Brand Name: Kraoma
Key Products: Maeng Da, Borneo, Bali Kratom, White Horn

The first thing that comes to any new user mind, “Where can I find safe and good quality kratom?” Since it is a different substance available and there few regulations on selling and procuring kratom.

There may be several online shops and kratom vendors near you, but a few that provide quality and purity.

Kraoma is selling fresh kratom imported from the deep jungles of Indonesia and offering a large variety of strains.

Kraoma tests all batches of leaves and then processes the stock into powders. The procurement, processing, and packaging show the company’s mission statement of providing the most ethical and pure product to customers.

The Most Attractive Feature Of Kraoma

When you log on to the website, you will like the names of the different powder blends and will want to try each one.

What struck me the most about Kraoma was the low price for all the different varieties which can offer relaxation and energy to users according to what their needs are!

The comfortable, sublime, vigour and several other types of Kraoma powders are like a promise that after consumption the user will feel sublime and peaceful or energetic and focused.

The quality of the powders is evident in the earthy aroma and the green, fresh color of the varieties available.

Another factor of interest is that Kraoma ships to the states where kratom consumption, possession, and the purchase is allowed and is not restricted.

This way, even if you don’t know what your area laws are, you can find out through their shipping destinations and avoid any complication.

In case you live in one of the states where kratom consumption is restricted, the online store will let you know.

The website is transparent and cost-effective as it does not indulge in the illegal practice of processing low-grade kratom and risking the experiences of so many users.

What Else?

Source Of Kratom

All the kratom leaves used for Kraoma products are from Indonesia and occasionally Malaysia. The leaves are tested and passed for use —this ensures the quality of the final product.

Indonesia is famous for kratom — the most authentic strains are brought from there. Kraoma also uses Indonesian strains. Some Malaysian strains also offered in different products.

The kratom is grown in fields by farmers who are known to the company and have instructions to maintain conditions to ensure good quality crop growth.

The cultivated kratom is dried and then shipped in proper packing to Kraoma for processing.


The kratom powders are packed carefully in sealed bags for freshness and to maintain the purity of the kratom powder. The vacuum-packed kratom bags are available in 60gram to kilogram bags.

The kilogram bag is the only one that is not a zip-lock bag, but a sealed and double secured bag. The company enunciates its slogan of delivering freshness to the consumer.

Grinding Procedure

The powders are made using the most exquisite machinery that can grind kratom leaves into a fine, soft powder that smells pure and organic.

The kratom powder is processed under safe conditions to ensure that the product remains fresh until it reaches the users.

Range Of Products

Kraoma offers powders of Red, green and white kratom strains of the Maeng Da, Bali and Thai species.

There is also the yellow kratom and horned leaf kratom powders. The Borneo, Brunei and Sumatra kratom is also among the popular items at the store.

You can find the vibrant, smooth and uplift kratoms, according to the purpose of your kratom consumption. This plant has been easing pain and stimulating the senses of users for centuries.

You can try any of the 24 different types of powders at Kraoma and decide which one you want to use regularly.


The price of the various kratom powders is for the different sizes of packets, and I must say, it is affordable.

The company mentions in its story that the reason they contacted farmers without any middle party was to keep the cost low.

This low cost was for the users’ benefits since the final product is reasonably priced and affordable for numerous people.

You can find kratom powders as low as $14, and as the size of the kratom package goes up, the price can reach a maximum of $149.

I believe the cost of the kratom powders is not an issue for majority users as they can avail many discounts as well.

Discounts Bundles And Free Samples

Kraoma offers discount bundle deals in which you can get a mix and match of two powders at a reduced price.

New customers can also avail a whopping 25% discount the first time they shop! If you subscribe to the shop, you will receive a 10% discount on your purchase.

The discount bundles are an excellent way to try new powders and remain within your budget. You can avail a discount of 9 to 21% on these deals, and it makes trying new products easier and fun!

