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How Long Does Kava Tea Stay In Your System?

For the people that are new to herbal alternatives, Kava is something which no one should miss. All of you may listen to the big promises by the sellers, to evaluate the efficiency, you need to try it yourself.

The fundamental reasons to try Kava is to feel calm, reduce stress, boost confidence, sleep better and overall perform well. The important here is that you should know the basics before trying Kava for the first time.

 It includes specific effects of Kava, a method to use Kava, suitable dosage, time and how long does it last inside the body more importantly. This article is an essential guide to uses and benefits of Kava for your body.

How to evaluate Kava for its effects?

Kava is a tree of tropical areas. Its areas of growth are primarily the islands of Pacific ocean. It is more of a shrub than a tree. It grows near to the surface and has light green shade, heart like shaped leaves.

The countries famous for Kava production are Fiji, Samoa, Hawaii, and the Republic of Vanuatu mainly. Traditionally, Kava is famous as a part of ceremonial drink which has its festive value.  

The factor which makes it more attractive is its remedial status for getting pleasuring sensation and soothing body effect. These are the reasons why Kava has a vital importance in its native areas.

The calming and relaxing effects of Kava are bilateral with recent medical research. Various scientific studies tell that Kava is so effective that it can even be a treatment for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).  

The only thing which hinders in this regard is the history of Kava which is somehow controversial.  However, the uses and cultivation of Kava have no end.

Pharmacological analysis of Kava

The vital elements inside Kava are called “kavalactones.” There are 18 different types of Kavalactones which the studies prove to be functional. The 96% effects of Kava root are only due to six kavalactones that are the following.

  1. kavain
  2. dihydrokavain
  3. methysticin
  4. dihydromethysticin
  5. yangonin
  6. desmethoxyyangonin

In addition to these, there are some minor responsive kavalactones which include

  1. chalcones
  2. flavokavain A
  3. flavokavain B
  4. flavokavain C

All of these work together to make the Kava work for you. Kava follows the same interaction of leaf extracts with GABA binding sites on the GABA receptors in the brain.

Also, the D2 receptor, the μ- and δ-opioid receptors, and the H1 and H2 receptors are prime sites to bind. Such linkage initiates anxiolytic effect which is the specialty of Kava. It increases dopamine levels which induce psychotropic effects.

What are Kava products available for you?

Kava is available in multiple forms in the market. You can see Kava in the form of Kava root, Kava root powder, micronized Kava, Kava tea, Kava concentrates,

Kava drinks, Kava pills and much more. These products have the variable effect on the user, strength wise. A brief introduction of each of one these is as follows.

  • Kava root

The most common type of a Kava product which you can easily find is the traditional Kava root either chunks or in powder form. For the conservative users, the only powder form of Kava is the best working type of it.

Consider it like coffee or tea which you can infuse in water and strain before using. It provides overall effects to the user.

  • Micronized Kava

Micronized Kava represents an instant form of traditional Kava which is a fine powder of Kava root. It has intense and abrupt effects due to the concentrated form of it. You only need to add this directly to drink or food of your choice. Not only tea, but you can use micronized Kava powder in juices, smoothies and shakes too.

  • Kava concentrate

The name indicates a product which has extreme effects of Kava root. A Kava concentrate is a product which is an extract of Kava root. It has enhanced effects, and you just need to dilute it before using. Otherwise, it is very high for the body.

The best benefit of using a Kava concentrate is that you can prepare a low potency to a powerful drink. For this, the new users prefer to use it since they are not well aware of the dosage guideline and uses. It’s better to try an option which you can always customize. It often comes in flavors, i.e., lemon, guava, etc. for the tasteful user experience.

  • Kava pills

A recent addition to this product list is the pills form of Kava. It is easier to use and beneficial for people who are not into enjoying Kava, rather they only seek Kava’s best effects. Many manufacturers produce Kava pills as per their set potency. Make sure to check the strength before placing the order.

What do Kava varieties mean?

