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Kratom Wave

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Overview Of The Brand

Kratom is known by many names. The scientific name of the plant is Mitragyna. The locals of the tropical Southeast Asian region call it ketum and korth. The plant has been associated with plenty of benefits.
The locals have used it for quite some time.

Over the past decade, the plant has gathered a lot of mainstream attention. People have started to lean more and more towards the use of the plant because of it being natural and organic.

The plant has been associated with pain-relieving effects by various users online. It has also been known to increase focus and decrease procrastination.

Because of these reasons and many others, people are looking for natural alternatives, and one such option is Mitragyna.

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However, when you are trying out kratom for the first time, one of the most important things to be taken care of is the vendor. When there was a boom in the supply and demand of kratom, many brands and vendors started selling poor quality kratom to customers.

Such inferior quality products become a cause of multiple health issues and problems. Various factors distinguish good reliable brands from bogus ones. For that exact reason, we bring you reviews of the significant kratom vendors.

One such vendor is Kratom Wave. The brand has been operational for quite some time, and in that time duration; it has managed to gather a loyal following. Many vital features separate Kratom Wave from the usual run of the mill brands in the market.

Moreover, they have an overall positive customer image in the kratom market, which also accounts for a lot. We have keenly gone over every feature of the brand and brought you an unbiased review to help you with your kratom shopping.

Key Features Of The Brand

1) Aim Of The Company

An aim always motivates every great company. The same holds for Kratom Wave. The company aims to lead the kratom market. They aspire to be the first name on the lips of all customers when it comes to quality kratom.

The brand focuses on providing quality kratom to its customers at a reasonable price tag. They also have an incredibly functional website. Everything about the brand screams customer comfort and satisfaction.

2) Forms Of Kratom

Another important key factor that comes into play while buying kratom is the forms of kratom on sale. Mitragyna is nature’s treasure and can be used in various forms. The fresh leaves can be chewed on to get a boost of energy. It can be powdered, capsulated, and even sold as tinctures and extracts.

When it comes to kratom, every customer has a preference. Some prefer the use of kratom in the form of powders while others lean towards extracts and tinctures. A brand needs to keep this factor in view while selling their kratom strains.

Kratom Wave is currently selling its strains in the form of kratom teas and powders. There should ideally be more than these forms available. Kratom itself is a fantastic treasure. Its powders can be used in a variety of different ways.

Some people prefer to wash the powder down with a beverage. Others prefer to mix it in flavored drinks to decrease the bitterness of the ketum powder.

3) Strains On Sale

There are three major strains of kratom being sold by various high-end brands. A reliable brand needs to have all three of these strains on sale i.e., White, Red, and Green. Each of these strains has its own benefits associated with it.

However, there are various types of these three strains being currently sold by Kratom Wave. The vendor has made sure that they have something available for every taste palate.

Some of their white Mitragyna strains include White Maeng Da, White Bali, and White Borneo. The green and red-veined ketum strains include Green Borneo, Green Malay, Red Maeng Da, and Red Bali.

All of these strains are imported from the best and reliable harvesters of the Southeast Asian region. The brand makes sure that they follow all guidelines and provide the best quality Mitragyna to the buyers.

All of these strains have an informatory section on the website. This section helps a customer to recognize better the strain that they are looking for.

4) Lab Testing

Lab tests are another essential and telling factor about any kratom brand. Buying products from brands that do not adequately test their products can be disastrous.

Strains that are impure or untested can cause medical complications, including severe nausea, aches, and stiffness, etc. It is important to always buy products from a vendor that has the strains adequately tested.

Kratom Wave tests all of its products to make sure that there is no contamination in the products. They assure their customers that all of the strains on their website have been properly screened. Only then do they appear on the websites. Any product that does not make the cut is not sold to the customers.

5) Is The Brand Making False Medical Claims?

The FDA has strict guidelines when it comes to Mitragyna. The substance cannot be used for medicinal purposes. Many brands used to make medical claims on their website, which were misguiding the public. Hence, it was declared illegal to make serious health claims about the kratom products being sold by a vendor.

Kratom Wave has a very confusing standpoint when it comes to making health claims. The brand has detailed descriptions of all its strains. In these descriptions, there are medical claims that include anxiety relief, ADHD betterment, and pain relief, to name a few.

On the other hand, the brand disassociates itself from all these claims. It does this by stating that their products are not meant for medical purposes.

They also have mentioned that the statements on their website are not FDA approved. This statement makes it confusing for the customers and also raises questions about the authenticity of the products.

6) Shipping and Payment

Shipping and payment options are directly correlated to customer care and satisfaction. No customer wants to wait long for the products that they have ordered. Kratom Wave has free delivery above orders of 50$. They ship all over the U.S. in the states where kratom is legal.

The brand also offers same-day shipping of the order to ensure that the products reach the customers in record time. The payment methods are just as important as shipping. The brand does not have credit card options available because of complications between major credit card companies and Mitragyna products.

