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Is Kratom Legal In Mississippi? MS Kratom Laws (2023)

Many people love to use Kratom. In most states, Kratom is not legal; the same is true in Mississippi.

When you go on a vacation, the first check is, “Is kratom legal in Mississippi?” Mississippi is one of those states in which Kratom is legal, but several counties and cities have banned the use of Kratom.

If you plan to visit Mississippi, complete your search on Kratom legality.

Let’s learn more about Kratom’s validity and legality in Mississippi.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is a tree native to Southeast Asia. The leaves of this tree consist of a chemical named mitragynine, which serves as a partial opioid such as morphine. Just like other opioids, it also needs some severe safety aspects.

Kratom is a psychotropic substance of leaves grown in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, and Malaysia.The Kratom users consume in three ways: make tea to feel it, eat the leaves directly, or digest capsules full of ground leaf powder.

Kratom is being marketed as its alternative and has excellent healing powers. Still, medical experts and professionals suggest avoiding taking Kratom because of its possible health risks. 

The principal active component of Kratom differs because of plants, so its outcomes are always unsure and unstable. It increases the risk of overdose and other side effects, such as chills, vomiting, hallucinations, liver damage, etc.

Is Kratom Legal In Mississippi?

Using Kratom is legal and valid in most of the cities of Mississippi. But most of the MS counties have declared Kratom illegal. Additional efforts are being taken to outlaw Kratom in other Municipalities and even the entire Mississippi.

In 2018, they took the first steps toward making Kratom illegal throughout the state. A bill pointed to probit the mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine in any form. However, this bill still needs to be passed in committee. Lately, a new bill has been approved in the same year. The authorities made some adjustments and didn’t include Kratom in it.

Since the residents and officials changed their minds, the attempt to make Kratom illegal all over the state didn’t pass. It decided to deal with Kratom validity in each city and condition.

In Mississippi, Kratom was labeled illegal in Union County and Columbus City. After that, it continues in other counties/cities, such as Sarasota, Florida, and San Diego, California.

Has Mississippi Completely Banned Kratom?

The travelers who want to take Kratom with them to Mississippi, so we have got some bad and good news. 

The news which can excite you is that Kratom is not illegal nationally, but here the bad news starts, some areas in the state have banned the use of Kratom.

On the federal level, the FDA is not responsible for Kratom control. In this case, every municipality, city, and state has the authority to decide about the legality and banning of Kratom.

The Kratom users and buyers are puzzled and confused when they are allowed to use Kratom in one city. Still, it’s prohibited in other towns, just like in Mississippi.

That’s why it’s the responsibility of Kratom consumers to be aware of the rules and regulations of every state. At the moment, around 33 cities in Mississippi have banned the buying and usage of the herb Kratom. On the other hand, other counties are at the border to deny using and selling herbs.

Is Kratom Illegal In All The Counties Of The Mississippi?

There are some exceptions for a clear answer, whether it’s legal or not in Mississippi.As we all know, Kratom is nationally legal in Mississippi. But to make it illegal in some cities and counties, they passed some bills.

Currently, Kratom is legal in a few cities while banned in other counties of Mississippi.You need to know about this before visiting Mississippi.Let’s glance at banned counties and cities for Kratom in Mississippi.

List of counties in which Kratom is banned:

  • Tishomingo
  • Alcorn
  • Union
  • Calhoun
  • Itawamba
  • Noxubee
  • Prentiss
  • Tippah
  • Lowndes
  • Monroe

List of cities in which Kratom is banned 

  • Iuka
  • Bruce
  • Derma
  • Belmont
  • Blue Mountain
  • Booneville
  • Burnsville
  • Caledonia
  • Calhoun City
  • Columbus
  • Corinth
  • Fulton
  • Guntown
  • Iuka
  • Mantachie
  • Marietta
  • New Albany
  • Saltillo
  • Okolona
  • Tishomingo City
  • Oxford
  • Pontotoc
  • Ripley
  • Senatobia
  • Vardaman
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Bills To Ban Kratom In 2020 And 2021

Kratom experts in Mississippi labeled 2019 as a dark year for Kratom as in the same year, so they did many bans. The Kratom rivalry continues to 2021 and even 2022.

