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Kratom Tea Benefits According To Enthusiasts + Helpful Tips

Does a spoonful of kratom irritate you going down your throat? Are you looking for a better alternative? Do you want to intake Kratom more easily? If yes, we have got you all the fantastic Kratom tea benefits here, making you consider trying it. 

In this exciting read, learn why choosing to drink Kratom tea is better than other popular methods. How to make a sumptuous cup of this particular magical drink for you? And tips to take the most benefits of Kratom tea.

What Is Kratom Tea?

Kratom tea is made by brewing the dried leaves of this herb or mixing leaf powder with hot water to energize and relax at the end of long, laborious days. This herbal supplement has gained popularity worldwide due to its potential to promote well-being.

Preparing this invigorating beverage is a very simple process. You have to boil the leaves in hot water and let all the active compounds seep out. After five to ten minutes, strain the tea into your cup and take a refreshing sip.

What Are Kratom Tea Benefits?

Many Kratom enthusiasts prefer to enjoy the herbal leaves in tea form because it’s a  traditional approach to consumption. This method provides you with greater flexibility to take most benefits of the traditional Kratom tea compared to other consumption methods. 

If we make a comparison of Kratom tea benefits to other consumption methods, the former has several advantages:

Ease To Prepare And Consume

Kratom tea is simple because it requires only a few kitchen tools. You can experiment with various flavors and sweeteners and even infuse the leaves with other herbs to customize the taste according to your preferences. Some individuals appreciate the bitter taste of Kratom and drink the tea to experience this plant’s flavor profile fully.


You can control the tea’s potency by adding a measured amount of Kratom powder. You can brew the beverage with your choice of strain to have the desired effects.

Not Cruel On Stomach

In terms of digestion, swallowing pills or powders can sometimes be harsh on the stomach and may lead to gastrointestinal side effects. On the other hand, Kratom tea doesn’t harm the stomach, and hot water can help lower bloating and improve digestion.

High Potency

Kratom alkaloids readily dissolve in water, so the body absorbs them more rapidly. This absorption leads to faster onset of effects, most probably within a few minutes.

Without Messy Powder

Kratom tea doesn’t contain undissolved powder since it needs to be sieved before drinking, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Good Option For Newbies

Furthermore, Kratom tea is often the preferred method for newcomers, as it eliminates the need to swallow spoonfuls of Kratom powder, which can sometimes be challenging.

Comparing Kratom Tea Benefits With Other Consumption Methods

When it comes to consuming Kratom, there are several methods available. Apart from the traditional pills or tea, you can also mix Kratom with food or use the toss ‘n wash technique. But which option is the most suitable to get all the perks of this tropical plant? To fully enjoy the benefits of Kratom,  let’s get into each method and explore why Kratom tea is the best option.

Sipping Tea Vs. Swallowing Powder

Undoubtedly, Kratom powder can be easily incorporated into your daily nutrient intake. You can blend these grounded granules with either oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce, or pudding. If you like fruit jam, mix it with them and spread it on cookies or bread to make it palatable. 

Although this method of consumption of botanical leaves is easy and versatile, it is messy and offers a bitter and somewhat earthy taste of the tropical plant. Mixing these tiny granules with food may reduce their potency, especially for regular users. On the other hand, Kratom tea is generally more robust, and its effects can kick in as early as 15 minutes after consumption. 

If you want milder effects, choose the powder option. However, experienced users with higher tolerance levels should opt for Kratom tea since it provides more potent results.

Kratom Tea Vs. Toss ‘n Wash Method

Another popular method of consuming Kratom is the “toss ‘n wash” technique. This procedure involves placing the powder in your mouth and washing it down with water or any other drink.

The crushed herb tends to be more potent as it contains a higher concentration of alkaloids. Since you’re consuming the powder directly, your body absorbs most of the supplement, resulting in more pronounced effects.

Although many users prefer this method because it’s quick, more potent, and requires no special tools, the bitter and unpleasant aftertaste is a significant downside of the toss ‘n wash method. This drawback again favors Kratom tea as the best option because you can overcome the bitterness. 

Tiny Capsules Vs. Kratom Tea

These capsules come in different sizes and contain pre-measured amounts of the supplement, making them convenient and fast to consume with the correct dosage. Capsules suit users who dislike the herb’s unpleasant taste. 

Yet, if we do a cost analysis, Kratom capsules are more expensive than tea. Because vendors take extra steps to prepare and package them, contributing to the higher price. In this aspect, Kratom tea is a cheaper way of substance intake.

How To Select A Strain And Dose For Making The Perfect Tea?

To create a nice cup of tea, choose the right strain from Kraoma. Look for reliable information from consumer reports which describe each strain’s primary benefits and additional qualities. Once you have a few favorite strains, focus on making good Kratom tea. 

