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Which Are The Medically Proven Weight Loss Supplements?

In today’s world when good looks, flawless appearance, and confident character traits pay you more respect and outshine your personality.

Some people might find it really intimidating to place their identity into the high stake categories. Not only outer appearance is being addressed positively, slim figure is also one of the most idolized criteria to label your identification.

Why losing weight is essential for our body?

While love yourself should be everybody’s slogan, self-respect, confidence, and optimism make the personality, not the bodily figure. However, weight loss is not only for your outer image, it is also one of the most studied subjects due to the diseases related to weight gain.

No doubt a sedentary lifestyle plus fat gaining diet are not only lining up medical related problems but also declining the quality of life. Since people intentionally try hard to shed some extra fat from the body, they tend to ignore the basic fundamentals that help in weight loss regimen.

3 crucial steps for weight loss

There are some key components that weight gain strugglers could follow and notice their body shaping into an eye-catching slim figure in just a month. Weight loss is not only essential to get into a shape but helps get rid of obesity that possibly leads to dangerous health risks such as heart diseases, diabetes, and different types of cancer.

  • A crucial method that can help individuals to lose weight is determining and limiting the calorie intake according to personal need.

It’s easier said than done, yes! Losing weight is not a piece of cake. A proper weight loss regime requires time, energy and sometimes heaps of money for auxiliary ventures like a gym membership, personal instructor, protein shakes and supplements or joining a workout class. But you can always go with the easiest yet healthier option.

Fortunately, there are numerous medical proven weight loss supplements present in the market that are natural, safe and healthy. Hence, provide extra ounces of goodness into fat less life.  

Top medically proven weight loss supplements

There are a few medically proven weight loss supplements that work wonders if individuals suffering from extra kilos include in their regime.

1.Green Tea Extract

Green tea is more than just flavored hot water. There are numerous scientifically proven benefits hidden in green tea leaves, which not only help in weight loss but also provide cleanliness to your body, feeling of freshness and instant energy boost.

According to a research caffeine in green tea being a powerful stimulant, encourages fast-acting metabolism while burning residual fat and increasing energy expenditure required for exercise.

Another influential antioxidant- catechins in green tea is a bag full of EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) substance that visibly increase metabolism and helps increasing norepinephrine that in return signals fat cells telling them to break down.

Hence caffeine and EGCG both having a synergistic effect in the body, burn calories and aid immensely in weight loss.

Effects of Green Tea Supplement

  • Increase metabolism
  • Calorie burner
  • Burn fat cells
  • Increase energy expenditure needed for physical activity
  • Energy booster

2.Psyllium Husk

Psyllium (plantago ovata) is a well-known plant seed husk you must have noticed in your local store by the name of ispaghula. Psyllium husk is the best source of fiber that absorbs water and forms gel. Known for its laxative effect, it can majorly help in weight loss if taken daily.

Its mechanism is medically proven in a study published in a Journal Appetite in the year 2016, the study documented that psyllium supplement contributes to satiety and reduction in hunger and desire to eat.

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If taken before meals Psyllium husk can literally stimulate a feeling of fullness while significantly decrease hunger. Hence, this amazing diet controlling natural supplement can help in weight loss.

Effects of Psyllium Husk

  • Aid in constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diabetes and other health-related illnesses
  • Help maintaining weight
  • Best for obesity
  • Stimulate satiety and reduce hunger


Glucomannan has recently gained popularity in weight loss supplement market. It is extracted from the roots of elephant yam (konjac) that has natural dietary fibers and considered beneficent in maintaining weight.

The water-soluble polysaccharides in glucomannan have an eye-catching mechanism that if you empty a single capsule of glucomannan in a glass of water, it will turn the entire thing into a gel. Hence, glucomannan’s unique property is believed to mediate its effects on weight loss.

Since it’s a natural dietary fiber, glucomannan’s supplements have magic in stimulating satiety and decrease hunger. Glucomannan having very low-calorie count, delays emptying of the stomach while elevating fullness.

Effects of Glucomannan

  • It has a very low-calorie count
  • Increases satiety and reduce hunger
  • Used in weight loss, diabetes, constipation etc
  • Water-soluble property helps in absorption of protein and fat

4. Meratrim

Unfortunately, weight loss is hard, tiring and foremost the success rate is terrible. Since the market is flooded with various weight loss supplements, among them is one of the most popular- Meratrim.

It is a combination of two herbs i.e; Sphaeranthus indicus (a flower) and Garcinia mangostana (a fruit). The extract from these two is combined in the ratio of 3:1.

Since both of these natural component have been used in history for medicinal purposes, scientists are willing to test Meratrim for weight management.

A study of tolerability of an herbal formulation for weight management published in Journal of medicinal food documented that the users of Meratrim not only showed significant weight loss but also there were greater improvements in the participants’ BMI and reduction in waist and hip circumference.

This proves Meratrim is also beneficial in declining health reacted diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, and heart disease.

Effects of Meratrim

  • Meratrim helps in decreasing weight significantly
  • Controls cholesterol, decreases triglycerides and diabetes
  • Improves physical function
  • Improves quality of life, and encourage self-esteem

5.Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia from Botswana, South Africa, and Namibia, also known as Bushman’s hat. It is a succulent leafless spiny plant (not cactus) that has been traditionally used in folk medicine for its anti-infective properties.

However, since weight loss supplements exaggerated in the market, hoodia also gained significant popularity as people announced it is being an appetite suppressant.

Because of that, hoodia is tremendously being imported in America for the sole purpose of weight loss. Sold as dietary supplement hoodia does contain naturally occurring chemicals that suppress appetite and stimulate a feeling of fullness.

According to a report published in September 2004, issue of Brain Research, Maclean stated that P57 molecule in hoodia somehow effects hypothalamus in the brain, which helps regulate appetite.

Another researcher Goldfarb stated in his study that Hoodia Gordonii releases a chemical compound similar to glucose but 100 times stronger signals hypothalamus indicating that food has been consumed and this in return, decreases the appetite.

Effects of Hoodia Gordonii

  • Works within satiety center of brain, thus trigger fullness
  • Decreases appetite


Since our jigsaw puzzle of finding organic ways of losing weight is pretty much solved. We tried to discover some best medically proven supplements that not only help in shedding extra fat but also create a feeling of well-being and satisfaction.

Although the weight loss supplements are natural, thus safe and effective to use yet we always recommend you to stick to a healthy diet, and a few minutes of physical activity while incorporating the riskless additives in your weight loss regime for better outcomes.

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John Williams has been working as a health writer since July 2011 and currently spends most of his time writing about marijuana and Kratom. He lives in San Diego, Ohio, as the beaches are nicer there. He is a regular contributor to many top health magazines and frequently writes for Redstorm Scientific.

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