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However, they have various other alternative methods of payment that you choose from. All of these factors prove that Kratom Wave is doing its best to facilitate its customers in all the ways it can.

7) Return Policy

The return policy with Kratom Wave certainly stands out. Every reliable brand always has a return policy in place to make sure that the customers are satisfied with the products that they are buying. In the case of an unsatisfactory product, Kratom Wave makes sure that the customers’ complaints are entertained accordingly.

Most brands have a return policy of 30 days in case of defective or improper products. Kratom Wave, however, has a return policy that lasts for 60 days. Not only does this put customers at ease, but it also depicts the confidence the vendor has on its products.

8) Transparency

This feature becomes extremely important when dealing with online vendors. Many bogus brands and substandard vendors provide false contact information or none at all. This incorrect information makes inferior brands impossible to trace. Kratom Wave has nothing to hide from its customers.

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They have detailed information about their sources and strains present on their website. The brand also has buyer’s guides for beginners just venturing into the world of Mitragyna. Kratom Wave has left no stone unturned in providing the most comfort to its users.

9) Customer Service

Proper customer satisfaction is the top goal of Kratom Wave. The brand has always aimed at keeping its customers happy. They entertain all the complaints from the customers. Other than the complains, the brand has its email and phone number displayed to take queries.

They have separated their emails for different categories to make sure that customer emails reach them the fastest. The brand has shaped the entire website to better the shopping experience of the customers.

These factors prove that they prioritize their customers above everything else.


The brand is selling a variety of different strains of kratom to its customers. All of these strains are quality Mitragyna imported from trustworthy harvesters in the Southeast Asian region. Their White Bali is amongst some of the fan-favorite strains on the online store. It has a perfect balance of alkaloids, and many users have praised its potency.

Not only does the strain kick in effectively, but it also lasts long. Other than the White Bali, the Red Maeng Da is another bestseller. Red Maeng Da has been associated with stress relief among the users of the strain.

It has also been associated with decreased stress and anxiety levels and increased focus. This strain is especially a favorite among people who are patients of anxiety and panic disorders, as it has been known to decrease mania and induce a sense of wellbeing.

How Does Kratom Wave Compare With Other Brands?

As far as pricing is concerned, the brand is economical and easy on the pockets as compared to the high-end brand. Furthermore, there is no compromise on the quality of the strains, which makes the price tag even better — many of the kratom powders on the website start as low as ten dollars.

Moreover, there are always new coupons and discounts underway, which only makes the shopping experience with Kratom Wave better. The brand also has a functional website and keeps the customers as its top priority.

Social Media Presence

Almost all successful online business currently has an active social media following and presence. This social media activity helps to increase the traffic of customers to the site. Furthermore, it increases the approachability of the brand and makes it easier for customers to reach the brand.

Kratom Wave, however, is at an advantage when we talk about social media platforms. The brand is active on multiple famous social media channels which include FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest.


  • Online Assistance

This assistance is one of the salient features of Kratom Wave. The brand is meticulous when it comes to customer satisfaction. They have an online assistant to answer the queries of a customer as they shop on the website. This feature makes the entire shopping experience go smoother and quicker because all the questions are promptly answered.

  • Website Design

Another evident point about the brand is its website. The website is not flashy, nor is it excessively flouncy. It is a perfect blend of innovative and navigable. The brand has several informative articles regarding various products and strains of Mitragyna. These articles are useful to the customers, specifically if they are just stepping into the world of kratom.

  • No Hybrid Names

A lot of kratom brands use flouncy false names to sell their kratom products. Kratom Wave believes in genuine quality and does not sell their Mitragyna using any fictitious names. Their strains are traditionally named and are not sold with the intent to trick the buyers.

  • Free Samples

The brand is quite generous when it comes to the prices of its strain. However, they also have free goodies for their customers. There are free samples available for the customers that are placing their orders. There is also a loyalty program with which you can earn reward points and get more free stuff. If this wasn’t enough, Kratom Wave also releases regular discount coupons and codes to appease their customer pool.


  • No Lab Reports

Lab reports are significant with herbal and organic products. There are great dangers of contamination with such products. Using a contaminated product can prove to be a nightmare.

Although Kratom Wave has ensured the customers that their strains are lab tested and pure, there is no proof to uphold that statement. The brand does not have lab reports of the strains present on display. The absence of lab reports makes the claims of lab testing dubious and shady.

  • Only Powdered Forms Available

Customers have different preferences when it comes to Mitragyna. Having only the powdered form available on sale seems a disadvantage. This feature is another negative factor about Kratom Wave. If they expanded their product range a bit more, their brand could increase in versatility.

Our Verdict

The brand itself hardly has any red flags. Kratom Wave makes sure that it has some of the best-selling strains available for customers. The brand also makes sure that there is no compromise when it comes to the quality of their strains. The various free samples only add more appeal to the vendor’s products. If you are going for Kratom Wave, make sure that you try a little at first instead of jumping headlong into the strains by the vendor.

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