In the stressful world we live in today, being able to concentrate and gather enough memory for tasks daily can sometimes become daunting.

With the establishment of nootropics, you can put all your worries aside as nootropics can help you overcome many problems.

Have you ever speculated what is the correct dosage and measurements when using nootropics?

Have you asked yourself how to measure the correct dose using a scoop or digital scale? Worry no more as we have the ultimate solution to all your problems.

So, what are nootropics? These are brain supplements also referred to as cognitive enhancers which have a positive impact on mental performance.

Nootropic supplements have numerous benefits which include improved learning capacity, memory recall, attention, concentration, and focus.

We will discuss multiple methods which will help you to measure the nootropic supplements in bulk quantity without undergoing any troubles.

Best Ways To Measure Nootropics

Make small investments to measure nootropics accurately once you decide to buy nootropic supplements. Usually, the nootropics of high quality are available in powder form.

Let’s discuss the ways to measure nootropics. There are three ways to measure nootropics.

1. Scoop method

Scoop methodWe utilize measuring spoons in our daily life so all of you must be familiar with them.

Many supplements come with a measuring scoop, and the sellers also label the measurements on them.

Scoops are a direct and quick method to help you get done with your job.

Many wholesalers’ supply 1/8 or micro scoops (i.e. 5-7 or 10 mg) in sizes, but the actual weight depends on the density of the supplement powder.

For supplements ex, Noopept and Cuniform, you require perfect precision so use spoons which are tiny, antennae type because its dosage is around 10 milligrams while for Choline Bitartrate and ALCAR precision is not that necessary because its dosage is around 0.5 gm.

For Citrulline Malate supplements, the dosage is around five grams, so you can either toss down six scoops or use a baker’s tsp.

The 1/8 tsp. type of scoop measures around 200-500mg of powder. For example, Pramiracetam measures around 250 mg and ALCAR around 500 mg due to the granule size in the 1/8tsp scoop.

Noopept is supplied with two types of micro scoops which include Blue and Red ones.

Blue micro scoops are 8-12 mg (used for powders which have the same properties as flour while red micro scoops are 50-90 mg (used for particles which have the same properties as sugar).


  • It helps you toss down lesser amounts from your supplement powder.
  • Micro scoops are handy for nootropics stacks and mixtures.
  • It is a convenient and quick way to measure supplements rather than using a microgram scale.


  • It is an efficient and secure method which helps you toss down the supplement powder in a glass full of water and get started with your routine.
  • The micro scoops have polypropylene neck which is long enough to help you measure the powder without sticking and mess-free.


  • It is unable to help you accurately measure the supplement powder, so you are not sure about accuracy.
  • So, if you want accuracy, you require a scale method.

Why measuring scoops are not reliable?

The 1/8 scoops or measuring scoops are not safe because there are variations in different powder densities.

Estimated dosage measurement is mentioned on the scoops supplied by the wholesalers but they are not précised can also determine the accuracy of the dosage with the scoop provided with the powder by weighing them on a scale.

2. Scale method

Scale methodFor Noopept and other supplements which require accuracy and consistency, you need to buy a digital scale.

Scales are pressure sensitive and allow you to know the amount of the stuff you need to measure.

However, to ensure precision calibrate the digital scale regularly. You can perform calibration either with proper weights, coins or nickels calibration is necessary while you are using the scale for the first time.

Scales usually have tare weight mode which allows you to subtract the container weight from the supplement powder and provides you an accurate measurement of the supplement powder.

Because if you directly put the powder on scale’s platform, it will be messy. The scale is the ultimate way to measure the accurate dosage of supplement powder.

Types of scales

There are two common types of scales offered by known companies:

  • Digital milligram scale (10mg or 0.01gm accuracy) (cheaper).
  • DA-20 Digital milligram scale (1mg or 0.001gm accuracy).

If you want to measure the doses in milligrams or grams, use a digital milligram scale.Ex.300 milligram so that the digital scale will answer 0.30gm or 300mg.

Use a DA-20 scale which has more sensitivity and measures the doses up to 1000th of a gram. Ex. 20 mg gives a result of 0.020gms.


Digital scale is exact when compared to the scoops. It is ideal for use when measuring nootropics such as Noopept which have small dosages i.e. 10 milligrams.

It is perfect to regulate the supplements when you need to mix them in a custom stack.


It takes some time to use the scale and measure the substances with precision; the digital scale needs a proper setup and maintenance to ensure good accuracy. While considering these cons, you may opt for measuring scoops as a better option.

3. Capsule kit

Cap-M-Quik capsule kitsIf you want to incorporate nootropics in your daily life, use bulk nootropics and fill your capsules because it is the most convenient way.

It is easy and inexpensive to use, and you do not need to undergo the torture of measuring the doses every time while you intake the supplements.

The Cap-M-Quick capsule maker is one of the best capsule kits that you can utilize in your daily life.


  • It is an inexpensive and cheap way to use bulk nootropics in powder form. Moreover, helps you save money.
  • It allows you to customize your supplements in your way and provides you complete control to utilize smart drugs; you can personalize your blends.
  • It is a convenient way to have 100% control on smart drugs.


It is a complicated process if you want precision and accuracy. However, once you have a practice of doing so, you will be able to make the capsules in easier and faster way.


  • Empty capsules (size “00” i.e. 735mg or “0” i.e. 500 mg)
  • A machine for capsule filling (i.e. Capsule device or Cap-M-Quick) which is the two most common types of machine. The first one allows you to join 24 pills and the latter one allows you to enter 50 capsules.
  • Digital milligram scale (which allows you to measure accurately)
  • A pestle and mortar (for mixing the supplements correctly)
  • Fillers and nootropics in powder form and bulk quantity which you want to encapsulate.
  • Pads are required if you make use of a capsule making machine rather than hand filling the capsule.


  • Take empty capsules and place them on a capsule filling machine.
  • Fill the required caps with your filler material.
  • Leave your chosen cartridge in the capsules and weigh them.
  • Repeat 2nd and 3rd step with the nootropics which you plan to encapsulate and consider them. These steps allow you to measure the correct amount of nootropics as each of them possesses different densities.
  • Identify the ratio between fillers and nootropics.

Pads Density per Capsule * (1 – Active Target Weight per Capsule / Active Component Density per Capsule) = Essential filler Quantity per Capsule

  • Measure one powder and then weigh the whole bulk powder which you need for a required number of pills.
  • Make use of pestle and mortar to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Geometric dilution technique is the best way to mix filler and nootropic which allows mixing the smaller quantity with a significant amount of each substance. Repeat the process until filler and nootropic are thoroughly blended.
  • Use capsule filling machine for creating the filled capsules after you are done with mixing.


In my opinion, scoops are practical, easy and cheap, but they do not measure the nootropics accurately.

Scales are very accurate and precise which allows you to measure the doses of nootropics precisely.

If you find the scale method difficult to handle you can consider last option that is to buy the supplements in powder form and bulk so that you can utilize them in encapsulated form.

Faisal Jamal leads the team at Restorm Scientific and believes in ethical medical marketing. He has helped many leading healthcare companies to develop a successful marketing strategy in a rapidly changing marketplace. He has a great passion for medical research and believes in providing evidence-based information on Cannabis, CBD, & Kratom.