Many individuals approximately in millions, plan to enter the addiction rehab centers.There are various rehab centers which have successfully treated most of the individuals while some had to undergo relapse as soon as they reached home.

You need to make different promises and educate yourself properly before you plan on enrolling in an addiction rehab program.

Being sober is a critical decision you might have made in your life, but now what. Before you plan to go to the addiction rehab for having your treatment done you need to ask these questions as it is a matter of life and death for such individuals.

For treating your addiction, it is highly preferable to visit the addiction rehab centers as they are present for you in the hard times. The journey of getting through the addiction habit is one of the scariest and most vulnerable parts of your life.

Recovery from addiction is all about learning and self-discovering yourself without the use of alcohol or drugs.

Addiction rehab

The rehabs are defined as the structured programs planned for treating the people who are struggling to cope up with their addiction issues. The rehabs also promote the addicted individuals to work for a happy, healthy and sober life.

What does the addiction rehab do with the individuals suffering from addiction?

The treatment programs at addiction rehab are tailored according to an individual’s needs. The program usually comprises of 4 primary elements which include:

  • Intake
  • Detoxification
  • Rehabilitation
  • Ongoing recovery

Key questions to ask before going to addiction rehab for a treatment

Before entering the rehab center, you need to know which one is best for you and fits well according to your needs.

Before you enroll in a particular center, you need to ask few questions to make sure you are at the right place.

The following questions should be asked to the addiction rehab centers before you plan to enroll yourself:

  • What will be the cost of the addiction rehab program?

cost of the addiction rehab programThe first and the most daunting question before entering the rehab program is the financial support which you might need during the treatment.

The addiction rehab programs have different prices. The high-end luxury rehab programs are costly due to the extra services, amenities along with the increased ratio of staff to patients.

The inpatient facilities are costly because they offer the individuals with lodging, meals, therapy along with activities.

The outpatient rehab programs have different fees depending on high structures, intensive programs, individual or weekly group counseling sessions or support meetings.

Several factors have an impact on the cost of the addiction rehab programs, which includes the following:

  • Amenities provided during the treatment such as private rooms, gourmet foods, acupuncture, massage, and others.
  • Duration of the program according to your need.
  • Type of the rehab program such as inpatient program will be costly when compared to the outpatient rehab program. The cost of the rehab programs depends on the addiction severity, the time required for the addiction therapy and level of care you need during the treatment.
  • Location of the rehab center, if it is providing you with luxurious surroundings, then it will be costly.
  • What is the treatment goal for your addiction?

This specific question should be asked to yourself as well as the facilities provided by the rehab for the addiction treatment.

Ask yourself that why you want to have the therapy done for your addiction. What will be the outlook after you get the process done?

Once you are done asking these questions to yourself, then ask your rehab center that which goals are they planning to facilitate their attendees with and what qualities will they achieve during and after the treatment for their addiction. Make sure that your goals are similar to the ones planned by your rehab center.

  • Which programs are offered by the rehab centers?

There are various programs for treating the addiction all over the U.S. each of these rehab centers offer different ways of recovery; they have different tools for achieving sobriety along with a set of varying beliefs.

Ask your treatment centers about the availability of various programs which might include outpatient or inpatient programs and for how much time each one of these programs lasts.

Confirm from your rehab centers about the driving force and their idea behind such programs. Ask them about their subscription associated with the disease model linked to the addiction, confirm your center about the support and use of the 12 steps.

Ask the rehab center that whether they offer programs for people who are agonists, atheist or anything more severe?

Make sure that the rehab centers provide you with components which have the same parameters as your personal beliefs and psychologically.

Consider asking the rehab center for the duration of the programs offered by them, whether they are for long-term or short-term.

The most common addiction rehab program provided by the rehab centers involves the 28-days program.

However, the 28-day plan is not enough for achieving the sobriety of stable type for most of the people.

Addiction is a form of the complex phenomenon which needs time for the recovery of both physical as well as mental damage, so most individuals require a more extended duration program to achieve sobriety,i.e., around 90-day rehab program is preferred.

  • What will be mentioned in your first assessment?

Before enrolling yourself in the addiction treatment program, have all the knowledge regarding the initial assessment.

You should have sound knowledge about how they thoroughly evaluate you in the first assessment and what will happen to you physically as well as psychologically.

Kindly have thorough knowledge about these factors to choose which programs work better for you and have a positive impact on your sobriety for long-term.

Identify the different co-occurring disorders which might occur during the addiction treatment so that you can incorporate the therapy for these diseases into your addiction treatment plan.

It is better to have an extensive assessment regarding your entire treatment plan at the rehab center.

  • Is the detox component included in your addiction treatment plan?

detox component included in your addiction treatment planMost of the addiction rehab programs need a detoxification phase for removal of all the traces of alcohol or drugs from the body.

Some individuals might need a prescription medicine for easing the withdrawal symptoms which might be linked with certain drugs such as heroin or other opiate drugs.

The severity of detoxification varies from person to person and includes few factors:

  • The unique metabolism and body composition of an individual.
  • The drug and the dosage used by an individual.
  • For how long the drug was consumed.
  • Are there any other addictions involved along with the particular drug used.

The detoxification process is extremely severe and dangerous. We assume that physical dependence can never happen to us.

However, it is opposite as there are always the withdrawal symptoms associated with any substance which depends on the severity and they are highly uncomfortable.

So, for all these reasons you need to confirm from the rehab center about the detox programs offered by them.

