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Mo Kratom (Magnum Opus Botanicals) Review

Information about the Brand

When buying kratom products, the most critical decision is choosing an appropriate vendor. There are many suppliers and brands in the market, selling poor quality kratom.

Many brands mix the Mitragyna leaves with psychoactive substances like caffeine and codeine to cause addiction. All such vendors need to be avoided.

It is essential to go to a reliable vendor. Magnum Opus Botanicals is currently one of the leading kratom vendors because of their reliability and quality kratom.

Magnum Opus is a family-owned business that operates out of Denison, Texas. They have attracted a loyal customer pool from the time of its inception because of its fantastic kratom extracts. The positive reviews for the brand are continually increasing.

They serve customers in 42 states of the U.S and have completed more than seven thousand orders since they began selling. The brand has loyal customers and is attracting new buyers regularly.

Their team makes sure that they have left no stone unturned in ensuring the quality and purity of the products that they sell. The brand is unconventional because it sells the strongest extracts and tinctures present in the market.

A small amount of the product from MO Botanicals proves to be more than enough.

The objective of the Mo Kratom (Magnum Opus Botanicals)

Like every good kratom company, Magnum Opus Botanicals also has a specific vision. They aim to better the living quality of their customers and provide them the relief they are looking for.

They use all-natural methods to formulate their products, ensuring the health of their customers. The brand is family-owned and run, and they treat their customers like family too.

All of their extracts and enhanced capsules are of the most exceptional quality. The brand’s team have combined the traditional cultivation practices with modern scientific enhancement techniques in perfect synergy.

This practice has resulted in the Magnum Opus product range is one of the most unique range in the current market.

Their team works relentlessly to make sure that there is no compromise when it comes to the health of the customers. They name of the brand itself means something of prime importance and excellence. The brand holds up to its name by using a one-of-a-kind extraction method.

Is MO KRATOM reputable?

In an industry like kratom, a lot depends on the reputation a brand has in the market. Usually, shady brands can be spotted by taking a look at their reviews.

Similarly, a brand with a good market reputation is generally a reliable vendor. Magnum Opus Botanicals have a stellar reputation when it comes to Mitragyna products. They have been called one of the best kratom suppliers by multiple forums.

The consistent quality of their extracts and range of accessories sold by the brand has been praised numerous times. There are usually customer reviews present with the product on the Magnum Opus website as well.

All of these reviews are genuine and show the satisfaction of the customers with the products of the brand. The potency of the products and the generosity of the team of the brand has been praised over online forums. T

he brand has also been known to put in free samples of strains along with the ordered strains for the customers to get an idea of their products.

However, there is no display of lab test reports throughout their website. Not only does this look shady, but it also harms a brand’s reliability when it comes to ketum products.

The available products at Mo Kratom

Mitragyna leaves can be used in several different ways. They can be used as fresh leaves, dried leaves, powders, tinctures, extracts, capsules, topicals, etc.

Every customer has a preference when it comes to kratom products. Magnum Opus Botanicals sells a range of kratom products including extracts, enhanced leaf powder, skincare, accessories, etc.

Pure kratom extract

The pure kratom extract from Magnum Opus Botanicals is the most potent extract available in the market today. This full-spectrum extract is available in multiple different strains, including Gold Bali, Green Bali, Red Maeng Da, etc.

The brand also sells its blend called the MO mix, which is a combination of different green, red, and white strains. The company also sells premeasured 100 mg capsules along with the kratom extract powder.

These are sold for just an additional ten dollars. The extract itself retails at 45$; however, the prices get reduced if you are buying in bulk quantities.

Liquid kratom extract

Liquid kratom extracts are different from the powdered ones. These extracts are dissolved in a solvent and then sold. Magnum Opus Botanicals liquid extract is available in four different strains, i.e., Gold Bali, Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, and White Maeng Da.

The tinctures are of high potency, and the alkaloid content of 5g of Mitragyna leaves is present in just 100ml of the kratom tinctures. These tinctures are sold in user-friendly glass bottles with a dropper present.

The dosage can be calculated using the dropper which holds 1ml of the tincture when full. The solvent used for these tinctures is ethanol. The tincture retails at 39$ for a 1oz. bottle. However, there is a 10% discount available if a customer buys more than 12 bottles of the extract.

These tinctures have wide-ranging effects and plenty of reviews online raving about their potency. Magnum Opus Botanicals have top-notch formulation methods and resultantly one of the best tinctures present in the market.

Enhanced leaf

The ultra-enhanced Maeng Da leaves sold by Magnum Opus Botanicals are one of the bestselling products from the brand. It is available in the form of capsules and powder in potencies of 10%, 20%, and 30%.

This percentage represents the amount in grams of alkaloids infused in kratom leaf to yield 100 grams of the enhanced product. The prices vary for different concentrations and start from 14$ for eight 10% ultra-enhanced Maeng Da capsules.

According to customer reviews, these capsules are of high potency and kick into effect faster than traditional Mitragyna capsules. The enhanced Maeng Da is also available in powder form for the same concentration values. The 10% ultra-enhanced Maeng Da powder is sold for 85$ per 1oz.

