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Marijuana Seeds in Canada: Legal Status & Best Places To Buy Seeds

Most of the times when we get to hear anything about Cannabis/Marijuana seeds in Canada we sort of start negatively taking anything related to it. People still even consider medical Marijuana as something hazardous and bad for health. This is just because the reputation of this valuable herb over the years built like this.

Considering this situation, very few people can talk openly about stuff like where to buy Marijuana seeds in Canada? What types of Marijuana seeds exist, how to take marijuana, where and how to grow Marijuana?

So when we realized the ambiguities people have about Marijuana and its legal status in Canada, we decided to come up with this article which will give you a thorough guide on Marijuana seeds, whether they’re legal or not and the best places to get them from.

What are Marijuana Seeds?

Marijuana seeds are produced when the male Cannabis plant pollinates the flower of a female Cannabis plant.

Since Cannabis is a dioecious plant (one that has female and male reproductive organs on separate individuals), it typically cross-pollinates.

Sometimes, however, if the plant exposed to environmental stressors, it may produce male and female flowers together, which in turn self-pollinate to produce Marijuana seeds.

These seeds fall off when the female flower eventually dies, and are collected to produce hemp seed oils, tinctures, and food products. The can also be sold for harvesting in the next season.

Types of Marijuana Seeds in Canada

Canadian Marijuana seeds come in many varieties and are classified by different characteristics. Each type of seed has its unique blend of Cannabinoids, smells, medical uses and colors.

There are, however, three basic types of Marijuana seeds that are classified as follows;

  • Regular Marijuana Seeds in Canada

These seeds are the most common form of Marijuana seeds and come from essential, regular Cannabis plants.

These seeds can grow into either the male or the female plant. However, if cultivated in ideal circumstances they will most likely develop into female plants.

  • Feminized Marijuana Seeds in Canada

These seeds are genetically modified to produce only the female plants (95% cases).

Since only the female Cannabis plants deliver flowers, these seeds are considered superior to regular seeds.

It is because the flowers contain more working substances such as THC, CBD, and CBN, and are, therefore, the constituents of the plant.

  • Auto-flowering Marijuana Seeds in Canada

These seeds come from Indica or Sativa plants which are crossed with the Ruderalis plant.

Because the Ruderalis plant is known for its short blooming time (typically blooms within 2 or 3 weeks), the hybrid plant produced by the cross not only has high THC production and good flower heads but also blooms faster.

What is the Legal Status of Medical and Recreational Marijuana in Canada?

The legal status of medical and recreational Marijuana in Canada has seen a long and bumpy road. The plant was declared illegal in 1923, and for years since, it has been flourishing in the Canadian black market, profiting organized crime and burdening the criminal justice system.

In the year 2001, the government realized the benefits of medical Marijuana, and legalized its use for health purposes, becoming the first ever country to take this step. This policy enabled patients suffering from certain medical conditions to have access to medical Marijuana through licenses that were issued by the government and approved by a doctor.

In 2014, this policy was renewed to include a broader range of diseases. Under this new policy, no government license was required, and individuals could buy up to 5g of Marijuana on the prescription of a doctor.

On June 20, 2018, the Canadian Parliament issued the ‘Cannabis Act,’ which marked the legalization of Cannabis throughout Canada by October 17, 2018.

This act is an essential step in providing legal Cannabis access to individuals aged 18 and above.

The act aims to implement a new comprehensive public health approach that will not only be effective in protecting the youth but will also help to keep profits out of the pockets of criminals.

Following are the main points outlined in the act;

  1. Only individuals aged 18 or above could have access to Cannabis.
  2. Cannabis products could just be bought from retailers authorized by the provinces and territories.
  3. Any promotions that are designed to encourage youth to use Cannabis would be prohibited.
  4. Strict product safety and quality requirements would be implemented.
  5. Adults would be allowed to possess and access only regulated, quality-controlled, legal Cannabis products.
  6. Strong actions would be taken against anyone who was found guilty of breaking the law, especially those who import or export Cannabis illegally or provide Marijuana to youth.

Is it Legal To Buy Marijuana Seeds in Canada?

The ‘Cannabis act’ clearly resolves any questions regarding the buying, selling, and possession of Marijuana seeds and flowers in Canada.

