Since time unknown, many herbs, plants, and roots are solely in use for their recreational ability. With time their medicinal uses were also discovered, and later on confirmed by modern medicine, but their use as a recreational drug has never ceased.

Many different drugs are available in specific regions. Kratom also known as Mitragyna speciosa is a plant popular in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar.

Kratom is special due to the fact that it belongs to the coffee (Rubiaceae) family. These plants are well-known and widely used in traditional medicine and daily routine life for their opiates like effects and stimulant properties.

How to take Kratom?

Like any other plant which has medicinal properties, you can chew Kratom leaf whole and fresh. It should just, of course, be ensured that the tough central vein is removed. Similarly, dried leaf forms are also tough to chew and swallow, which is why it is preferred to crush them into dried powdered form before ingestion.

Another method commonly used due to its ease is mixing the powder in a glass of water and drinking it. Other liquids such as milk, chocolate milk, sweetened fruit juice and kefir can also aid in this purpose.  These drinks can also help mask the unpleasant taste Kratom can also be morphed into paste or capsule forms.

Smoking Kratom leaves seem impractical as you require a high dosage to achieve the desired results. Kratom tea is another option to which you can add sugar or honey.

Kratom Dosage

It is a drug which works as a stimulant and a mood enhancer at low doses and ends up working as a sedative at higher doses. It is suggested that one start using Kratom at a dose of 0.5 grams and then build up or decrease it to a level that is suitable for you. A common form of dosage is 3-4 grams every 3 to 4 hours.

How to measure Kratom dosage?

  • Electronic Digital Scales: The best way to weigh a dose of Kratom is by these widely available electronic scales which weight it down to one-tenth of a gram.
  • Teaspoon: One teaspoon of a finely leveled powdered form of Kratom will weigh around 2 grams or 2.25 grams. This amounts to a midsized dose of Kratom of average or high potency. Similarly, one teaspoon of crushed leaves of Kratom will weigh around 0.8 grams, which amounts to the smallest amount of starting dosage.

Kratom Effects According to Dosage

Kratom Dosages divided into threshold, mild, moderate and strong exhibit the following effects:

  • Threshold: The effects are clearly apparent, but subtle.
  • Mild: Typically the effects are stimulant-like.
  • Moderate: The effects can be stimulant-like or sedative-euphoric-analgesic.
  • Strong: Sedative-euphoric-analgesic effects; too strong for highly sensitive people.
  • Very Strong: Sedative-euphoric-analgesic effects.

How to potentiate the Kratom effects?

It is always a good idea to take a recreational drug along with other drugs that have the ability to work synergistically and potentiate the effects of the first drugs. Kratom works well with the following drugs:

  • Antacids: Four Antacid tablets of 750 mg, if taken 30- 60 minutes before a meal can potentiate Kratom’s effect due to its ability to raise the pH levels of the stomach.
  • Turmeric and Black Pepper: 7 grams of turmeric and a pinch of black pepper taken approximately 1 hour before ingestion of Kratom can help potentiate its effects, lengthen the duration of its activity and increase its bioavailability by 2000%.
  • DXM: 30-60 mg of DXM, 45-60 minutes before Kratom ingestion works best.

Other mood enhancing herbs

You can combat low levels of energy, mood, and activity by a variety of other drugs which are easily available. These simple remedies have many medicinal benefits and are as under:

  • Phenibut For Mood Enhancing

Phenibut is the best alternative for people who are tapering off kratom and want an alternative to keep their mood levels elevated. It acts as an alternate version of GABA, inhibiting excessive brain activity. Consume dosage of Phenibut only once or twice a week. Dosages are around 250-1000 mg per day.

  • John’s Wort For Mood

This drug is also considered to be another Kratom alternative due to its serotonergic action as serotonin is one of the most vital happy hormones. For general anxiety and mood lifting, appropriate dosage is around 900 mg twice daily for several days.

  • Siberian Ginseng For Mood

Siberian Ginseng is amongst the drugs which the highest mood lifting ability. It also helps increase immunity further benefiting a healthy lifestyle choice. Rumor has it that this herb was used by the Russian Olympic team which led to their award winning performance and durability. The dosage at which these effects become prominent is 300-1200 mg.

  • Astralgus For Mood

Astralgus plays an important role as a mood enhancer in scenarios where daily stress and anxiety of life has taken its toll. Its use is not just mood elevation; instead, it helps with a lot of medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiac health, liver problems etc. This drug is available in a lot of forms e.g. powders, capsules tinctures and doses of more than 28 grams are likely to be suspicious.

  • Taking Kava Kava For Mood

Being one of the most famous drugs of the ancient civilization, Kava Kava users enjoy the highest health benefits. It indicates overall joy and happiness, increased stamina, alertness, and relieved burden of physical and emotional stress. A once or twice daily dosage of 250-300 mg is enough to bring about the desirable effects.

  • Nettle For Boosting Mood

Nettle is a plant that boasts of being an alternative to tea and coffee. It can overcome stress and anxiety along with boosting energy. It also has a role in increasing iron absorption in the body. 600 mg of Nettle has been used in clinical trials and have found to be considerably free of adverse effects.

  • Maca – Best Mood Enhancing Herb

Maca is a herb that stands out from all other mood enhancing herbs due to the reason that it acts as a traditional hormonal therapy. It stimulates hypothalamus and pituitary gland of the body that leads to better working of the thyroid, adrenal, pancreas, ovarian and testicular glands that have an important function in mood enhancement. One measuring teaspoon of Maca contains 3gms. Daily safe doses of Maca is around 3-9 grams for a person weighing around 75 kgs.

  • Lavender

One of the most famous supplemental plants, used as oils in baths and brewed in teas. It enhances mood by fighting against depression and restlessness and acting as an analgesic. Lavender being an essential aromatherapy oil gives better measured in drops. 1-4 drops of oil for inhalation therapy and massage are sufficient.

  • Rhodiola

Rhodiola battles against stress by working at a cellular level. It fights against oxidative stress and is an amazing supplement for use during mentally stimulating work such as exams. It is considered to be quite similar in effects to caffeine and doses of 50 mg are thought to work well against fatigue. For stress and mood lifting, the dosing levels rise up to 288-680 mg.

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