Left Coast Kratom Seller Review

History Of The Brand

With the continuous increase in the popularity of kratom products upsurge of its usage, there have been many new vendors and retailers appearing in the market. With so many brands and companies to choose from, it can be hard to determine which one to go for when buying kratom. Left Coast Kratom is a company that you can irrevocably trust in this regard.

Left Coast Kratom is a kratom vendor that is based initially in Oregon. Their online store was launched in 2018. During less than a year, their team has managed to amalgamate a loyal customer pool, and it is regularly increasing. Left Coast Kratom is currently one of the leading online kratom vendors in the market because of their superior customer services and product quality.

Key Features Of The Company

1) Forms of Kratom they are selling

The vendor is currently selling 15 different strains of kratom. These strains are sold as powders as well as in the form of capsules. The website also has categories including “best-sellers,” “beginner strains,” and “recommended rotations.” These categories are meant to guide novices and to assist them in choosing what to buy.

Other than the capsules and powders, there is kratom extract available on the Left Coast Kratom website as well. Other than these, there are several accessories present, including empty capsules and weighing scales.

2) Packaging

All of the Left Coast Kratom products are packed carefully in order to endure shipping. If however, there is any damage to your product while shipping, it can be replaced instantly.

3) Pricing

The products offered at the website are not expensive when the quality of the products are considered. Their kratom powders start from 9.55$, and their kratom extracts start from 12.95$. Both these prices are incredibly economical when the quality and purity of the products is taken into account.

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Furthermore, there are always new discounts an coupon codes available to the customers at Left Coast Kratom.

4) Shipping and delivery

There is free same-day shipping on all orders from the website. Furthermore, the vendor also offers free priority USPS shipping on every order above 49$. On orders above 99$, there is free overnight delivery available.

These shipping methods are available to facilitate the customers and to make sure that they are satisfied.

5) Payment methods

Their payment methods include e-checks, bitcoins, credit/debit cards, etc. There is even the option of COD available on any order of 49$ or more.

However, the COD option would be acceptable only with a cashier’s check or money order.

6) Lab testing

Left Coast Kratom is concerned with the well-being of its customers. They provide only the safest and most excellent quality kratom to their buyers.

All of the products being sold by them have been thoroughly screened and tested. This is done to ensure that there are not kind of contaminations or impurities.

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They are at least two or more independent lab to test each of their products. This rigorous testing ensures that top-notch quality and purity of all the products provided by the company.

7) Is the company ethical?

Left Coast Kratom is a company that prioritizes quality and purity above everything else. They source their Kratom from reputable farmers belonging to the Southeast Asia.

The company makes sure that the farmers associated with them are providing nothing but the best Kratom leaves to the brand. There are specific locations of the places where every strain is harvested present on their website as well.

Strains that have attracted our attention

There are more than a dozen strains available on the vendor’s website. The strains include familiar customer favorites as well as unique strains like White Sumatra and Red Kali. These strains are available in the form of powders as well as vegan-friendly capsules.

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The company makes sure that there are no legal complications that their customer has to face when it comes to their kratom. They completely abide by the regulations set by the FDA. There are no medical claims present on their website.

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Left Coast Kratom is active on both Facebook and Twitter. Both platforms are updated continuously, and all their offers and discounts are displayed there. In the current age of social media and technology, this presence works wonders in attracting customers an increasing your consumer pool.

The company has many gifts and discounts in store for their customers. There are gifts above the order of 150$. Moreover, there are weekly coupons that you can get simply by signing up. There is also a loyalty program which enables the VIPs to avail great offers and discounts.

All unopened and un-tampered products can be returned within 30 days of the delivery. The vendor, however, does not pay for the return shipping. You can either replace it with another product or can ask for a refund. If you are unsatisfied with your products, you are welcome to send the team an email so that they can facilitate you.

Our Verdict

East Coast Kratom is a reliable brand when it comes to quality control and purity. They choose the best leaves and extensive extraction techniques to manufacture their products. From choosing what you want, to ordering and receiving it, – every step of the way is made easy by East Coast Kratom’s team. You will not be disappointed with the customer care and quality this seller upholds.

The only drawback with this vendor is that it has not been in the market for a long time. Because of this reason, it is hard to come up with a long term verdict about the seller. Other than their greenness in the online kratom market, there are hardly any other setbacks.

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