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MBC Botanicals: A Rising Star In The Kratom World

MBC Botanicals has redefined the Kratom experience for everyone – and they’ve done it with quality, safety, and customer service at the brand core.

If you’re an avid Kratom user, then boy, do we have a vendor for you! The vendor we’ll be reviewing has redefined the true Kratom experience- in every sense of the word. 

MBC Botanicals, which specializes in Kratom and sells many other botanicals, offers. Kava Korner, a botanical-based tavern and café in Trucksville, Pennsylvania, is one of the company’s establishments.

Kava is a Fijian non-alcoholic beverage with calming properties. You can sip it alone or combine it with fruit juice and interesting flavors. The eatery offers kratom, kava, CBD, and other botanicals in its meals and drinks.

There’s much more to MBC Botanicals than its product selection and safety rules, so we’ve broken it down for you here. If MBC Botanicals isn’t your cup of tea (kratom pun intended), you’ll also find a list of other suppliers to check out.

About The Brand

Cory Kilheeney owns and operates MBC Botanicals and Kava Korner, a café serving kava and Kratom Products.  

Cory’s interest in the industry started when he opened his first vape store in Pennsylvania, eventually leading to MBC Botanicals. Despite this, he has worked in the kratom market since 2015 and became more focused on kratom goods in 2017.

A mission or company vision statement is missing from the MBC Botanicals website. This isn’t necessarily a bad sign, but it raises the possibility that the company is solely for monetary benefit rather than a more noble purpose.

However, they have a private Facebook group with over 2.7 Million followers and are also active on Instagram.

Do MBC Botanicals Do Lab Tests?

According to MBC Botanicals, independent third-party test findings can be provided upon request. If these tests prove only the potency of alkaloids or if they also prove the absence of impurities is something that is not evident or explicitly mentioned.

The American Kratom Association (AKA) has not approved MBC Botanicals, which indicates that testing may not be done frequently or may not show the purity or manufacturing procedures that the AKA seeks in products.

Moreover, they have explicitly mentioned on their website that The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not vetted the products offered by MCB Botanicals. While adding that it has not been proven by FDA-approved studies that these products are effective. Improper use is not their concern, and we will not be held liable.

MBC Botanicals Product Range

Many products are available from MBC Botanicals, including Kratom, Kava,  Blue Lotus, Delta 8 THC, and maca. They sell Kratom powders, capsules, teas, and various Kratom extracts. The powders and capsules come in a variety of strains. Let’s take a quick look:

Kratom Leaf Powder

Red Bali Kratom

Known for its capacity to alleviate severe pain, create profound relaxation, and provide sleep aid, red Bali Kratom is one of the most popular red strains.

The smallest stand-alone quantity is 250 grams for $24.99, which makes it difficult to try the strain before committing to it. Alternatively, the 28-gram sample size is available as an add-on item.

Green Malay Kratom

Users of green Malay kratom want its well-balanced effects, which include mild stimulation, some nootropic benefits, such as improved concentration and focus, and slight pain relief. It’s also been said to lift one’s spirits and ease anxiety in certain users. It’ll cost you $24.99 for 250G

White Indo Kratom

The potency of White Indo has made it a sought-after white-vein strain. White Indo is popular for those seeking a heightened sense of alertness, enhanced focus, and moderate-to-intense euphoria.

Other Strains

Single-strain powder products from MBC Botanicals, as well as blends, are also available:

  • Green Dragon Kratom $24.99 for 250G
  • Green Malay Kratom $24.99 for 250G
  • Green MD Kratom $24.99 for 250G
  • Green Thai Kratom $24.99 for 250G
  • Red Bali Kratom $24.99 for 250G
  • Red Elephant Kratom $24.99 for 250G
  • Red MD Kratom $24.99 for 250G
  • Red Thai Kratom $24.99 for 250G
  • White Dragon Kratom $24.99 for 250G
  • White Elephant Kratom $24.99 for 250G
  • White Horn Kratom $24.99 for 250G
  • White Hulu Kratom $24.99 for 250G
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Kratom Powder Blends:

  • Gold Medley Blend $29.99 for 250G
  • Green Hulk Blend $29.99 for 250G
  • Green Super Blend $29.99 for 250G
  • Green Tiger Blend $29.99 for 250G
  • Pink Lady Blend $29.99 for 250G
  • Red Super Blend $29.99 for 250G
  • Special Reserve Blend $29.99 for 250G
  • White Hulk Blend $29.99 for 250G
  • White Super Blend $29.99 for 250G
  • Yellow Medley Blend  $29.99 for 250G

2. Kratom Extracts

Full Spectrum Extract Powder

MBC Botanicals’ full spectrum extract powder lets users get the same effects with much less powder. There are numerous advantages, including the fact that the kratom is consumed more slowly and there is less bitterness. You can choose three different strengths of the powder: 20x for $9.99 per 5G, 40x for $19.99 per 5G, and 80x for $29.99 for 5G.

MIT 70 Extract

MIT 70 is an extract powder from MBC Botanicals that is currently only available in sample sizes. Because of its strength, it’s recommended that you only use half a gram at a time. Pricey, yet it has the advantage of having virtually no odor or unpleasant flavor. It’ll cost you $29.99 per Gram.

Vinny-K Shooters

MBC Botanicals’ liquid kratom preparations make dosing and transporting the herb a breeze. The high-potency liquid extract is contained in each of the 15 mL containers and will cost you $10.99 per container. Due to the lack of information, you may experiment to acquire the desired benefits and avoid overdosing on the potency.

How Much Is MCB Botanical Products Going To Cost You?

The pricing at MBC Botanicals is some of the lowest in the industry. Sadly, the powders are usually sold in huge quantities, so you can expect to pay a lot but get a lot of kratom for your money.

  • 28g for $6 (add-on only)
  • $24.99/250g
  • $64.99/kg
  • $250/4,000 g
  • $275 for 5kg
  • $450 for 10kg
  • $19.99/100 capsules
  • $29.99/200 capsules
  • 500 pills cost $69.99
  • $84.99 for 1,500 capsules

Does MBC Botanicals Offer Any Coupon Codes?

MBC Botanicals shares its fair share of regular coupons on Instagram. 

Accepted Payment Options

Only credit and debit cards are accepted at MBC Botanicals. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are just a few of the widely recognized credit cards that customers can pay with here.

Unfortunately, Zelle, Bitcoin, E-check, and Cash App are all excluded from the list because there are no alternative payment methods.

MCB Botanicals Shipping & Return Policy

  • USPS First Class has a variable cost based on weight; priority cost is $7.55, and for Express, it’s $24, and for orders over $25, it’s free.
  • FedEx two to three-day delivery, depending on your region.

Your package will arrive within 2-5 business days if you order from this vendor, which gives a reference number for all orders.

The return policy might use some improvement, as only unopened products are eligible for a refund. Damaged goods cannot be returned, and you won’t be able to test the product before making a final decision.

Final Thoughts

As a whole, MBC Botanicals is an excellent option for those looking to purchase kratom online on a budget. It offers various strains and combinations in powder, pill, and extract forms. It’s easy and economical to stock up on bulk kratom, thanks to the low prices.

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