You can try the free samples at Kraoma, which have unusual names and can be a pleasure to try.

There is the lively Kraoma, busy Kraoma, leisure Kraoma and smooth and peaceful are also available for you to try!

There are several other powders like joyful, serene and many more which will make you want to try every one!

For these free samples, you only need to pay the shipping and delivery charges and enjoy the soothing and energizing effects of kratom.

Lab Testing

Kraoma powders are tested several times to ensure quality and freshness. Lab tests are performed to see if they are of good quality.

This test results in the first filteration of the excellent and healthy leaves that are then further processed into powders.

The powders and blends then again tested, and if any kratom leaves are contaminated, they are not used for processing.

The third-party laboratories are engaged in testing products from Kraoma. These labs conform to the ISO9001 and GLP or cGMP standards.

Ever since the breakout of salmonella in 2018, Kraoma has been careful in keeping the testing and usage of healthy kratom a regular practice.

The final products at the brand are salmonella free, E.coli free, and have no virus or bacteria.

The yeasts and mold levels are also minimal. You can find the tests on the website and satisfy your concerns before ordering.

The Products I Liked

Kraoma’s powders are not just any kratom supplement. I tried the discount bundle with Comfort Kraoma and Uplift Kraoma.

It was a lovely feeling to feel energized with increased stamina to focus on work!
I felt as if a single dose of the White Borneo kratom strains was enough to make me maximize my work and pay attention to minor details at work.

You might feel it is a little slow, in terms of how long it takes for you to reach this state of energy and uplift.

However, the powder is a light green colored smooth and soft grind supplement that can make a difference in your daily life!

I also particularly enjoyed the Red Bali Comfort Kraoma kratom, which was soothing and tranquillizing, without sedation. It made me feel relaxed, but I didn’t feel the need to hit the bed!

Both the products were of excellent quality as their color was extraordinarily fresh and according to the vein color. The aroma of the powder is also enough for you to know you are using the right thing!

Recommended For New Users

As a new user, you will want some recommendations about what to order first. So, here’s one from our experience; Yellow Bali kratom or the Tranquil Kraoma is a blend of the green and white strains.

It is soothing yet energizing and helps you shut out the stressful negatives from your everyday life to focus better on the positive side of life!

I felt as if all my problems seemed trivial all of a sudden and helped me deal with the work that needed my full attention.

Another pure strain is the Red Bali kratom, which is best for pain relief and sedation. This may make you feel sedated and relaxed, making you want to sleep maybe.

However, if you suffer from any pain or fatigue; the Red Bali is your best bet!

Payment Methods

The best mode of payment for kratom purchase is Zelle or E-check. Debit and credit card usage may be tricky since some banks and financial services do not allow transactions for kratom purchase.

However, Zelle is a good and easy option for users. The E-check option is also efficient and comfortable.

However, through E-check, you should not expect same-day delivery. If you have been a regular customer and three or more of your E-checks have been received without bouncing, then Kraoma can send your shipment the same day.

Cryptocurrency is also a convenient way of the financial transaction. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash and Ripple are some option you can avail.

What’s surprising is that if you pay through this method, you will receive a 20% discount on your order!

Now that is a real treat! Once your payment reaches the store, they ship your product the same day.

Shipping And Delivery

Kraoma sends out all orders on the same day of ordering if you shopped before 7 PM ET. Sundays are an exception while all orders received after this time of the day will be processed the next day.

Depending on your location, you will receive the order within two to three days.

The shipping is available to all states and cities where kratom use is legal.

The company does not ship to states of Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

The cities that are not on the delivery destination list of Kraoma are San Diego, Sarasota County, Jerseyville, Union County, Columbus City, Alcorn County, Lowndes County, Monroe County, Itawamba County, and Tishomingo County.

You can choose a faster shipping option through which your order can be received within a day as well.

Returns And Exchanges

Kraoma allows the return of the product within a month, but exchanges are not allowed unless you were sent the wrong product.

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