I have spent the last few years trying a wide variety of nootropics and stacks, and this has led me to a long list of different results.

In some cases, a particular nootropic did not seem to do anything for me at all, but others made it much easier for me to focus throughout the day.

One of the most recent nootropics that I have tested is Coluracetam, and I am pleased with how well it works.

Coluracetam: The Basics

ColuracetamNootropics can be taken for many different reasons, but most people turn to them for a temporary boost in memory and concentration.

In fact, many entrepreneurs tout the effects of these supplements, and it is not uncommon to hear about college students using them before a big exam.

However, Coluracetam was completely off my radar until a few months ago, so I want to begin by explaining what it is.

Piracetam was the first nootropic, and researchers have discovered that it can have many positive benefits.

In 2005, Mitsubishi Tanabe decided to derive a new nootropic from Piracetam. Coluracetam was the result, and it is a potent cholinergic that impacts focus, memory, high-affinity choline uptake, anxiety, and depression.

The Pros of Coluracetam

One of my favorite things about Coluracetam is the fact that it kicks in almost immediately. I am currently taking 10 mg three to four times per day, and it has certainly helped me deal with depression and anxiety issues.

Instead of taking an anti-depressant that was giving me a long list of adverse side effects, I can now provide myself with an almost immediate feeling of calmness with a simple nootropic.

The actual way that I can explain the reality is that Coluracetam makes my mind appear more relaxed. And it is easier to let go of any anxiety or sadness that was plaguing me before I took a dose.

There are also several other perks that I have been enjoying for the past few months. For example, my short and long-term memory is definitely enhanced, and I have a much simpler time with word recall.

In the past, I would sometimes struggle to come up with even basic words because my mind felt foggy, but now I can easily bring my mind into focus for a few hours. Another benefit is that colors seem a bit crisper while the effects of the nootropic are active.

The Cons of Coluracetam

My biggest complaint about Coluracetam is that each dose only lasts about three hours. Some people have suggested increasing my intake as a method for possibly avoiding this problem, but I like it that I get immediate results from only 10 mg.

However, this is also the reason that I am taking this nootropic supplement three or four times every day. Unlike with some other nootropics, I am not experiencing any issues with feeling jittery.

On the other hand, Coluracetam does not give me the extremely sharp thinking that has accompanied some other supplements.

I do not feel like this is a huge negative, though, because I enjoy the more freely flowing thoughts that I experience during each three-hour Coluracetam session.

Final Thoughts

Coluracetam is a great option if you are looking for something that will make you feel more relaxed and help in memory retention.

Keep in mind that you will need to take a dose multiple times per day to maintain the pleasant feeling that is associated with this nootropic, but you also will not experience some of the less desirable side effects of other pills such as jitteriness and racing thoughts.

Overall, I would recommend Coluracetam for mild anxiety and depression, and the mental boost that it provides is a nice bonus.

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