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JuicyFields – Make Solid Income By Joining The European Cannabis Crowdfunding Platform

Juicy Fields
Address: Torellstraße 4, 10243 Berlin, Friedrichshain
Ph: +49 163 228 0740
Website: https://juicyfields.io

Juicy Fields are expanding to every yard and lawn with the innovative idea of making every person a potpreneur. You can now earn significant profits by growing cannabis.

This is an opportunity to become a part of the rolling fields of natural goodness, only to yield benefits.

What Is Juicy Fields?

Juicy Fields is the world’s first crowd growing platform. It is a unique opportunity to earn profits by growing cannabis and contributing to the billion-dollar industry! Without prior experience, growers can add to the need for medical marijuana all over the world.

Due to high license fees and other initial investment required, a lot of people don’t venture into production units for cannabis products.

However, Juicy Fields is the solution for finding organic cannabis through growers, and delivering it to processors who can distribute the products to people who need them!

This unique crowd growing platform connects entrepreneurs growing cannabis with manufacturers and processors to ensure sustained business growth. This aim of the Juicy Fields platform is evident as soon as you log on to the website.

Here is a simple and straightforward way for growers to earn profits while helping the cannabis industry!

Now you can avail of the benefits of Juicy Fields non-plant-touching system and grow cannabis, even if it not legal in your country!

What Makes The Platform Simple To Join?

Juicy Fields is a crowd growing movement aimed at bringing people closer to the cannabis industry by becoming contributors.

Wherever you are in the world, here’s a chance to earn a profit every three months! Join the profitable growers’ cooperative and enjoy the income.

There are millions of people using medical cannabis, but the industry aims to make this natural substance accessible all over the world. This growth requires financing and an increase in cannabis cultivation.

While people are looking for ways to earn money, and the cannabis industry is looking for ways of expansion, Juicy Fields becomes a link!

Why Grow Cannabis?

Cannabis has become one of the fastest-growing industries since it was approved as a natural supplement for health.

Since the early 2000s, cannabis has become a valuable industry to invest with. Have you heard of any other investment that has zero risks with profits coming in after every three months?

Become a part of this crowd growing platform as this industry is expected to grow to $66.3 billion by 2025. A safe investment today can earn you a lot of money in a few years only.

You don’t have to be in a particular city or state to be a part of this crowd growing opportunity.

Growing cannabis is legal, and you can now grow medical cannabis without a hefty license fee and spending thousands of dollars.

Juicy Fields As A Unique Crowd Growing Platform

The Juicy Fields platform is a link between growers and processors. This platform originated in Spain, and in 2019, the platform opened up to growers all over the world.

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The cannabis you grow will become a part of the medical supplement industry. While you earn profits every three months, marijuana will help millions of people become healthier.

Juicy Fields also sells CBD products under the brand name, but several other medical cannabis products require organic cannabis from the crowd growing platform.

The company earns almost 15% from the sale of high-quality medical cannabis flowers and products under the label. The rest of the amount received is distributed among the partners.

How To Start?

As mentioned before, there is no requirement of licenses. Potential partners can log on to the website and make a grower’s account. After getting introduced to the platform, one can assess the cannabis strain they can grow.

Once you have selected the plant and decide to plant the cannabis feed, you become a part of the community.

This platform is convenient because you don’t have to get in touch with distributors, whole-sellers, and pharmaceutical companies. Once you plant your strains, Juicy Fields will help you through.

Become A Part Of Juicy Fields

Often people wonder if they require professional skills or farming experience to grow cannabis and earn money.

This unique crowdfunding platform is fast becoming popular because it does not require any professional skills from entrepreneurs.

There are numerous experts at Juicy Fields, who help select partners and review the growing processes.

Profitable Growers’ Cooperative

In the United States, crowd growing platforms may be a new concept due to several legal obstacles for funding.

However, the cannabis industry is strict, and Juicy Fields provides support to new growers for growing their cannabis.

Simultaneously the crowd growing platform also engages companies to buy the best organic cannabis.

This way, both growers and manufacturers remain interested, and everyone wins!

Currently, all cannabis products are expensive since the license fee is exorbitant. Many people don’t enter this industry due to the massive investment needed.

Juicy Fields gives a common ground to all potential manufacturers and growers as there is reduced initial investment for all.

All entrepreneurs who want to become potpreneurs with as little as $54, can yield profits as soon as their plantation is ready. Typically within three months of joining Juicy Fields, you will start earning profits.

Get To Know More

You can follow the Juicy Fields social media pages to understand more about the platform. You can join the team of growers who can quickly get profits in a short period.

In Europe and the United States, you can indulge in a project that will be funded and will ensure safe and beneficial sales of your cannabis strains.

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