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Kratom for Pre-workout – Expert Guide

Do you want to use Kratom as a pre-workout alternative? But you are confused about when and how to use it, how it will affect your body during your workout, and many other queries like this? If yes, then this ultimate guide will help you with all related queries about Kratom for pre-workout. In addition, you will also read some experiences of real users about using Kratom as a pre-workout.

Many new users are always curious about Kratom and its relationship with fitness. Nowadays, many athletes, bodybuilders, and many other people who love to work out take kratom as an alternative to pre-workout.

Why Do People Use Kratom For Pre-workout?

Kratom is used as a natural pre-workout because it boosts energy levels and is also a pain reliever. And for these reasons, people use it as a pre-workout to get through challenging workouts and weight lifting.

Potential Fitness Benefits Of Using Kratom As A Natural Pre-workout

Here are the benefits of using Kratom and how it affects your workout.

Boosts Energy

Kratom boosts your performance during the training sessions and does not let you feel tired. So you feel energized, motivated, and focused during your workout.

Pain Reliever:

If your workout consists of intense circuits, or you are more prone to injuries, you can definitely use kratom as a pre-workout. Because it will not make you feel any pain or discomfort during your training sessions. It may also reduce inflammation and relieve muscle pain and tension.

A Natural Pre-workout Supplement:

If you are looking for the best and most natural substitute for the pre-workout, Kratom is the best option, but keep the dosage under control.

Regulates Your Appetite:

Kratom is also responsible for reducing appetite, thus helping you prevent binge-eating and maintain healthy eating habits.

Some Important Tips Regarding Kratom Pre-Workout

  • Timing and dosage are the two most important points to consider. 
  • To maintain the real quality of the product, it is advised to store it in a dry, cool place and away from sunlight.
  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking the required amount of water. 
  • Avoid consuming anymore kratom in between your workouts.
  • Avoid taking Kratom tea regularly as a pre-workout, as this leads to dehydration.
  • Kratom takes about 30 minutes to show its stimulating effects, which last for almost three hours.

Kratom pre-workout vs Kratom post-workout

People use Kratom as a pre- and post-workout. Here comes the comparison between the two.

Kratom pre-workoutKratom post-workout
Boosts energy, increases stamina, improves focus, etc.Helps in faster muscle recovery.
It acts on the specific receptors in the brain and ensures that you do not feel pain during training sessions. It also helps to reduce chronic pain. 
Suitable for those who need increased endurance, consistently high energy levels, and motivation for tough workout sessions.Ideal for those who need fast post-workout recovery

Things to consider before using Kratom Pre Workout

  • Perfect Strain: Make sure you choose the best strain that suits you.
  • Pay close attention to the dose: If you take more than the required amount of Kratom, it can be addictive.
  • Reacts with other drugs: Make sure you don’t use it together with other drugs or alcohol, as it can cause an adverse reaction.
  • Beware of its side effects: There are so many side effects due to the abuse of Kratom, click here to read about the side effects and research studies.
  • Its effects are dose-dependent: Small doses are responsible for boosting energy, focus, and improving mood. While a significant amount can lead to sedation and make you lazy instead of active.
  • (Note: Overuse of Kratom can lead to a fatal end).

The best way to use Kratom as a pre-workout:

If you think more Kratom means more energy, you are absolutely wrong.

It is always recommended to consume low doses of Kratom to achieve those stimulating effects on your energy. 

1 to 4 grams of Kratom can be used to achieve an exponential boost in energy levels.

Never use high doses, as this leads to drowsiness/sedation and can ruin your workout sessions. Always take Kratom before 30 minutes of your workouts.

Kratom works differently for everyone. So, if you are new to Kratom, it’s better to take smaller doses at the beginning until you get an idea of what doses work best for you.

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Kratom can be used in three different forms

Kratom is consumed in a variety of forms, including powdered form, capsules, and tea. All forms of Kratom increase your energy level, motivation, endurance, and more. 

Please note:

  • Whatever form of Kratom you consume, always keep an eye on the dosage and timing. 
  • Regular consumption of Kratom tea leads to dehydration

Best natural pre-workout Kratom strains

It is very important to know about the right strain of Kratom as a pre-workout. 

To enhance your performance during workout sessions, White and Green strains are recommended for their energizing effect. 

Do not use Red strain because of its sedative effect. Click here to find the best Strain of kratom pre-workout for you.

Here are some of the best strains:

Green Malay

This mild strain is best for beginners and is widely used. It has a high concentration of alkaloids that are responsible for giving an amazing impact of 6 or more hours.

White Sumatra:

This particular strain is known to give its users a big energy boost. Its effects are also long-lasting.

White Maeng Da:

This strain is known as one of the most energizing strains. It is also considered the coffee substitute that not only gives you energy, but also a productivity boost. 

This product is very popular among athletes. The strain is rich in alkaloids and works without overstimulation.  

How does Kratom work?

Kratom has naturally occurring alkaloids that boost energy levels and also act on the opioid receptors in the brain. This allows you to get through your workout sessions without feeling pain.

During exercise, the oxygen demand of the muscle cells increases. When you take Kratom, it promotes the process of vasodilation, which increases the blood supply to the muscle cells.

Does Kratom pre-workout really have positive effects? 

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a survey was conducted in the United States and respondents found an increase in energy, focus, and elevated mood, and a decrease in pain, depressed mood, and anxiety.

Please keep in mind that different strains of kratom can have different effects.

Some Users’ thoughts on Kratom as a Pre-workout

One user says he has the best workouts with Kratom. Kratom helps him get into the gym when he doesn’t feel like working out. 

Another user says that kratom as a pre-workout makes him go harder and longer during his training sessions. 

Please note: Some users say to be careful when working out on kratom because overexertion leads to multiple injuries

Many users said that Kratom as a pre-workout increases their strength and helps them in their workouts.

Kratom & its relationship to bodybuilding

Sore joints and weak muscles, if you are a tough bodybuilder you know what we are talking about. There are so many Pre-workout supplements used for bodybuilding. But many of them are not that effective and lead to various side effects.

By keeping the dose under control, you can use Kratom half an hour before weightlifting. It will not only increase your endurance but also let you go without experiencing muscle or joint pain.

Does Kratom help with muscle soreness?

Muscle soreness is normal after an intense workout, but it is a hindrance to the following few days of training. Kratom helps with muscle soreness, tension, and fatigue and treats such conditions very effectively.


Can taking kratom as a pre-workout help with weight loss?

Yes, kratom helps in weight loss by suppressing appetite and helping you control your unhealthy cravings.

Is Kratom safe to take as a pre-workout?

Yes, it is safe to take Kratom as a pre-workout, but you should always use a low dose of Kratom for the best stimulant effects, such as increased energy, focus, etc.

Is Kratom as a pre-workout safe for Athletes?

Yes, it is! But always pay attention to the dosage. Athletes use Kratom for several reasons, such as to boost their energy and mood and also to help with various injuries, such as knee and shoulder injuries.

Bottom Line

In addition to higher energy levels, Kratom pre-workout also helps you to increase your focus and motivation and this leads to unbeatable workout sessions.

We advise you to keep all the important points in mind before using Kratom as a pre-workout. More scientific research is needed on the safety and effects of Kratom on the human body.

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