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Kratom Caps Store Review

Store Name: KratomCaps
Address: PO Box 109 Maple Valley, WA 98038
Phone: (425) 440 8780

Finding the right kratom store is a daunting task when we see how saturated the Kratom market has become. Every other day, there is a new brand in the market, claiming to be the provider of the best Mitragyna in the market. More often than not, these vendors turn out to be substandard and are selling ketum that can potentially harm your health and physical well-being. For this reason, it is essential to go through various factors before deciding upon a vendor.

One of the vendors often talked about on Kratom forums is Kratom Caps. The brand is owned by a family and began operation in early 2009. The company started with just a single strain of Kratom and today has dozens of strains on sale at their online store. The brand operates online from Seattle and provides quality Mitragyna to its customers. They have experience when it comes to Mitragyna as compared to other brands.

Furthermore, Caps Kratom only sells its products in the form of capsules. This feature reduces its clientele but allows the brand to focus on the capsules only. Consequently, making their Kratom capsules the best in the industry.

Key Strains Available At This Store

Mitragyna is available in several different ways. It is sold in the form of powders, capsules, extracts, tinctures as well as in leaf grounded form. The form of Kratom being sold depends on the personal preference of every customer.

Kratom Caps are selling Mitragyna in only one form. As their name indicates, strains are available only in capsulated forms by the brand. The vendor focuses on a single type of product and aims to deliver only the best to your doorstep.

As far as the product range is concerned, Caps Kratom has dozens of strains present on sale on their site. These include both traditional as well as novel strains that have been grown using the best cultivation and manufacturing practices.

Some of the strains present on the Kratom Caps website include Bali, Borneo, Indo, Thai, Horned Leaf, Sumatra, and Maeng Da in different veins.

Furthermore, there are also two types of Kratom extract capsules present on the product range of the vendor. These include Golden Reserve Kratom Extract Capsules and UEI Extract Kratom Capsules. Both of them are high potency capsules that are full-spectrum and 100% Mitragyna.

Positive Reviews: An Essential Part Of Brand

In an industry like Mitragyna, public image is perhaps the most important thing. No substandard vendor can escape the scrutiny of customers. Before choosing a brand or seller, it is advisable to go through the various customer reviews on social media, forums and third part review apps.

Caps Kratom places its customers in high esteem and has an entire section dedicated to the testimonials of its customers. There are a number of positive accolades regarding various strains present on this page.

Customers have called the Speciosa products sold by the vendor as “amazing customer services” and “top quality and best pricing in the industry.” Even though there is a drawback of no clarity regarding lab tests, the testimonials of customers prove that the brand is up to par.

Special Discounts and Offers

In the Kratom world, discounts are significant when it comes to selling online. Customers are always in search of stores that provide the most amazing benefits and quality of the product. Kratom Caps have a number of discounts available after regular intervals. They have perks when it comes to shipping and free samples available with their orders as well.

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Shipping and Payment Methods

These are the two features where many online brands fall short. Customers are always searching for brands with the safest and quickest shipping along with applicable payment methods. Caps Kratom has free first class shipping for all orders above 25$ (the package reaches your doorstep in 4-6 days) and free priority shipping for all orders that exceed 100$ (takes 2-4 days to reach you).

A number of payment methods are available by the brand, including E-checks, money orders, cash on delivery, etc. The brand still has to make credit card payments available because of tensions between Kratom vendors and credit card companies.


  • Vegan-friendly capsules

Compared to the majority of brands that sell their kratom capsules in gelatin shells, Caps Kratom has a range of strains available in veggie capsules. They have an entire blog post comparing the two cartridges as to how veggie capsules are better. Furthermore, these capsules cater to a more extensive customer range.

  • Great Pricing

The testimonials are not lying when they say that Kratom Caps has fantastic price ranges when we consider their quality. The brand has a number of strains that retail at nominal prices. Their Bali capsules start at a mere 14.50$ for 1oz.

  • Samples

The brand provides a free sample of whatever strain you want with every purchase you make. The number of samples increases as your order increases in size. This way, you can try new strains while buying the one you desire at the same time.

  • Customer Care

In the case of any online business, customer care is extremely important. Caps Kratom encourages customers to contact them so that their team can answer any Mitragyna query that they may have.


  • The product range

When it comes to Kratom, having a wide product range is very important. You should have various strains in a number of forms so that it caters to the needs of a vast customer pool. Kratom Caps have an only single form available which narrows their clientele significantly. Therefore, it is necessary for the brand to widen the product range so that more customers are attracted.

  • Lab tests

The brand lacks one of the most vital factors in online kratom shopping. They do not mention lab tests, nor do they have any test results on display. This makes the quality of the products being sold extremely dubious and thus is a drawback.

  • Social media image

In an age like today, an active social media following is necessary so that more people are attracted to your company. Being active on such media forums helps to solidify your legitimacy. The brand needs to develop a solid social media image so that they can increase their customer range and develop trust.

Final Thoughts

There are a few drawbacks when it comes to Kratom Caps. The most significant one is the absence of lab results. However, there are numerous customer testimonials that swear by the quality of the vendor’s Mitragyna. If you do decide to buy from Caps Kratom, make sure that you begin with a small quantity and ensure that you are satisfied with the quality.

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