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The act states that individuals can keep up to 30 grams of dried legal Cannabis (which is equivalent to 30 Cannabis plant seeds) in public. Consuming it only in locations authorized by local jurisdictions.

It also articulates that individuals may buy limited amounts of fresh Cannabis, dried Cannabis, Cannabis oil, Cannabis seeds, or Cannabis plants from retailers authorized by the provinces and territories.

The act emphasizes the protection of youth and sets strict criminal penalties for all people and vendors who are found to possess, produce, distribute or sell Marijuana outside the legal system.

It states that anyone who is found guilty of selling Marijuana in Canada to youth or using youth to commit a Cannabis-related offense would be sentenced to 14 years imprisonment.

Can you Grow Marijuana in Canada?

According to the new act, growing Marijuana for personal use is allowed but only in a restricted quantity.

The government has stated that each household can grow up to 4 Cannabis plants for their private use.

They can only germinate or grow the seeds until after October, 17th, 2018.

The government also states that the allotted quantity is not for one person’s use, and should be grown on behalf of the whole household.

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Canada?

  • Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is the best vendor for Marijuana seeds. They sell 31 of the world’s best Marijuana strains in Feminized, Auto-flowering, medical and regular varieties.

The Canadian company not only sells seeds at retail locations throughout Canada but also provides worldwide shipping facility for individuals who chose to buy Marijuana seeds online from their website.

The brand known for its high-quality seeds, which have high levels of THC and produce the best yields.

The facility accepts Visa, MasterCard, BitCoins, Credit Card and Money Orders for online orders.

  • Midweek Song

This website provides a variety of Canadian bred seeds that are known to be the product of quality research, lab testing, and user-friendly production techniques.

The seeds come with different names, such as Lethal Purple, Pure Mighty Mite, Early Girl, Bunker Bud, and Canadian Bred Seeds Fast Girl. All of these seeds have different characteristic and aimed for a wider audience.

The vendor provides excellent customer services, discreet worldwide shipping, and the best prices for Marijuana seeds.

  • I Love Growing Marijuana

This vendor provides high-quality Marijuana seeds of numerous varieties. The company seeds are specifically for people suffering from medical conditions. These seeds have high THC levels and are for recreational uses.

In addition to this, the website sells regular, feminized as well as auto-flowering seeds, with a 100% germination guarantee.

While they ship worldwide, they also offer free delivery services in Canada, U.S, and Europe.

Not only this, the brand provides sales and expert growing tips for Marijuana growers.

  • Upper Canada Seed Bank

Upper Canada seed bank is a Canadian seed bank that sells a vast selection of Marijuana Seeds.

Their seeds come from the best breeds, giving top quality seeds and high yields. They have feminized, auto-flowering as well as uniquely bred medical Marijuana seeds.

The bank also provides the option for wholesale shopping. Moreover, the website claims that they are very concerned about individual privacy, due to which they only ship seeds discreetly.

The site says ’We package our seeds in plain protective packaging with no indications of the website or contents.’

  • MJ Seeds Canada

This is a Canada based seed facility that offers Marijuana seeds for worldwide shipping.

This seed bank provides a wide selection of Marijuana seeds for indoor, outdoor, hydroponics, and aeroponics weed growing.

In addition to this, they have regular, feminized, auto-flowering and medical seeds. MJ acquire these seeds from across the world and known for their high quality and best breed.

Apart from their very fair prices, the vendor provides ten free seeds on each order. The company can deliver seeds discretely along with your order.

  • Zenabis

This amazing website portal gives you access to a multitude of medical Marijuana products that also includes high quality CBD products. Their site shows products with accurate percentages of the ingredients in the products, which does it make it very reliable.

A licensed medical cannabis producer flavored products in order to make ingestion of Cannabis or CBD an easier process. They have a variety of Cannabis oils used for various medicinal purposes.

The company is in process of introducing a new line of products i.e., Marijuana seeds. Considering their reputation, in Cannabis world, we really have some high expectations about the seeds

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Christina Earle is a licensed psychologist practicing in Oakland, California since 1999. She provides counseling to people who are struggling with managing stress, and anxiety related issues. In her free time, she often writes on mental health conditions that educate the individuals to explore ways of improving their health.

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