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In The Weeds Apothecary Review

Where do you think you can buy Kratom? Among all sources to buy Kratom, the online shops are the best. Considering that, the best Kratom seller online is one hot topic on all Kratom discussion forums.

Kratom, as everyone knows, grows in Southeast Asia. It doesn’t grow in the USA, so any person living in the USA would have to buy it from its local vendor.

Unfortunately, not all native Southeast Asian vendors deliver to the US. But many US vendors have started to import Kratom and its products and sell them locally. Still, many people aren’t sure of any reliable Kratom website to order it.

All Kratom lovers should know about this new Kratom seller that everyone can trust to provide the purest Kratom strains. The seller that this article will review is called “In The Weeds Apothecary.”  It is among top Kratom sellers online that offers many different types of Kratom strains and related products.

Here is everything that every existing and new Kratom user must look for before trying a new Kratom vendor. This review of In The Weeds Apothecary is likely to make the readers reach this vendor for their next Kratom purchase online.

Are Kratom and CBD Right For Me?

This is the first question that nearly every person thinks at least once before trying Kratom. To answer, here is something that everyone should know.

Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa is a tree-like plant that grows in Southeast Asia. It belongs to the same family of plants as coffee.

Conventionally, Kratom is a part of many herbal remedies in Thailand and neighboring countries for centuries. It is highly dosage sensitive and shows opiate-like effects, however, Kratom itself is not opiate. It boosts energy, relieves pain, stress, regulates sleep, and helps in withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate addiction.

Since 2000, evidence shows a high increase in Kratom usage worldwide. Especially in North America and Europe, Kratom became famous as a recreational drug and for the self-management of pain, stress, energy, and cognitive boost as well as for opiate withdrawal management. It is typically suggested for people who experience such issues.

The unique mix of alkaloids in Kratom is responsible for all its effects. The balanced nature of every Kratom strain depends upon levels of these alkaloids and dosage that a user takes. One must bear in that not all users experience the same effects from the same Kratom strain.

When you talk about medical cannabis, there are many common misconceptions about “Cannabidiol” or CBD, the second most common active ingredient in the marijuana plant.

This CBD is a wonder in itself. It has high medicinal content that makes it helpful in decreasing pain or neuropathy, just like medicines. This reason adds to the regulation of CBD in the US.

The mainstream media has failed to recognize CBD’s medicinal value. However, the research shows that it is a promising agent that can treat certain health conditions.

The best thing about it is that it is not addictive and helps some patients without showing any adverse side effects associated with psychoactive THC.

What You Need to Know About In the weeds apothecary

In The Weeds Apothecary is a Kratom and CBD seller that is based in the USA. It is easy to track it as its address, as the website tells that its head office is at Virginia. This shop is a one-stop-shop for Kratom and CBD products. Here you can buy different Kratom strains in powder and capsule form as well as pure CBD products.

As the primary information shows, In The Weeds Apothecary is an online-based store. But it also has a store that sells Kratom and CBD locally. If you don’t live anywhere close, you may visit its online store. Each of the products is visible in its respective category, along with its brief description and price information.

It is easy to buy Kratom online at In The Weeds Apothecary. Every new buyer has to create his account by adding his necessary details, i.e., name, address, contact, etc. next is to select the products that may be of his interest. Once the product is into the cart, the next is to choose a suitable payment method. This step comes last, and the website will send a confirmatory email right away. The standard delivery takes a few days based on your distance from Virginia.

Why in the weeds apothecary stands out?

Many people are overwhelmed, as there are so many online Kratom and CBD sellers. What possibly could be a way to evaluate them? To answer this question, here is what makes In The Weeds Apothecary stand out in all online Kratom vendors.

Quality and variety

In The Weeds Apothecary is a trusted name for pure Kratom and CBD products online. It ensures every user that whatever he is buying is of supreme quality. Because of these premium quality products, the user may not even need a very high dosage to get all effects. Pure Kratom and CBD both work best on a low dose if they are of good quality.  

Usually, a moderate dose of Kratom works best for the majority of strains. It satisfies most of the customers. But for all the products bought from In The Weeds Apothecary, they take full responsibility for it. If any user isn’t happy or satisfied with his choice of product, the company gives him a full refund back. For refund claims, feel free to ask questions at the customer service representative at any time.

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Price and affordability

Only a quick analysis will tell you that all products at In The Weeds Apothecary seem to have appropriate prices. Additionally, it has multiple purchase options for every user. He may choose any quantity that fulfills his need for an economical price.

Let’s understand this by an example.