Consider asking them about the consultation from the medical professionals who might assist you during the withdrawal period.

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  • Will insurance be the part of your treatment plan in the addiction rehab center?

Will insurance be the part of your treatment planThe cost of the addiction treatment serves as a significant factor which you need to consider in almost every situation.

In most of the cases, the health insurance companies offer a substantial amount of money for the addiction treatment programs, in conditions where the rehab centers are willing to work coordinately with each other.

Make sure that the insurance provider is prepared to offer the rehab center with complete coverage for the alcohol or drug addiction program.

After which you need to clarify with the rehab centers that your health insurance companies will work with them so that they can reach an agreement.

  • Is nutrition included in the addiction treatment program?

nutrition included in the addiction treatment programAccording to various studies, the typical addicted person has an impoverished state of the body.

The report mentioned by the University of Maryland Medical center states that the opiate abuse leads to intestinal problems leading to malnutrition, while alcoholism, on the other hand, can result in brain disease and anemia leading to nutritional deficiencies.

Many people might assume that nutrition is not an essential factor, but it is one of the fundamental elements which should be considered during the recovery phase.

During the addiction period, our body is destroyed and needs a perfect nutritional component for recovery.

The rehab centers should provide you with complete information regarding the nutrition which helps you in keeping the check about healthy food during the recovery period.

An addiction program with real recovery must include the nutritional support to repair the person’s deficiencies because the symptoms linked with deficiency might result in depression, sleeplessness, lack of appetite or energy, irritation along with other symptoms.

According to the review published regarding the rehab programs, it concluded that the nutritional support helped around 60-80% of the individuals and allowed them to lead their life with sobriety.

  • Confirm about the customized treatment options available at the rehab center

Recovery along with the treatment comes hand in hand. These are the personal elements of an individual.

Make sure that the addiction rehab center, you are planning to enroll will offer you with personalized treatment option varying from other individuals in the same rehab center.

Humans have different psychological and physiological factors, due to which they experience various issues during the treatment.

It is because of this reason you need to ask them about the personalized treatment options.

A customized treatment plan for your addiction potential makes sure that what are your requirements regarding the treatment, other than the treatment options provided to other individuals.

  • Do the rehab centers offer support to their patients after the completion of treatment?

Many people do not consider what will happen, once the treatment is over. However, you need to find the fact that your success after the treatment program is maintained.

Ask addiction rehab center about their facility regarding the ongoing support and they offer any alumni programs, workshops, retreats or meetings.

Can you stay in touch with a particular therapist? You should make sure that whether the relapse prevention is included in your treatment program.

All these questions regarding the ongoing support after the treatment conclude, make sure that you need to stay sober even after the procedure is completed.

  • Does the rehab center offer support to the family of an individual?

rehab center offer support to the family of an individualThe family support should also be offered by the rehab center because the firm support is essential for the person undergoing the rehab program.

The family members should receive education, guidance, and help to make the recovery phase last for longer.

The rehab center should also offer the children’s program to educate and support them about being healthy and staying safe while their parents are leading an addicted life and trying to cope up with the recovery through the rehab programs.

The programs offered by rehab center for family support ensures the fact that the relationships get stronger and aids in repairing the damage that might have happened due to the drug or alcohol addiction.

  • How is the staff trained in the specific rehab center?

You have full right to know about the training programs offered by the addiction rehab centers for their staff so that you can conclude about getting your treatment done in perfect hands.

The licenses and credentials ensure an individual that the team providing you with treatment meets the standard criteria.

Consider asking the rehab center about the number of doctors, medical professionals and therapists available on board and what credentials do they possess.

The interdisciplinary team should be fully licensed which includes the addiction counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, physicians, social workers, family specialists, nutritionists along with the wellness specialists.

  • Can I make my stay for long-term, if I’m feeling the need to do so?

Treatment for addiction potential becomes impossible if you stop the medication before time and leave the rehab center.

Make sure that you have knowledge about the period of each program and which protocol will be followed if you plan to stay for longer according to your needs.

Make sure to check with your insurance companies that whether they plan on covering the money for the extra time that you spend in the rehab center.

Addiction treatment program offers you to enjoy the difference between leading to life or death. So consider, asking all the questions which are necessary before you enter a rehab program.

  • What outcome are you expecting from the rehab programs?

Finally, you need to know what results you are expecting from the rehab center.

Different programs end up differently with different outcomes. Some people consider being successful by attending the meetings or taking Suboxone or Methadone prescribed to them.

Others think themselves being successful by completing the 28-day program assigned to them.

On the other hand, rehab centers might also consider the success of a person depending on their number who remain abstinent even after they reach home.

The factors which might have a positive impact on achievement include improved and successful employment, family relations, morality and many others.

You can decide according to your opinion that which outcome is desired or acceptable. This decision will help you to enroll in the specific rehab center.

You can ask the rehab center about their criteria regarding the measurement of a person’s success along with the success rate achieved by the rehab center.


Selecting an addiction rehab program is considered as the biggest and an essential decision of life.

You need to be educated about all the details regarding the rehab center as your life and death depend on them.

You need a proper rehab program for licensed individuals who will guarantee your recovery phase and make every effort to make you successful.

Avoid falling for marketing tactics and make sure to get all the perfect answers to your questions.

There are numerous amount of rehab centers, but you need to make sure and find the best one for your treatment, so consider asking these simple vital questions to enjoy a successful life after the recovery phase ends.

Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.