Skin Care

Magnum Opus Botanicals is surely covering all ground with their kratom products. Apart from its extracts and tinctures, the brand also sells a range of skincare products.

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These include salves, soaps, and bath bombs made from organic substances so that the customers can take full advantage of nature’s treasures.

Their kratom salve has Vitamin E extract and beeswax along with the Mitragyna. This salve has been known to provide relief from minor inflammations, insect bites, and burns.

The cream is sold for 45$ for 1oz. Other than the salve, the company also sells an assortment of handmade soaps. These have been infused with kratom as well as other organic natural substances. Their botanical bath bombs retail for 4$ and have the best aroma you can get.

Lab Testing of Mo Kratom

Proper lab testing is extremely important when it comes to Mitragyna products. Improperly tested products can have wide-ranging effects on a person’s health. Magnum Opus products are tested for yeast, mold, coliforms, e coli, salmonella, lead and active alkaloid levels.

The brand maintains a steady Mitragyna percentage in their products ranging from 45-48%. However, they do not have their lab reports displayed on their website. This absence of lab reports generally do not give a good image of a brand.

The credibility of the Magnum Opus Botanicals

There are legal regulations under implementation when it comes to kratom products. All of the products being sold by Magnum Opus Botanicals are entirely compliant with the rules of the FDA. The brand is making no medical claims, and the products are not sold to any customer below the age of 18.

The company prioritizes the comfort of its customers above everything else and makes sure that no buyer faces legal repercussions. The brand has mentioned that none of their products are to be used for medicinal purposes. They count on the reviews of their customers to speak for their products.

There is hardly any negative review about the products from Magnum Opus Botanicals. Whether it be the potency or the quality, their goods have always received accolades from the buyers.

The brand uses only the best leaves from trusted harvesters in the Southeast Asian region. These farmers use the best cultivation methods and techniques to ensure the best quality of the products.

Our experience

Our experience with the brand was completely satisfactory. The ordering process was smooth, and there were no hidden charges or terms.

The order was delivered on time. Their sample pack had various strains so that we could get an idea of what the brand had in store. All the strains in the pack were of high potency and quality. Their freshness was evident from their color and aroma. Their salve and soaps were also fantastic.

The soaps smelled earthy and divine. Although the salve was very little in quantity, it is useful in small amounts. From ordering to delivery and use of the products, the entire process was smooth and easy.

Although the prices were slightly higher as compared to traditional brands, the quality of the products made up for it. The company’s products would be better received if they worked on their prices a little.

Customer service and approachability

The brand has nothing to hide and is entirely transparent with its customers. They have their address and email mentioned on their site. The company answers all queries of the buyers in record time. They also send emails to the customers on the confirmation of their orders.

They are active on social media and approachable there as well. Unlike shady buyers with wrong addresses and emails, Magnum Opus Botanicals makes sure that their customers can reach them easily.

Additional Information

Social Media Presence

In the current age of social media, every online business must have an active social media presence. Magnum Opus Botanicals are active on all leading social media forums, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

The brand uses these platforms to announce their new strains and offers. This activity causes an increase in the customer pool. It also increases the general recognition of the brand with the public. The company also answers the queries of people on their social platforms.

Payment Methods

The company does not accept credit card payment because of complications between kratom vendors and credit card companies. There are various other alternative methods of payment. MO Botanicals accepts payments like checks, money orders, and even COD.

Reward Program and Coupons

Discounts, coupons, and loyalty programs serve to attract customers towards a brand. Magnum Opus Botanicals also offer a variety of different coupon codes and discounts. Their coupons are available on various kratom forums, and new coupons are updated monthly.

Other than the codes, the brand also has a reward program with which you get the point for every dollar you spend. These points can later be redeemed. There is also the option to buy in bulk and get a 10% discount.

Return Policy

Magnum Opus Botanicals prioritizes customer satisfaction above everything else. In the case of an unsatisfactory or faulty product, a customer can return it within the mentioned period. The product can either be replaced or completely refunded.

The Negatives

Although Magnum Opus is one of the leading vendors in the market, the brand does not have their lab reports displayed on their website. For a brand as famous as MO Botanicals,

The absence of lab reports on their site is a major drawback. Furthermore, the price range of Magnum Opus products is quite high. Many users online have complained about the expensive products that the brand sells as compared to other leading brands.

The high prices of the products from the brand is a major reason why people prefer other vendors as compared to MO.

For instance, Caleb’s concentrates sells 5 grams of their full-spectrum kratom powder for 9.25$ as compared to Magnum Opus that sells 1 gram for 35$. The company does not pay for return shipping in the case of unsatisfactory products either.


Although the prices of MO Botanicals products are high when other brands in the market are taken into account, their supreme quality makes up for it.

If you are in search of a trusted kratom vendor, Magnum Opus Botanicals is undoubtedly one you need to consider. They prioritize customer satisfaction and provide the best products.

Asad Khan
Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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