Maeng Da Kratom First Time Use: How Maeng Da Works?

The name Maeng Da represents the best strain of Kratom. There are a number of Kratom strains which are now available for purchase. In such a competitive environment, Maeng Da is shining with the “best seller” Kratom label for over two decades.

The name fascinates regular users as it’s a part of their life. For the new users, it is equally attractive. One problem that many of the people may feel is that there is not much information available online on Maeng Da.

The forums where users share their experiences have mixed opinions. Also, they have to read so much just to find out if they can try Maeng Da or not.

This article is for all the new users who want to enjoy Maeng Da.

Beginner guide to Maeng Da

If a new user asks a regular Kratom user about the strongest strain, it is none other than Maeng Da once can expect as an answer. A few years ago, finding Maeng Da was so rare that the users kept waiting for it to be in stock.

All thanks to the technology, it is now available online. Now you can get Maeng Da at your doorstep in all regions of the world.

Maeng Da comes from the thick and dense forests of Thailand which are famous for their biodiversity. It’s the climate condition and the fertility of soil that helps Maeng Da to be so rich in alkaloids.

The uniqueness of Maeng Da is the balanced amount of its alkaloids. The consistency is a lot higher than all other strains. This is the reason, Maeng Da acts so well for the user’s body.

Characterizes of Maeng Da

Maeng Da has broad leaves. They are of dark green color and looks darker in powder form. Also, it has a characteristic fragrance which is not same with other strains. It is a tropical plant which flourishes with all its benefits whole year.

Maeng Da has amazing mood boosting, energy and analgesic effects. Many users endorse it for a nootropic assistance and a stimulatory agent. For all these benefits, it is often compared with any chemical based supplement. The effects of both are equal by potency, the difference is in origin.

Maeng Da is all natural and its products have no chemicals added as preservatives or additives. On the other hand, supplements and medicines are purely synthetic. Even the supplements sold as herbal also have chemicals abundantly in them.

What are the varieties of Maeng Da?

Generally, many people don’t know that Maeng Da is not just one strain, it has further divisions too. This division is mainly in the vein color of Maeng Da leaves. As the leaves are broad in size, they show a visible network of veins originating from mid rub.

All these veins including mid rib usually show a green color. In the case of Maeng Da, it has two more shades which are green and red. Same Maeng Da strain is available in three shades of veins on which it has distinctive effects.

1. Red vein Maeng Da

Red vein Maeng Da leaves are the most visible veins among all types. It is one of the highest desirable Kratom strain. Mostly it is available at all Kratom vendors. It is a fast acting strain which has amazingly long lasting effects. It is the best for relieving pain, anxiety relief, and euphoria.

2. Green vein Maeng Da

Green vein Maeng Da leaves look like normal leaves. The color indicates them to be a soothing strain which doesn’t show a hyperactive result. Its use is not as such medicinal but pleasuring. The effects include social confidence boosting, optimistic and motivating mainly.

3. White vein Maeng Da

White vein leaves are between red and green strains and usually super efficient when it comes to signature Maeng Da effects. It builds confidence, adds energy, enhances focus and motivates a person which overall result s in elevating confidence level.

It is more helpful than a nootropic with a moderate amount of energy additionally. There are no damaging effects which are why it is a popular type for beginner level users.

How Maeng Da Works?

Maeng Da works by using the active bio compounds in its leaves and stem. They are called alkaloids and are the causative agent to initiate body responses. An important thing is that working of Maeng Da and opiates is almost same. Both bind to the opiate receptor sites in the brain.

Two types of receptors where Maeng Da binds are Delta and Kappa receptor where alkaloids bind in moderate and low dose respectively. These alkaloids once they bind to receptors, control the release of certain neurotransmitters which control the body sensations.

A general assumption says that there are over 40 compounds present in Maeng Da. But only 25 alkaloids are known to us so far. It is under research for more findings. The discovered alkaloids are available online with their quantities. They include mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

Mitragynine, the most abundant alkaloid is an agonist to opioid and also adrenergic receptors. On the other side, 7-hydroxy mitragynine binds to the opioid receptors only.

The psychoactive and stimulatory properties are mainly due to Mitragynine. 7-hydroxy mitragynine contributes for analgesia and other effects. Like opiates, Maeng Da doesn’t cause addiction. In fact, it is very helpful to ease in drug addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

In what forms Maeng Da is available?