They did their best to schedule Kratom; even Senator Charles Younger passed a bill to make Kratom a Schedule I drug. Apart from this, there were two bills, House Bill 1287 and House Bill 1284. The purpose was the same to schedule Kratom. To my surprise, these bills could have done better to pass.

The same story repeated in 2021 as five bills, including House Concurrent Resolution 45, House Bill 611, Senate Bill 2370, Senate Concurrent Resolution 539, and Senate Bill 2110, took place against Kratom. Again, Kratom won as only a few bills passed, and Kratom’s legality continues in most states.

But the table turned in December, as Pearl River County passed a bill to prove Kratom illegal and harmful. The House voted on the nose, and it passed with one mind.

About Kratom Laws In Mississippi

2018 saw the beginning of the first plans and initiatives to outlaw Kratom. By Senate Bill 2475’s declaration, the state can deny mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine in any form.

The products with active compounds should be categorized as schedule 1, per the bill.

Fortunately, the bill failed severely. But this was just the start of a rivalry between Kratom and its users.

The Senate proposed a second bill in the same year named House Bill 974. 

But, again, this bill fails, and Kratom and its product usage continue. 

When things turned around in favor of herbs, they allowed the cities to decide independently; when cities and municipalities took over authorities, they started banning the herb Kratom.

The first ones to do these bans were Unity County and Columbus City. Both states claimed Kratom to be a synthetic substance. It is a natural herb. History is repeating as all these measures have been taken already in Florida and San Diego in California.

Where To Buy Kratom In Mississippi?

Users can buy Kratom from gas stations, smoke and vape shops, and stores throughout Mississippi. 

Top Local Kratom Stores In Mississippi

The Country Squire

  • Location: 1855 Lakeland Dr c10, , MS 39216
  • Phone: (601) 362-2233

Dr. Feelgood Botanicals

  • Location: 1956 E Pass Rd, Gulfport, MS 39507
  • Phone: (228) 243-6382

Handy Pantry Head Shop

  • Location: 2425 W 4th St, Hattiesburg, MS 39401
  • Phone: (601) 582-3211

Tobacco & Beer Discount House

  • Location: 2328 Pass Rd, Biloxi, MS 39531
  • Phone: (228) 388-9800

Havana Smoke Shoppe

  • Location: North, 4760 Interstate 55 North Frontage Rd f, , MS 39211
  • Phone: (601) 981-2222

The Kratom Shack

  • Location: 12100 US 49 North #736, Gulfport, MS 39503
  • Phone: (228) 383-5166

Ra Shop #7 Hattiesburg

  • Location: 2706 Hardy St, Hattiesburg, MS 39401
  • Phone: (601) 261-6961

Koast Kratom

  • Location: 2337 Pass Rd suite a, Biloxi, MS 39531
  • Phone: (228) 334-8352

The Vitamin Shoppe

  • Location: 1220 E Northside Dr. Ste 400, , MS 39211
  • Phone: (601) 362-1781

Simply Tobacco Club

  • Location: 9442 US 49 D, Gulfport, MS 39503
  • Phone: (228) 206-1369

Stop & Save Discount Tobacco

  • Location: 1522 E Hardy St, Hattiesburg, MS 39401
  • Phone: (601) 583-3363

The Cigar Shop

  • Location: 2611 Pass Rd, Biloxi, MS 39531
  • Phone: (228) 273-3230

Southaven Smoke

  • Location: 9020 US-51, Southaven, MS 38671
  • Phone: 662) 393-4987

Dan’s Discount Tobacco & Beer 526

  • Location: 2800 Lincoln Rd suite b, Hattiesburg, MS 39402
  • Phone: (601) 268-7640

To help you get the pure, original Kratom products you pay for,, we advise you to buy your favorite Kratom substance from an authentic and reliable online store.

Find genuine and trustworthy sellers who offer pure Kratom products by doing lab tests and give security to giving authentic Kratom. Still, for betterment, they read reviews of their customers.

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