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How To Measure Kratom Without A Scale?

The new favorite herb of everyone, Kratom is now available to international destinations.

The historical myths about the potency of Kratom are no more a secret now. Today the whole world knows what magic can a Kratom create.

Kratom works best only on a certain amount. If you use too much of it, it can make you sick.

If you use it in less quantity, Kratom may not even work. It suggests that the working of Kratom needs a precise dosage and administration of it.

The dosage planning is dependent on quantity. You have to set an absolute limit and use it as a standard.

It is the reason that measuring Kratom should be very accurate and close to the exact dosage.

Dosage design is a tricky thing which no one knows before taking Kratom. This article will help you to understand how to measure Kratom to set a suitable dose.

Why is measuring Kratom necessary?

It is a common practice to use supplements and medicines in a particular amount. This quantity is called a dose which brings the best effects of it.

In case of Kratom, the whole power is due to the bioactive compounds called alkaloids.

Some prominent names among these alkaloids are mitragynine, 7 OH-mitragynine, and others. All of these are present in a particular quantity.

The human body responds to different amounts of these alkaloids differently.

For a standard type of effects, a user must consume some certain amount which is why we need an accuracy of dosage.

The accuracy of dosage is one thing, next thing is how to do it with ease. The best way to do it through a measurement.

Indirectly, measuring Kratom means selecting the dosage quantity for use.

How to measure Kratom at home?

If you are using Kratom powder, there is a dire need to gauge the powder by yourself.

Measurement is a calculative term which you can’t just guess it.

Also, you can use randomly high and low doses; they won’t help anyway.

The most common method to measure Kratom is a weighing scale. For this reason, one can use a standard kitchen scale or a chemical balance for more precise calculations.

The problem with using a scale is that not everyone has it. It is expensive to buy for many users, or some people may not know how to measure through scale.

Also, sometimes you just don’t have access to the scale, i.e., when you are out on vacation.

For this reason, it is a substantial requirement to understand and know the measuring methods of Kratom powder when you don’t have a scale.

The measurement is not a problem if you are using capsules. The measurement of Kratom is only necessary for Kratom powder and dry leaves.

What is a wrong way to measure Kratom?

Before knowing how to measure Kratom correctly, you must know which standard practice is not working.

For example, taking Kratom with any random size spoon from your kitchen is not a wise idea.

It has fewer chances to be consistent in one same spoon size with all strain types.

It is nearly impossible to guess how much Kratom you are taking. Hence, using any XYZ spoon becomes fiction and not a fraction.

Another bad practice is to use a hand for consuming Kratom powder. It doesn’t make any sense to use the hand for setting a dose.

The worst ever idea with using Kratom does not measure at all. It never satisfies the user and can never be a good idea.

Either it will show extreme effects or no effects, at all. Both ways, it is uncomfortable and damaging.

What is the right way to measure Kratom?

If you are new to Kratom, you need less amount to use. The moderate dose is what works best for most of the people. Both these types of dosages work better if you set them by using a

  • Tea spoon /Table spoon
  • Measuring cup
  • Digital measuring scale

This sequence is in descending order. Measuring through scale is the best way to know how much Kratom are you taking.

Using a tablespoon and tea spoon are second and third best methods respectively.

What is the alternative of scale?

The scale is a device which measures the weight.

It is same like your body weight machine or bathroom scale which you use to know your body’s weight.

For kitchen use, it is much lighter and has a lesser capacity.

The chemical balance is more sensitive than your average kitchen scale.

The alternatives of scales are easy to use kitchen utensils such as measuring cups and spoons.

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How to measure Kratom when you don’t have a scale?

If you don’t have any scale with you, it’s not a big problem. It is not as such a huge thing as it looks like, in fact, is very easy if you know what can you use.

Measuring with alternate ways only applies to Kratom powder. Remember you can’t measure leaves and extracts in the same way.

First, search and read on what is the moderate dose of Kratom strain for your use. For most of the Kratom strains, the best quantity to use is between 3-5 grams.

General information is that a tea spoon has a capacity of 2.5-3.0 grams.

It means that it can facilitate any powder which is by weight between 2.5 grams and 3.0 grams. This measurement applies as it is of Kratom powder too.

If you want 5 grams dose, use two tea spoons Kratom powder. Make sure that you measure it in leveled and not cheap form.

It is never a good idea to use more than four teaspoons at a time. It will bring about the undesirable side effects.

You can also use a tablespoon, but it has a lot higher capacity than a tea spoon.

It is better to use teaspoon because best dosage for Kratom strains is mostly low to moderate. Also, teaspoons are easy to manage.

You can even take them with you when you go out. Even teaspoons are easy to carry and use.

The Same mechanism works with measuring cups which are commonly available on the market.

These measuring cups are majorly used in baking, and one can easily find them at a cooking shop.

How to use Kratom after measuring?

The most frequent method which 80% of the users endorse is the direct Kratom consumption.

It is also called a toss and wash method. In toss and wash method, the user takes the full spoon Kratom to his mouth and swallow it with the help of a liquid or beverage.

It is the easiest way to get all the benefits of Kratom. Also, it makes the effects come faster with more intensity. These effects last for longer time.

If you are using a teaspoon for Kratom, follow these simple steps for making your Kratom experience better.

  • Use Kratom on an empty stomach. On empty stomach, Kratom works best. It starts working after the minimum time.
  • The effects are more stable and intense. There is no side effect related to it. You can eat a light breakfast after 45 minutes to 1 hour after using Kratom.
  • Take our your choice of Kratom strain powder and measure one tea spoon. Make sure that you are taking a level spoon.
  • Heaped spoon has extra Kratom powder which can disturb your dosage plan.
  • Always take one teaspoon at a time. Although it is okay to use up to 4 teaspoons Kratom if you are using toss and wash method, your mouth can’t handle more than one teaspoon at a time. It is bitter and fragrant. In more than one teaspoon it will make the user very uncomfortable.
  • Be quick while ingesting Kratom. Take the spoonful of Kratom and quickly take a big sip of water or orange juice.
  • Wish the water until you don’t feel any remaining Kratom powder. Consume it at once. Drink more water if you feel some powder is still remaining.
  • For multiple dosing, follow this same method again. However, do not take more than two doses of Kratom in one day to be on safe side.
  • Beware that you don’t inhale the Kratom powder while handling with it. The Kratom strain in powder is fine inside your mouth but it will not be helpful if it reaches to the lungs.
  • The micro particles of fine Kratom powder may interrupt your breathing. The risk is even higher if the user has a subsequent disease i,e. asthma.

For best effects, use the suitable Kratom strain which matches your requirement. If you are under 18 years of age, do not use it.

Moreover, if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mother, do not use Kratom. The people on certain medication can also not use it.

Remember that Kratom is not a medicine but a herbal aid. Try to use it properly by following its respective protocol.

There are fewer chances that it can cause a side effect. But on the safe side, make sure that you are following all the precautionary measures.

Kate Freeman
Kate Freeman is the wellpreneur behind Ayuni Organic; a brand focused on spreading the goodness of Mitragyna Speciosa. Kate supports scientific research on this natural tree "Kratom" and believes that this herb can help millions of people to live a healthier life.

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