There are so many available products of Maeng Da. Initially, it was just powder and dry leaves which were sent to the world but now there are many options. Different vendors experiment with the Kratom forms and select the most useful adaptation of them by user practicability. Some of the most common Maeng Da products to find at Kratom stores are as follows.

  • Maeng Da leaves

    The most basic product with Maeng Da label is the leaves. The fresh leaves are dried through a proper process which makes them useful even in dry form. These leaves are then crushed and packaged as per vendor’s preference. These crushed leaves are available in all vein types or a mix blend of all. Crushed leaves of Maeng Da is a fairly common product which most of Kratom suppliers have in stock.

  • Maeng Da powder

    The next in line is a fine powder of Maeng Da leaves. It sometimes has leaves plus stem powder as stems are also alkaloid rich. The powder is a better and more popular version of Maeng Da.

    All three vein types are available in powder form. Among all Maeng Da types, this powder form sells the most. However, it needs maximum dosage accuracy and cares while measuring. For new users, the powder is a fine choice only it needs proper dosage design.

  • Maeng Da capsules

    A rather convenient form of Maeng Da is capsule form. It is a relatively new product which is packed with Maeng Da powder of the respective strain.

    The capsules are designed for those users which don’t admire the taste and aroma of Maeng Da. Kratom generally has a bitter taste and weird aroma which may not feel good to many users.

    Maeng Da Capsules are packed with 0.5 g powder, it is the average that most vendors use. Some vendors offer more powerful dosage than this. Capsules are easy to take and follow a dose as they are prepacked with a certain amount of Maeng Da powder.

  • Maeng Da resin

    A less common product of Maeng Da is resin. It is not an artificial product and is a result of an enhancing process. Usually, the Maeng Da leaves are boiled in water to get a thick paste. This paste upon drying takes the shape of a semi solid material which is Maeng Da resin.

    It has a higher number of alkaloids as it is a customized product. It is not suitable for the beginner users. Only experienced users should use it. Sometimes it is available in semi solid form or in powder.

  • Enhanced Maeng Da

    Another artificially made strain is enhanced versions of Maeng Da. In making enhanced strains, additional alkaloids are added while boiling the standard Maeng Da leaves.

    The enhancing element is controlled. It is a lot more powerful than typical Maeng Da. For this reason, it takes a minimum dose to work. It is generally not suitable for new users for the potential side effects.

  • Ultra enhanced Maeng Da

    This is an even stronger variety of Maeng Da leaves which is artificially made. It has a maximum number of pure alkaloids which make it exceptionally potential. The highly concentrated form of Maeng Da gives users tremendous experiences. It is also not a suitable product for first time Kratom users.

How to use Maeng Da for the first time?

For the first-timers, it is necessary to follow a periodic manner. Here are some of the basic steps to take.

  1. Do research on Kratom and select some top suppliers which deliver to your area.
  2. Make up your mind on what effects do you want Maeng Da to show. If possible, write them down.
  3. Do a general research on Maeng Da types, by origin and vein types as per their respective benefits. Shortlist your options.
  4. Read about the forms of Maeng Da which are available. If you are an experienced Kratom user, you can consider higher strains and forms too i.e. enhanced strains. For the first time Kratom users, it is better to stay with the basics such as powder.
  5. Check your shortlisted Maeng Da varieties in preferred forms at the Kratom vendors which you shortlisted at the first step.
  6. Select the most appropriate type and form of Maeng Da. Make sure that you order a moderate amount. Double check the authenticity status of your Kratom supplier to get the quality product.

How much dosage is sufficient?

Selecting a suitable amount of Maeng Da is responsible for bringing the desired effects. You cannot just use a handful of Maeng Da randomly.

Everyone needs a specific dosage which is as per their requirement and desired effects. It is necessary to use only the suitable dosage to reduce risks and tolerance. A general dosage guideline is as follows.

  • Threshold dose- 1-2 grams
  • Light dose- 2-4 grams
  • Moderate dose- 3-5 grams
  • High dose- 4-8 grams
  • Extreme high dose- over 8 grams

Among these options, only the threshold, light and moderate are the most efficient. For the new users, it is better to start from the last dose. The minimum is to use a threshold which is ideal for beginner users. Once the users develop an ability to absorb it, the dosage can be increased.