Most of the Kratom powders at In The Weeds Apothecary are available in 25g, 50g, and 100g standard size packs. Similarly, Kratom capsules are available in 50 pills or 100 Kratom pills bags. Kratom powders are also available on bulk orders, i.e., 250g to 1.0kg of Kratom. Now the lowest price for the smallest pack that is 25g. The price goes up as the packaging size increases.

The Weeds Apothecary gives a detailed but easy purchase option for every new user selecting packing, size, and quantity of Kratom and CBD products.  For the general price estimate, you are much likely to find Kratom on as low as $9.90 to $140 maximum, as per size/quantity required. CBD products have a different price as per their type and amount.

Affiliate program and referrals

The Weeds Apothecary offers an affiliate program for all users. Anyone who agrees and becomes a part of it has to follow some guidelines. These guidelines include; must be human, over 18 years of age and US citizen. It also asks for personal details. Signing up to this program gives several benefits. However, the user is bound to follow the terms and conditions, or else his account will be terminated.

Faster delivery

As described earlier, In The Weeds Apothecary delivers to all locations in the USA. But it doesn’t ship to Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington DC, Wisconsin, Oceanside, CA – San Diego, CA – Sarasota, FL – Jerseyville, IL – Union County, MS.

All these locations have not allowed Kratom to be fairly traded under state laws. That’s why In The Weeds Apothecary doesn’t accept or deliver to these states.

Furthermore, for every purchase that exceeds $50.00 or more becomes free. There are no delivery charges added to such an order. For the orders below $50.00, standard delivery charges apply, as per the location—dial the customer care line to know the delivery charges for your state.

Customer care line

In The Weeds Apothecary understands that buying Kratom and CBD online is not easy for people. To facilitate all users on information, orders, products, complaints, refunds, delivery, and related issues, In The Weeds Apothecary has an active customer care line. Call at +540-993-6953 to get your answers. Alternatively, you may also write to them by writing at https://www.intheweedsapothecary.com. The website has a direct route to contact them by submitting an online form, stating your issue.

The address of their office/warehouse is as follows.

“n the Weeds Apothecary
414 Westwood Office Park
Fredericksburg, VA, 22401


Lastly, the website runs its related blog, where it posts informational material on Kratom and CBD. The purpose is to educate people on the health benefits of Kratom and CBD. Taking a close look at recent posts tells that there are blog posts on common queries like  “best Kratom for pain,” “Kratom for pets,” “Green veins Kratom” etc. All these titles suggest that the vendor is working hard to inform its readers about possible uses of Kratom, CBD, and other herbs.

What are the Exciting Products here?

Here comes an answer to an important question. In The Weeds Apothecary offers almost all bestselling Kratom strains and CBD products. All the items currently in stock are marked as available. The out of stock items are also listed on the site. If any favorite product of yours is not in stock, you may request for restocking it by contacting customer care line. A few products currently available at In The Weeds Apothecary are as follows.


  • Green vein strains such as Green Asia Kratom, Green Thai Kratom, Green Indo Kratom Green Bali Kratom, Green Dragon Kratom, Green Maeng Da Kratom, Green Hulu Kratom, Greenhorn Kratom, Green Jongkong Kratom.
  • Red vein strains such as Red Bali Kratom, Red Maeng Da Kratom. Red Dragon Kratom, Super Elephant Kratom, Red Indo Kratom, Super Green Malay Kratom, Super Red Malay Kratom Super Indo Kratom.
  • The white vein strains include White Maeng Da Kratom, White Borneo Kratom, White Hulu Kratom, White Bali Kratom, and White Dragon Kratom.
  • Special Kratom strains such as Gold Bali Kratom, Horned Maeng Da Supreme, Lucky 7 Kratom, and Yellow Vietnam Kratom


  • CBD hemp oil supplements, CBD hemp oil in a simple capsule, CBD Chill Shot, CBD fruit smoothie
  • Various CBD tools such as CBD Vape Pen, CBD Vape-Oil Cartridge, CBD Vape-Oil Kits, etc.

Major specs of all products

All the products here at In The Weeds Apothecary are;

  • 100% pure
  • Selected from premium quality sources
  • Packed using latest machinery and technology
  • 100% dosage accuracy

Conclusion – In The Weeds Apothecary

Even though In The Weeds Apothecary is a new name, it has made its place in top Kratom and CBD sellers online. The vast variety of products and affordability adds five stars to its credibility. People in Kratom community are now discussing this site on public forums and are even suggesting it to new Kratom users.

All in all, every product that you purchase from this site comes with a full refund offer. There is absolutely nothing to risk here. Hurry up and buy your favorite Kratom and CBD products before they go out of stock. For more details, contact the customer care line.

Asad Khan
Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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