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Mount Kratom Review

Overview Of The Brand

Kratom, the magical product! How did it come to the United States? Where does it grow?

With roots deep in the forests of South Asia, it is a favorite herb of many people in the world. This unique plant has its relations with the coffee plant and is used as a relaxation remedy, to find relief from pain and at social gatherings. Whether you live in London, New York, Canada, Thailand, or any other part of the world, the business of Kratom is growing at a fast pace, and many business-minded people are getting into this industry. It makes way for more and more brands. Biak, Thom, Ketum, Thang are some of the names used to refer to the plant.

Reason to Write the Review

The curiosity of people keeps on increasing with the addition to the already existing Thom sellers. They want to know if the newcomers are better than their trusted vendors are. If their products are out of the world? What about the costs, and hundreds of more questions, which are all normal if you are a Kratom fan and you like to stay updated. Therefore, I believe that sharing the top picks of the brand, and some exciting details would benefit the users and with this mission. This review about Mount Kratom includes everything that you should know.

About the Brand

Based in New York, it has not been long since they started selling Kratom. That is why the brand has not been in the limelight, too. Not much is known about the brand as they keep much of it confidential. What people are more interested in is the product line, prices, and a little sneak peek of the vendor. You will get to know much more than these as you scroll down the page. Excited! I know the feeling, so here you go:

Key Features:

  • Simple Approach

Mount Kratom is one of those companies, which has simple formulas for making a good reputation. Biak sellers usually make things extravagant, or they pretend everything to be flawless. In the case of Mount Kratom, this is not their policy, they believe in simple and transparent working behavior, and that is what makes them one of a kind.

  • GMP Certified

Because it is the gold standard for evaluating the authenticity of Biak, Good Manufacturing Practice certification is an important requirement for Kratom sellers. Mount Kratom tells its customers that the Thang at their store is not yet GMP certified. However, they are continually making efforts to get it certified, and they will inform the valued users as soon as they succeed in the attempt. I believe this is one point where the brand lacks in its performance.

  • Payment Methods

It is always important to know about the payment options available so that one can decide the preferred mode of payment ahead of time. If someone does not have access to any of these, then ordering from a brand would be useless. Talking about Mount Kratom, they offer you some user-friendly payment options.

You can use Zelle/Venmo, or pay them through Credit/Debit Cards. They also accept E-Checks, so the choice is yours.

  • Shipments

All orders are shipped from Brooklyn, New York. The time duration for the shipment depends on the payment method that you have selected.

Once your payment reaches them, and you have made a payment through Zelle or Vemno, the order is ready to be shipped the same day. If you pay them through credit card, you will get the order at your place within two days. With E-check, you would have to wait for five days as the payment clearance takes a minimum of two days and hence, the delay.

The brand delivers its products all over the U.S. except Rhode Island, Indiana, Wisconsin, Vermont, Arkansas, Alabama, Washington DC, Alton, Sarasota County, Columbus, and San Diego.

  • Refund Policy

The best thing about Mount Kratom is that they are extremely loyal to their users. If you have ordered something from them and you are unsatisfied or confused with the purchase, you can easily refund the parcel or claim for an exchange as they offer a money-back guarantee within 30 days of the purchase, the only requirement is that the package should not be opened and the seal intact.

Forms of Kratom Sold

Whenever a person visits a shop, the product line catches the attention. Mount Kratom sells only two types of Thom and has a reasonable variety as they believe in quality over quantity.  Powders and capsules. The details of both forms are discussed below.

Kratom Powder

People mostly prefer consuming Kratom powder as it is easy to use, and you can consume in several ways. Mixing it in the tea is a common practice, while another method is the toss and wash method. You can also enjoy Biak powder by mixing it in your milkshakes and juices. Mount Kratom offers some different types of powders under each vein. There are further categories according to the difference in their prices. Have a look at the list to understand what the brand sells.