In the case of enhanced strains, only a little amount is used. It is even less than the light dose of typical Maeng Da strains. A new user should not use an enhanced version of trying the regular Maeng Da to avoid the risk of side effects.

How to consume Maeng Da?

For beginners, it is also an important thing to understand how can they use it. After making a decision on a particular vein type form and dose to use, the next step is to look for usage option.

Generally, only the capsules are a direct mode of Maeng Da use. Many users try Toss and wash method at start, which is practically eating the powder with water. It may not be suitable for the new users as it needs practice.

Despite being the most efficient manner to show results, toss and wash are not a suitable idea for beginners.

If any user still wants to try Kratom orally, it is better to take it with citrus juice such as orange or grape fruit juice. Citrus juice is a natural potentiator which makes the effects of Maeng Da even better.

One of the best methods to try is to make a herbal tea. Tea is generally a soothing option and it is enjoyable. Boiling Kratom leaves or powder in water makes the perfect Kratom tea. One can add honey or lemon to enhance the flavor.

Another idea to use Kratom at starting level is to add it into any food recipe. It includes salads, gravy, smoothies, sauce, and seasoning. Kratom is easy to add into any recipe and it doesn’t change the taste.

The fragrance and taste both qualities of Kratom are covered with this method and it brings the same effects as eating Kratom alone will bring.

What are the benefits to expect?

The benefits of Maeng Da are so many. Some users believe it to be a quality strain which doesn’t have much potential but most of the users prioritize Maeng Da to be a top choice. It is due to its benefits only which give the ultimate Kratom experience. Following are some best effects of Maeng Da which are as per user experiences.

  • Mood enhancement

    The most basic effect to hit the user within 10-15 minutes is the betterment in a mood. Maeng Da is an amazing product to improve your mood especially when the user has extreme mood swings.
    As per latest research, dopamine is responsible for it. It is a neurotransmitter which is released once the alkaloids of Maeng Da binds to the opiate receptors of the brain. It brings the positivity of the mind which makes the user feel a sensation of well being and enjoyment.

  • Energy Boost

    The effect next in line is the extremely energetic experience which feels like a power pack. Maeng Da helps a person to feel confident and able to perform any type of physical or cognitive workout which is helpful for workaholic professionals and students. It often ends on sedation.

  • Relaxant and euphoria

    It relaxes the muscles which further reduces the risk of anxiety and depression. At higher doses, Maeng Da becomes euphoric, giving extremely pleasurable benefits to the user. Another vital effect at high dose is to ease the symptoms of opiate withdrawal effects.

  • Analgesic effect

    One of the most effective treatments for pain is Maeng Da. Its potential for treating the pain is the highest among all similar herbal products. It is a natural alternative for all the chemical nature painkillers which are harmful in the long run.

    The regular users believe it to be strong enough to act like oxycodone and morphine which are commonly available, over the counter painkillers. It is important to know that a user should only use any one of these at one time. Mixing Kratom with painkillers is not a sound idea.

What is the Duration of effects?

Maeng Da is an amazing combination of efficient effects for a long time. This is very unlikely for any Kratom strain to be powerful and long lasting at the same time. Maeng Da is the only strain to have this property.

For the new users, these effects last for even longer times. Commonly, the effects last for 6-8 hours which is quite a lot time. The beginners may feel the effects till 8 or even 10 hours too. However, experienced users will face average or moderate duration of effects.

What are the risks for new users?

Maeng Da is not harmful plant product for health. Contrary to the popular belief Maeng Da is not damaging to the health. It is powerful and effective only when a user administers it properly. It includes selecting a suitable strain and setting an ideal dosage. There are no risks with a moderate dose.

The overdosing shows side effects which are mild to harsh, depending upon the duration of Maeng Da use. The common side effects may include wobbling, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting and digestive issues.

Any user may feel only one or a mixture of a few effects. The good thing is that they don’t last long and usually vanish on their own within 24 hours.

Tips to avoid health risks

  • Use a moderate dose.
  • Do not use more than two times per day.
  • Use only five doses per week.
  • Experiment with the strains to avoid tolerance.
  • Never overdose it.
  • In the case of an undesirable effect that lasts long, seek the medical help.
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