are popularly known as ‘smart drugs.’

What do Nootropics do?

Nootropics can help people in different ways depending upon the type and mode of action. People belonging to entirely different lifestyles can all look up to nootropics for helping them because of their versatility in performance. Following effects are generally observed by the use of nootropics:

  • Cognitive Boost
  • Improved intelligence
  • Improvement in physical performance
  • Enhanced memory
  • Energizing the body
  • Motivation
  • Management of stress
  • Increased productivity

Are Nootropics good for college students?

Nootropic stacks for college students is all about surviving with the burden of studies and job at the same time. The competition is fierce, and everyone wants to work their best in every aspect of their lives.

Maintaining grades and passing tests are two common problems observed by a college student regarding academics.

This couples with the heaviness of earning money to sustain a better lifestyle and often causes a decline in both aspects.

Nootropics for college students can be a great help. These drugs intend to stimulate the brain by all means to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed.

The drugs can also increase the motivation to study and work and can make it easy to understand different subjects at college.

They can enhance the mental capabilities of students to score higher. Nootropic can even work for those who are already at the top of their entire batch in order to make their mental agility better.

They can also induce creativity in mind. Because of their direct effects on the brain, nootropic can work to improve the academic performance and grades of students.

How can Nootropic help students?

All nootropics work on the brain, but their effects can be different. Following are some of the ways how nootropics for college students can prove useful:

  • Studying

Intelligence makes a significant difference when it comes to securing grades.

It is something that is acquired over the time and makes a person “book smart.”

A high level of intelligence results in higher grades, and it can be improved by using nootropics such as Piracetam, Oxiracetam, Aniracetam, to name a few.

These nootropics make the activity of neurotransmitters in brain way better than before which helps in the propagation of signals in the brain.

Consequently, different areas of the brain such as those for acquiring new information improve.

Some nootropics contribute in maintaining the newly acquired information within the memory span. This is how nootropics improve intelligence.

Students belonging to fields of mathematics, engineering, and science can mainly take advantage of nootropics to think laterally and manipulate information to solve problems.

  • Test Taking

Nootropics can increase mental performance in all aspects of memory.

This is invaluable for an average student who is trying to memorize different theories, formulas, and techniques related to a subject.

Several nootropics can make the learning process faster and easier that eventually helps college students in preparing for class tests.

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In addition to consolidation of memory in the brain, nootropics can also ease the process of recalling.

Many students find it difficult to retrieve information during test taking but remember it later. These drugs, particularly Oxiracetam, can treat the memory impairment.

Use of nootropics can help in retaining crucial information during exams and end up making a difference between a good and an exceptional grade.

  • Maintenance Of Social Life

Being a college student does not only involve studying for tests.

Socializing and creating relationships with other fellow students is another aspect of college life. Social acuity is, in fact, a significant tool for achieving goals.

It is a prerequisite of many employments to be socially active and interact with the maximum amount of people.

Furthermore, socializing is also a part of academics because a student has to make presentations in front of an audience.

Not everyone has inborn socialites. Some students tend to suffer from stage fright while others face social anxiety which can become an obstacle in the way of success.

Nootropics can help this category of people. One of these drugs named as Picamilon can mollify anxious thoughts and can reduce inhibitions which stop people from making interaction with others.

Some other nootropics can enhance areas of the brain controlling language skills. They can boost confidence levels and helps in determining the right manner to act in public.

What are Nootropic stacks?

There are so many nootropics in the market, each with a particular primary function. Sometimes, it’s hard to decide which ones to take for maximizing the brain power.

In such cases, it is preferable to make a nootropic stack. Stacking means consuming two or more nootropics together to enhance the possible effects.

These nootropic stacks often have a purpose, for example, some focus on reducing anxiety while others increase concentration and memory.

Sometimes, a synergistic effect occurs because of stacking different nootropic supplements making them more potent together.

Best nootropic stacks for college students

Some of the best combinations of nootropics for optimizing brain functions are as follows.

  1. L-Theanine and Caffeine

This stack is perfect for both inexperienced students as well as those who already use caffeine based products. The stack consists solely of natural nootropics and is safe and quite inexpensive.

It is also easily obtainable and produces visible effects in a short duration. Caffeine present in the stack can increase the alertness and focus.

L-Theanine, on the other hand, is for potentiating the positive effects of caffeine while negating the negative ones including jitteriness, anxiety, and an increase in blood pressure.

  1. Alpha GPC and Pramiracetam

Pramiracetam is a balanced nootropic drug regarding benefits. By increasing the levels of acetylcholine in the brain, it can offer students an improvement in concentration and retain knowledge.

It is an ideal supplement when a task has to be completed within a limited period. Alpha GPC present in this stack ensures that a deficiency of choline does not occur.

The stack is best for positive alteration of mood and helping students in calming down. It can also make them optimistic during exams.

  1. Noopept, Oxiracetam, Aniracetam, and Vinpocetine

This stack is best because it provides benefits at different levels of brain activity. Noopept is potent nootropic drug which can elevate the mood and increase the focus to a great extent to make studying easier.

Aniracetam in this stack promotes thinking both creatively and figuratively. Oxiracetam provides an enormous boost to both literal and logical thinking to help in projects and assignments.

Vinpocetine is for consolidating memories and helping students out in reproducing their acquired knowledge in exams.

Final Thoughts

Nootropics for college students are a great way of improving the lifestyles of students. Instead of relying on dangerous cognitive enhancers, use nootropics because they are safe with very low level of toxicity.

These drugs are great for passing a test or working on a class assignment. For best results, best nootropic study stacks are available which can help the students in the long run.

Victoria Santalesa
Victoria Santalesa grew up with her twin sister in Brooklyn, New York. She went on to start a punk band on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and made her fortune working coat check at a local night club. She and her sister travelled cross country together to California in a U-Haul with their cats, Rosetta and Horshack. She now resides in Hollywood, California with her husband tutoring children and writing blogs.

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