There are two aspects that determine the goodness of Kratom tea. The first one is the tea’s quality, including the leaf quality, aroma, and taste. The second is the overall effects it provides. After knowing all this, you may think about how much kratom you should take.

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The best strategy is to start with a smaller dose and increase it until you get your desired effects. Factors like tolerance, weight, and metabolism can affect Kratom’s impact. Remember to be precise while brewing. Accurate measurements and quality ingredients will ensure a consistent experience. 

Which Product Is Perfect To Make Kratom Tea?

Before we get into Kratom tea recipes, let’s know which Kratom product is best for tea-making because we want you to have the best experience. You can choose from Kratom tea bags, powder, or crushed leaves, each offering different benefits. 

Kratom Tea Bags

These bags are the easiest to use. The tea bags come in two types: ones you dip in the tea and remove once it reaches your desired color. The other one sinks to the bottom and stays in the cup. Tea bags provide milder benefits and are ideal for a pleasant morning tea. 

You have to place a tea bag in the cup and let it seep for 2 to 3 minutes. If you have a tea infuser, you can also take help from it, and your healthy beverage is ready.

Kratom Powder

Kratom powder allows you to control the dosage more easily. Choose the appropriate strain based on your desired effects. Boil water and let it cool slightly. Add lemon or honey for taste, then add your desired Kratom dosage. 

Now stir it well and let the powder sort out at the base. Then cover the cup and pour the liquid into another cup. You can also add sweetener after this step. One thing to mention is to avoid reusing this powder, as it loses effectiveness with time.

Kratom Leaves

Kratom leaves are the most potent option but may be challenging to find. Make sure to purchase clean and toxin-free leaves. Crushed leaves are recommended for making Kratom tea. Heat water and add the crushed leaves to a teapot. Let it steep for 10-15 minutes for a more robust flavor. Pour the liquid into a cup and enjoy immediately.

Some Mouth-Watering Kratom Tea Recipes You Should Give A Try!

Along with the regular tea-making practice, we have mentioned a few recipes to make your tea more tempting. Experiment with these recipes and find your favorite way to have the health benefits of Kratom tea. Remember to follow dosage guidelines and intake in a balanced way.

Kratom Iced Tea

Now it’s time to prepare and enjoy the benefits of traditional Kratom tea with some twist. If you prefer cold beverages,  you must try Kratom iced tea. It’s a refreshing treat that masks the bitterness of Kratom. 

Prepare Kratom tea using one of the above methods. Then you have to add sliced ginger pieces to the hot tea and let it seep for a few minutes. After that, pour the tea into a jug, add honey, and dissolve well to make a perfect mixture. Add your desired juices and let them cool. Serve over ice for a refreshing iced Kratom tea.

Kratom Sun Tea

Sun tea is excellent for storing Kratom tea or serving lots of people. This method is suitable for areas with ample sunlight. However, keep in mind that sun-brewed tea may be less potent than usual. To make this, seal reusable tea bags with crushed Kratom leaves. 

Place the bags in a jug filled with water without heating or boiling it. Stir well and seal the jar. Put it in a sunny spot and keep it there for 1-5 hours, moving it occasionally. Once the sun is down, remove the tea bags and refrigerate the jug. Enjoy the Kratom tea whenever desired. 

How Can You Take The Most Out Of Your Kratom Tea?

When making Kratom tea, even the most minor mistakes can spill water on the experience. Make delicious and full of health benefits Kratom tea by following these tips:

Use Hot Water That’s Not Boiling

Adding Kratom to boiling water can destabilize its alkaloid compounds. So it’s better to let the water cool down before adding tea bags or kratom powder.

Add Sweeteners

Kratom tastes bitter, so adding sweeteners like honey, brown sugar, or stevia can make the tea more enjoyable.

Stir Thoroughly 

If using Kratom powder or leaf, mix them well into the liquid. You can preferably use a whisk or electric mixer for better results.

Use The Proper Dosage

Refer to a trusted health physician to determine the suitable amount. The right dosage yields the best results without side effects.

Dilute The Taste

Adding more water reduces bitterness and diminishes benefits. To find a balance, experiment with water-to-Kratom ratios or add citric acid, like a few lemon or apple cider vinegar drops.


If you don’t have enough time to prepare this drink regularly, brew Kratom tea by making a large pot and storing it in the fridge for a few days. Alternatively, prepare the tea before bed and let it steep overnight for a strong cup in the morning.

Wrapping Up The Thoughts

Kratom is an excellent herbal supplement to improve your well-being, and that is all. When we talk about the best way of taking Mitragyna speciosa, we all find ourselves in love with the traditional Kratom tea. 

One thing to keep in mind is to carefully expose Kratom powder, tea bags, or leaves to boiling water, as it can affect the active alkaloids. Even though all the methods of M. speciosa intake are effective with their pros and cons, Kratom tea benefits outweigh them. However, you should choose a method that matches your personal preference. We hope this read has helped you look deeper into various Kratom tea benefits.

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