Green Vein:

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Red Vein:

White Vein:

You can get all these in the price range of $7.00 – $80.00. Details of the prices based on the quantity of Kratom powders are as follows:

  • A pack of 28 gms is for $7.
  • Get 100 gms of powder for $20.
  • Pay $50 and get 250 gms of the powder.
  • 400 gms powder is available for $45
  • 1 kg pack is for $

Green Vein:

  • Super Wild Green Borneo
  • Premium Wild Green Maeng Da

Red Vein:

  • Premium Wild Red Maeng Da
  • Premium Wild Gold Maeng Da

White Vein:

  • Premium White Hulu Kapuas
  • Premium Wild White Maeng Da

Premium Kratom is the finest form of a powder that involves pure Biak leaf and doesn’t include the vein or stem. Wild Biak, the more potent form, is obtained from naturally produced Thom leaves. It is the only reason their prices are a bit high. There are as following:

  • A pack of 28 gms is for $7.50.
  • Get 100 gms of powder for $22.50.
  • Pay $50 and get 250 gms of the powder.
  • 400 gms powder is available for $50
  • 1 kg pack is for $100

Kratom Capsules

Mount Kratom is also known for selling good quality Kratom Capsules. You can get capsules in three different varieties, and they sell 000 size capsules.

The 100 count capsule pack is for $28, while 25 capsules are available for only $7. You can also get three different Kratom varieties in a capsule pack, which contains 300 capsules; this mix match pack is also for $70.

  • Price Comparison

The brands sell Thom stuff at affordable prices. When I compared their prices with other competitors. I was happy to find out that all the products sold by Mount Kratom are reasonably priced. It is one factor of the brands’ increasing popularity as people are always looking to save money and get good quality stuff. Mount Kratom makes both things possible for them, which is rare to find these days.

  • Top Selling Products

I do not think it would be fair to choose the best product from Mount Kratom because everyone has different preferences and the opinions may vary. However, the brand has made it easier for you; they have highlighted the popular products sold at their shop.

Red Vein Bali, Super Green Malaysia, and White Maeng Da are the top-sellers. So, before trying anything else, do try them out as people found these products amazing.

  • Customer Reviews

Even though they are a relatively new brand, people are quite impressed by the quality Thang that they deliver. Those who have tried the stuff cannot stop without telling about their experience, they have been great support from fans, and Mount Kratom has succeeded in getting love and positive reviews in such a short time. It is a good sign and shows that the brand is on the right path as the main thing to do is to gain the trust of the customers, and once you are done with it, the word is your arena!

Lab Testing Policy

Mount Kratom assures the users that all Kratom products sold under their name are made from high-quality Kratom. However, they have no proof by which we can check the authenticity of this statement. Lab tests serve as evidence of the Thang’s purity. Mount Kratom does not follow any lab test policy, and no results are shared on the website too. This factor questions the quality of Kratom sold at their shop.

Any False Medical Claim?

Mount Kratom does not offer any medical claims for the stuff sold at their shop. They clearly state that their products are not evaluated and approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and therefore, it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Are they Involved in Unethical Business Practices?

The brand is an honest supplier of Kratom. They keep things transparent and don’t misguide the customers. The Kratom has traditional names to avoid confusion, and there is no unethical practice that the brand follows to gain a good reputation.

  • PROS
  • CONS


  • Offers affordable products
  • Same-day shipping facility
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered


  • They are not present on social media.
  • Doesn’t share the source of their Kratom
  • No lab tests policy for Kratom products.
  • Kratom is not GMP certified

The Final Verdict

Mount Kratom sells a good range of Kratom products. They have amazing prices that will not make a hole in your pocket. You can easily afford these products. On top of that, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. What else would you want? They offer everything that a loyal Kratom vendor would.

However, there are some points that need to be improved. By working on those areas, Mount Kratom will be able to reach the peaks of success, according to their name, it is the top point of the mountain that is the dream of every Kratom seller.

Before purchasing from the shop, read reviews about the company and their products then place an order. I hope this review serves as a useful guide for you. Cheers!

Jennifer Kurtz
Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.

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