Another thing which is new for many people is that there are so many varieties of Kava. For example, there are over 105 different types, and each one of them is amazing in its capacity. There are two main categories of Kava, one is Nobel Kava and second is Tudei Kava or non-Nobel Kava. Before deciding to purchase any, you should know the primary differences among these two.

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Tuedi Kava shows more unpleasant effects, i.e., nausea and lethargy. It is not a suitable choice if you are a first time user. Most of the Kava that you find around you is Nobel Kava. 

Which is the most soothing way to use Kava?

Among user’s experiences, Kava tea is by far the most popular product which gives pleasuring effects to the user. Kava tea is just like any random herbal tea which has healing, relaxing and comforting effect. Additionally, Kava is natural stress releaser and relaxant; it helps to make you feel good overall.

To make Kava tea, any form of Kava will work. The best is to use the original recipe which has Kava root chunks or fine powder in it. However, if you are in a hurry, instant Kava will also work.

Making your own Kava tea

Kava tea sounds fancy, but in reality, it’s a pure herbal tea. You can easily make it. Follow any recipe of your own choice and enjoy healing benefits of it. To make Kava tea, you need to boil water and one or two servings of one tablespoon Kava root powder in one and ½ cup water.

You can customize the recipe if you like it more strong. It is somehow a moderate amount which works best. Using two to three tablespoons of Kava powder is a relatively standard dose which works for most of the people.

What time is the best to take Kava tea?

There is no restriction to use Kava tea. It is not as such a medicinal help but provides psychotic benefits. Also, it is not harsh, like most of the medicines which mean you can use it as per your choice.

The best is to use it on mornings and evening when you crave for a relaxing hot beverage. Or you can replace your morning coffee or tea with Kava tea. Not only Kava tea is refreshing, but also it makes you feel light headed and active. These things work best usually in mornings. (9)

How long will Kava tea last inside your body?

There is no as such a documented data on exact duration of the kavalactones action. The mechanism of binding is so strong that for an initial hour you feel like under stress relieving medicine. However, if you follow a moderate dose, the effects are more long-lasting and stable.

The assumptions on the longevity of the Kava tea effects is only based on user experiences. There is no as such a clinical study to prove it. Most of the users believe it to last for 1-3 hours, depending on how many doses are you using.

The user of Kava forum shared his experience to be lasting for 2 hours only which he finds a  good duration. On HealthTap questions, a doctor replies to a similar question by telling that the period for Kava varies.

He further says that effects can last up to 12 hours, but the metabolites are inside your body for as long as two weeks. He also advises not to use Kava more than twice a week for the possible risk of its interaction with the liver. The Same answer is shown on Yahoo answers for a similar query.  

A Reddit discussion shows that the effects may last for a few hours but for the metabolites, more time is required.

What is the right time to re-take Kava tea?

The limitation on the restricted use of Kava tea is due to its immensely influential kavalactones. As a part of the natural body, the metabolites don’t just wash away with the excretion. They require time, and it takes 9 hours to 24 hours for complete elimination.

 For the safety measures, you should wait for two days to retake the dose of Kava in tea or any other form. Also, do not exceed the usage more than two times in one week and skip it for one week every month for the safe Kava tea experience.

Tips on using Kava tea in a safe way

If you are new to Kava, try to follow these tips for making your experience worth it.

  • Start from low to moderate dose.
  • Use the diluted products at the outset.
  • Measure and use the accurate amount of Kava powder
  • Use Kava tea in a free time to enjoy the freshness of it
  • Drink plenty of water to detox the body after taking Kava tea.
  • Do not combine Kava with an equally strong potentiator.
  • Do not repeat next dose before two days at least.
  • Do not overdose it. Start from low to moderate dose.
  • Use the diluted products at the outset.
  • Measure and use the accurate amount of Kava powder
  • Use Kava tea in a free time to enjoy the freshness of it
  • Drink plenty of water to detox the body after taking Kava tea.
  • Do not combine Kava with an equally strong potentiator.
  • Do not repeat next dose before two days at least.
  • Do not overdose it.
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