Krabot Kratom Review 2020: Is There Good Deals On Kratom?

Krabot Kratom is an online vendor that deals in Kratom and Kratom products. The company operates from Chino Hills, California and it has been in quite a limelight lately.

Krabot Kratom is much prized for its excellent variety of Kratom as well as the finest quality of products at reasonable prices.

But to find out whether Krabot Kratom is really worth it, we decided to take a closer look at this company.

This review discusses everything you should know before shopping at Krabot. So let’s begin!

About Krabot Kratom

As already mentioned, Krabot Kratom is an online seller of Kratom. It is a small sized company that is located in the Chino Hills, California.

Its strong presence on the social media as well as countless reviews from contended customers on Reddit and other legit forums have significantly added to the popularity of this brand.

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Although, the company is a new entrant in the Kratom and nootropic industry yet it has been able to win over the hearts of Kratom lovers.

It has an impressive selection of Kratom products and what really makes Krabot stand out the crowd, is its special Kratom blends (we would discuss that in detail later on).

Krabot Kratom is considered a trusted name in the industry and people are highly satisfied with the quality of its products and efficiency of its services.

To assess a vendor’s business, it is important to analyze the quality and standard of products that it sells in the market.

This is why we have decided to discuss the range of Kratom products that are available at Krabot.

The Products Krabot Offers

The variety of Kratom and Kratom strains at is astounding. Krabot has pretty much all the varieties of Kratom on their online store and almost every strain that one may be looking for.

Moreover, the Kratom products are available in both forms, powder as well as capsules.

Even in capsules and powder products, Krabot has different packaging sizes to facilitate the customers as much as it can.

For instance, the Krabot has 4 packs of powdered Kratom ranging from 100 grams to 1 kilogram.

There are also these Starter Packs especially designed for the new consumers. The Starter Packs come in 4 different sizes, with 5 strains in each pack.

These starter packs are available in four different sizes, which includes small to extra large packages.

People can select the one that suits their individual needs in order to enjoy pleasant Kratom experience.

The Unique Kratom Strains By Krabot

Krabot is also very famous for introducing unique and different kinds of Kratom strains and blends.

For instance, on people may come across Krabot Evening Blend, which is an amalgamation of Red Sumatra, Red Bali, Red Bentuangie and Yellow Bali.

There are also these blends of green vein strains known as the Green Sundanese as well as yellow Vietnamese strain blend called the Krabot Rising Sun, respectively.

People who are Kratom nuts, who have been using Kratom products for a long time may be able to understand these modified blends better as compared to those who are new to Kratom.

Therefore, we recommend that people who want to try Kratom for the first time should avoid these Krabot’s unique blends.

The Starter Packs by Krabot are an excellent choice for those who have never consumed mitragyna speciosa before.

However, unfortunately, these starter packs are most of the times out of stock so customers will have to keep a close eye and visit Krabot frequently to get their hands on them as soon as they restock these packs.

Because of the unavailability of certain products at, it appears that this brand is quite popular among the Kratom consumers. People like shopping at Krabot and that’s why products run out of stock very soon.

So what has made Krabot the best shopping place for Kratom lovers? Let’s find out!!!

Excellent Shipping And Customer Service

One of the major features that have increased the popularity of in the Kratom industry is its excellent services.

Customer service and shipping are pivotal factors that define the standard of an online business.

Krabot makes sure that its customers always enjoy their shopping experience on their e-store and they don’t face any issues.

To guarantee that their customers are always in good hands, Krabot offers a 24/7 live customer support which is equipped with a highly trained and friendly staff.

There is also a handy FAQ page on the website where customers can rush in order to get answers to their normal queries.

Krabot also extends help to its valuable customers during the checkouts so that its customers don’t come across any technical problems while placing their orders, and to make sure that they have placed the right order before to check out.

Finally, Krabot also provides the buyers with tracking information so that they can find out the status of their consignment and expected delivery time.

This spares the customers from worrying about when they would finally receive their order and contacting the vendor again and again.

Special Deals And Product Prices On Krabot

So far, if you compare Krabot with other Kratom vendors, its prices are the most reasonable.

For instance, it sells a 100 grams bag of Kratom powder for $23.99 only. At other Kratom sellers, the prices for 100 grams of Kratom powder are usually higher.

Similarly, a bottle of 1000mg capsules with a count of 30 is available for $14.99 only at the sells 50 capsules of 2 grams Kratom for $15.45.

So it can be safely said that Krabot has the fairest prices for Kratom as compared to its competitors, while the quality of its products is no less than them.

Other astonishing things that make people return to Krabot are its exciting seasonal discounts and special price coupons.

Krabot announces coupon codes from time to time on various social media as well as Reddit.

With these coupon codes, you can redeem up to 35% off on your purchases….making the product prices almost a steal.

Final Words

Krabot Kratom appears to be an excellent Kratom vendor. From the quality of its products to its amazing customer care services, everything is top notch.

People can’t stop buying from Krabot which is evident from the numerous positive user reviews we get to see over the internet.

Krabot knows the importance of retaining customers and for that sake, it makes sure that no one leaves its online store disappointed or dissatisfied with anything.

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