One of the most common problems that Kratom user often share is the use. Almost every regular Kratom user prefers to use Kratom orally by a method “toss and wash.” The bitter taste of Kratom makes it a very unpleasant experience for everyone.

Not only it tastes bitter, but its fragrance is also unusual. More than the actual side effects, the taste, and aroma of Kratom initiate nausea in new users at large.

Make Kratom tasty

For those who want to try the benefits of Kratom in routine, it is better to find a pleasant way of using it. One way is to try to make a better tasting Kratom experience. The best method is probably to add the Kratom into recipes of food and drink. It is something that hides these unwanted Kratom taste and aroma. There are several recipes available online. A person can make his recipe too.

One of the beautiful property of the Kratom is that it adapts itself with the partner ingredients in any recipe. That means that the taste and smell are affected, but there is no change to the potency of Kratom.

Difference of raw and cooked Kratom

The taste of fresh leaf is robust. The untreated alkaloids of Kratom may be so much strength for some users. Chewing the leaves is a rather old and efficient method but has less practical implications. Many users complain about it being too bitter. In this case, adding Kratom leaves or powder to the recipe which has an excellent masking effect makes the Kratom experience better. There is no as such difference of alkaloids between raw and cooked Kratom leaves.

Effects of cooked Kratom

A common misconception of cooked Kratom is regarding its efficiency. Many users believe that cooking the leaves on a high temperature damages its alkaloid chemistry. Thus the effects are also lesser. To your surprise, it is untrue. Mixing Kratom in any of the food items doesn’t change its chemistry. In fact, it enhances the effects of powder even more.

Best ways to use Kratom in routine

There are several recipes accessible online which can incorporate Kratom into it. There would be no change of taste of the recipe. The user will get all the benefits of Kratom. Mainly, these methods are categorized into two groups.

  • Beverages: Hot and cold
  • Food Recipes


Beverages are generally of two types, hot and cold. Kratom is a universal herb which you can add into any of these two. Some of the best beverages recipes with Kratom as an ingredient are as follows.

Hot Beverages

Tea is probably the most common hot beverage type along with coffee. The green drinks are a useful source to get stimulation and energy. Adding Kratom to the is an excellent idea as there are plenty of other herbs which make fantastic hot drinks. Some of the most common Kratom tea recipes are mentioned as below.

  • Speciosa Tea

It is an efficient hot beverage which is a blend of Kratom leaves. The herbal teas are usually a mixture of many herbs. The speciosa tea usually has a lot more than just Kratom. For example, ingredients like cardamom overcome the unpleasant aroma of Kratom and give a warm, welcoming tea fragrance. Preparing at home is easy.

Only it requires a tea mix, Kratom powder, and water. The method to make it is simple like making the regular tea. The user can add milk, cream or sugar as per his choice. Honey is an alternative to sugar which covers the bitter taste. Many people like their Kratom tea to be without milk or sugar. In that case, the bitterness may not be significantly less.

  • Café Mitragyna

There is two type of people which need a kick start boost for the day. One is tea lovers, and others are coffee lovers. Café Mitragyna is something to satisfy the coffee lovers. The coffee itself is very bitter. Some flavors are available in coffee. From traditional to newest, there is so much to chose from. The latest addition to this list is the Mitragyna flavor which is our good old Kratom. Kratom in coffee is the best for those which demand the extra powerful effects.

Cold Beverages: Energy drinks and juices

  • Grapefruit juice

One of the easiest ways to use Kratom is to mix it into the grapefruit juice. The citrus nature of grapefruit juice enhances the effects and potential of Kratom alkaloids. It activates them in short time and starts powerful effects to show up. Moreover, it is helpful to lose weight which is an extra benefit of this combination.

  • Mango juice

Who doesn’t love mangoes. The great naked mango juice is a drink that has no chemicals added. Adding the pure Kratom powder to it makes the faster absorption. It suggests the energy be vivid and consistent.

  • Pineapple juice

One spoonful of Kratom powder when adds to one glass of pineapple juice, the result is a vibrant and energetic experience. It is ideal for use on hot summer days.

  • Orange juice

One of the universal combinations is to mix Kratom into the orange juice. It works equally well for the fresh juice or the tetra pack juice. Ideally, it is a famous breakfast drink.

  • Lemonade

A refreshing way to use Kratom is to incorporate it into the lemonade. The citrus enhances the effects of alkaloids.

  • Chocolate milk

For the sweet tooth, Kratom with chocolate milk may appear like candy for taste buds. Interestingly, this combination has yummy taste and amazing benefits. Just add your regular Kratom dose to the cup of warm chocolate milk. Make sure it is not very hot as it may reduce the potency of Kratom alkaloids. Chocolate and milk both help to mask the bitterness and pungent smell of Kratom.

  • Protein shake:

Kratom takes care of all its users. It is so amazing that you can even add it to the protein shake. The purpose of Kratom is energy boosting. After mixing it to the protein shake, the effect of both becomes collateral. Using it before or after the workout gives a substantial amount of energy to the user.

Kratom food recipes

Kratom works well for most of the people. For which it makes a troublesome experience, the best way is to use it as a part of any food recipe. No one will never really know what is inside because Kratom synchronizes with other ingredients of any dish.

  • Apple sauce

One o the easiest recipes is to add Kratom into the apple sauce. The sweet taste of apple sauce hides the bitterness of Kratom as the whole. The method is simple; the user only needs to mix Kratom powder directly to the apple cause. One tablespoon of Kratom powder is sufficient for one cup of apple sauce. Refrigerate it and eat it cold.

  • Yogurt

The potent blend of antioxidants now has the strength of Kratom in it. Kratom powder easily mixes with the yogurt and makes a paste. For more enhances flavor, one can use flavored yogurt. One should eat it right after mixing. Leaving it in the refrigerator is not a sound idea.

  • Soups

The most amazing benefits to get from soup is to add Kratom into it. The powder must not exceed one spoon per two servings of the soup. It works well with either chicken or vegetable soup. Using the Kratom added to soup in a painful sick condition is very soothing. The healing powers of make Kratom a person feel better.

  • Salads

Salads have raw Kratom powder as their ingredient. There is not much to do while making a Kratom salad. Kratom salad is just a regular salad with any ingredients of your choice. The addition of Kratom is more like a seasoning than the raw ingredients. The aroma of Kratom suppresses in the presence of other aromatic spices and herbs. On the other hand, the taste is mixed with the ingredients and loses bitterness.

Duration of effects with Kratom food

If you add Kratom to your food, it will take some minutes to show the effects. Avoid taking a heavy meal with Kratom in it. A full meal reduces the absorption of alkaloids into the blood. It makes the effects of facing a delay. Lighter meal ensures early and stable effects. The best is to use the Kratom food on an empty stomach.

There are no harmful effects to use Kratom in recipes. It rather creates a way which is enjoyable and beneficial at the same time. All Kratom users can try any of the recipes of their own choice.

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