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Does Kratom Expire? Shelf Life Of Kratom By Experts

You must have been through this extremely appalling situation where you find out that your favorite kratom strain that you had bought in bulk has expired. I know, that’s a whole NIGHTMARE. Now you wonder what wrong did you do? Was your kratom low quality? Or you did not follow the right storage tips to keep the potency and freshness intact? Whatever the case is, from buying kratom from a reputable vendor to following the right storage guidelines, you have to be pretty vigilant about every minutest the aspect if you want your Mitragyna to stay fresh for a long time.

In this piece, we will dig deeper into everything you must know about Mitragyna’s expiration, its shelf life, and what is the correct way to store it.

So without further ado, let us get straight into it.

What is the Shelf Life of Kratom?

Just like pasta, teas, and flours, Mitragyna has a certain shelf life too which explains the length of time for which you can use it for consumption. When you plan to buy kratom online, you do wonder if buying in bulk would be best or if you should go with smaller packs for maximum potency each time you take it. To be honest, whether you buy in bulk or in smaller quantities, the whole game ends up in how you store it. If we look at the standard shelf life of kratom, it is best to use it within three months (applies to fresh powder) but that does not mean your Mitragyna would expire afterward. You can expand its shelf life, and we will tell all the secrets later in this piece.

Does Kratom go bad or expire?

Yes, Kratom does go bad and it is essential to discard it as soon as you notice that it has completely deteriorated. But, how would identify that the powder has expired? Here’s what you have to look for:

1) Firstly you would notice a change in its natural aroma. It would have a bad smell which would be hard to tolerate.

2) Next you would immediately notice that the lighter green color has changed its appearance

3) The taste of the powder does not remain the same.

4) The molds are clearly visible around the container and within the powder.

5) Lastly, you would notice that the powder has entirely lost its freshness.

Can we store kratom for up to a year?

Do you want to store your favorite Mitragyna for a year? Does it sound impossible? Well, it’s not! You can easily store Mitragyna for a year or a max of 13 months. As Mitragyna Speciosa originates from an evergreen tree and is made into powder by using grinding procedures. Since it is harvested, dried, and later formed into a powder, just like other natural herbs, you must expect that the active compounds won’t remain potent as time passes.

The alkaloid profile and quality of Mitragyna may be lower as a result of varying environmental conditions. So even if you store it for a year, the freshness would fade away after 12-13months. If you want to enjoy the best results, try using it within 3 months, however, apparently, you can keep a stock for thirteen months.

Reddit User Reviews About How Long Does Kratom Last?

When you search Kratom over Reddit, you would find every topic you can ever imagine about. We come across numerous subreddits when we search about “How long does kratom last. Let us have a look at a few of the comments by Redditors as per their personal experiences.

1) use a fancy airtight Tupperware thing from Walmart that can hold 2 or 3 kilos. It’s been in there for a year and probably will be good for a long time. From what I’ve heard it doesn’t really lose potency, just try keeping your bags in Tupperware containers, or if you have anything that is airtight, I use a Rubbermaid container and a little Tupperware container, and a small airtight jar for my bags.

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2) I think you’re all good if it has been stored in a ziplock bag that has been out of the sun. I’ve seen people say vendors claim it only lasts a few months before it loses potency but I don’t believe that. My oldest bag of kratom was packaged on 4/17 and it’s still fine but I realize that’s not that old.

3) I have a lot of old kratom from about 2 years ago. I’ve used a few of these packets recently and found the effects really vary. Some kratom seemed ‘flat’ with little or no effect; another packet gave me anxiety 15 minutes after taking it (which I typically don’t get), but then another couple of packets, which had never been opened, were as good as ever.

4) They have all been saved the same way- in a cool dark closet with lids or packages tightly shut. Maybe opening and resealing change the effects?  

Reading these comments we can sure-shot say that kratom can be stored for a longer time if you follow the right storage techniques.

Top-5 storage tips you must follow to keep your kratom fresh and potent

Do you want your precious Mitragyna Speciosa powder to last longer? Worry not; you just have to follow these 5 easy-to-follow hacks and tada! You are good to go. So let us explore these hacks right here!

Keep it away from sunlight

UV lights are one of the worst enemies of kratom. If you want your Speciosa to be super fresh every time you scoop out your dose, make sure it is far away from the reach of sunlight. look for a cooler spot like a refrigerator or a closed cabinet with a temperature below 30 Degree-Celsius. When the sun rays interact with the Speciosa powder, they tend to fade the color and entire potency. So it would be best to keep a strict check over the temperature of the storage area and ensure that UV lights have no space to enter inside.

Keep the storage area dark

The dark area is preferred when you store your favorite Speciosa strain for longer use. The darkness keeps the alkaloid profile intact and does not let the powder lose its potency.

Don’t let the moisture get in

You must be wondering how long your kratom would last if it gets wet. Remember, when you store Speciosa in a hot and humid environment, the molds get a silky-straight chance for development and ruin the whole of it. To keep the moisture at bay, ensure that the instruments you are using are completely dry and your storage bag or jar is not wet at all.

Make sure there is no oxygen contact

Do you know oxygen directly oxidizes kratom and the entire alkaloid profile changes? Marking prominent changes in freshness and potency, oxygen can dramatically reduce the shelf life of Mitragyna. The color changes into pale yellow and the aroma is no more appealing rather than a bit pungent. So make sure you store your Mitragyna in a closed bag or jar to rule out the oxygen contact.

Your container should be air-tight

For storing Mitragyan Speciosa, it is essential to use an air-tight container to eliminate the contact with light, humidity, and air. You can use mason jars that have rubber sealing or vacuum-seal bags. If you get your hands on Ziploc bags that would be the best option for us as they remove all the excess air.

Final Thoughts

Mitragyna Speciosa is a precious herb that has become a fan favorite of numerous health freaks. It is essential to store this ever-green herb correctly to get the most out of its health-boosting benefits. Make sure you store your favorite Mitragyna Speciosa strain in an air-tight container, away from humidity, sunlight, and air. It would help retain the potency and freshness for a longer time. However, it is recommended to use Speciosa within three months. Still, according to user reviews, you can store it for a year.

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