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10 Ideal Way To Store Kratom Powder At Home

Kratom is a herbal supplement obtained from the leaves of Mitragyna speciose, a tree found in Thailand. It is known for its analgesic properties and used as a substitute of substance (like methadone) as kratom contains alkaloids (mitragynine and mitraversine), also used in a substance withdrawal syndrome.

It is said to have both narcotic and stimulant effects. The effects it produces are dose dependent. In small doses, kratom acts as a CNS stimulant. Large doses result in a stupor.

Kratom is available in different forms: powder, leaves, pills, etc. All of them are effective for pain relief so you can choose according to your preference.

To get the most out of your batch of kratom, be certain to store it properly. When storage conditions are suboptimum, it degrades in quality and you will not be able to get the best results. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your kratom fresh.

Ten smart ways to store kratom at home

Following are the recommendations on how to store kratom at home:

1. Store Kratom in a place with little to no temperature changes

Temperature fluctuation degrades the quality of kratom. So, store it in a room with a temperature-controlled environment. A great place like this would be the pantry.

Alternatively, you can keep it in a refrigerator or a freezer. If you decide to keep it in the freezer, place it in a storage bag (with an inner layer of glassine or foil preferably) to make small packages and eliminate as much air from the bag as possible. This will take care of the moisture that might form because of condensation.

2. Store kratom in a closed and cold room

Store kratom in a room where there is no window. It will help in maintaining the room temperature and prevent it from fluctuation. It ensures that alkaloids remain intact and do not deteriorate with time.

Some individuals prefer storing the kratom in refrigerators which prevents the kratom from losing potency.

However, you can easily save the kratom powder in a room with stable and cold temperatures.

3. Store Kratom in an air-tight container

It’s important to keep kratom away from moisture and humidity. Even a little amount of water can lead to the growth of molds in your batch, making it inedible. Keeping it dry extends its shelf life. So, keep the kratom away from humid places (like the kitchen) at all costs.

4. Keep it in a dark or opaque jar

Refrain from storing the kratom in a clear glass jar. Keep it in a tinted dark container made of ceramics or opaque material instead. This is because the ultraviolet rays from the sun can render the kratom less potent.

5. Paste the dates on kratom containers and bags

If you want to store kratom powder in bulk quantities, then make space for storage in the refrigerator. Mention the date of kratom purchase on the bags and containers where you are storing them. Then use the old kratoms first and then the new ones.

6. Keep your kratom powders safe from heat

Exposure of heat to the kratom powder can spoil it. Bear in mind to store kratom in places which are not exposed to sunlight or devices which have high temperatures example cooker, ovens or toasty places.

Heat and high temperatures damage the kratom tremendously, resulting in reduced potency and increased moisture uptake. If you plan to store kratom in the fridge, then it’s advised to place it in small bags and use them within a week.

Before putting it in bags, compress the bags and remove any air if present because it might result in moisture. The significant point in storing kratom in the fridge is that after taking it out, do not open and consume it immediately, let the temperature come back to normal.

Let it sit outside for at least few hours before you drink it. It reduces the danger of condensation when the kratom leaves return to room temperature.

7. Keep kratom away from moisture

Moisture is an extreme rival of kratom powder which can spoil the entire kratom batch if it’s exposed. The shelf life of kratom powder remains stable when the leaves are dried. However, dry leaves capture more moisture.

Consequently, it is recommended to store dry kratom leaves away from moist places example, dishwasher vents, and others.

Keep the kratom powder away from moisture, until the time you plan to brew it in your tea or else the kratom powder will have the mold growth.

8. Be sure to keep it away from strong odors

If stored in a container that has a strong unpleasant smell, kratom can pick up the odor and become unpalatable. So, take this into account when choosing a container to store kratom.

9. Keep kratom away from oxygen

The kratom leaves oxidize in the presence of Oxygen and result in the physiologic process,i.e.,cross-linking making the kratom leaves stale.

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Even if you store Mitragyna powder in a hermetic container, then also there is air present between the powder and the container.

Some vendors use a nitrogen flushing method while others use vacuum sealing method to prevent the Oxygen contact with kratom and other providers use Oxygen absorbing bags for kratom storage.

The Oxygen absorbing packets contain a blend of iron and salt. When these bags are inserted in a hermetic container, the leftover Oxygen will oxidize the iron resulting in rust.

When all of the iron oxidizes, these bags are no longer able to absorb oxygen which means they are only suitable for long-term storage.

It is because of the repeated closing and opening of these bags result in the gushing of Oxygen, making the bag useless after a short period.

The vacuum sealing effect can also be achieved at home by placing the straw in each corner and then zipping the bag.

Hold tightly onto the zipper and suck the air through the straw. Avoid putting the straw near kratom powder, or you will ingest it. Do this technique in one go and completely remove the air.

10. Buy enough for a month

To save up on money, you can buy kratom in bulk. But make sure that you don’t buy more than you can consume in 1-3 months because then it will lose its effectiveness. You can always buy fresh kratom when you run out of it.

An empty hermetic container with a small amount of kratom deteriorates more quickly when compared to the container fully loaded with kratom powder. To keep your kratom fresh and potent, fill it up completely and shake it to settle the kratom powder.

The more the kratom is loaded, the less will be the chance for oxygen to enter the container. It also prevents the kratom powder to take smell or odor from the environment.

In short, massive amounts of kratom will remain potent, fresh, and get less damaged by environmental chemicals and toxins.

If your kratom looks different than when you bought it, has lost its smell, or is growing molds; it means that the storage conditions are suboptimum. When the kratom is not stored properly, it deteriorates and loses its effectiveness.

What are the storage materials for protecting kratom?

Following are the storage materials used for kratom:

  1. Opaque containers
  2. Containers which are food safe
  3. Choose storage options that are made up of ceramics, opaque and non-reactive metals or non-leaching plastic materials.
  4. Wood containers which have no scent, as the smell can affect the kratom’s flavor.
  5. Choose storage bags which are multiple plies and have inner layers of glassine or foil. This layering effect prevents the kratom from moisture, oil, or air contamination.
  6. Do not consider Ziploc bags as storage means because it will expose the kratom to smells, light and Oxygen.
  7. Great choices for storage include metal tins that have double lids, multi-ply bags that have resealable zippers or containers which have odorless silicone seals.

How to store kratom tea?

If you plan to brew the kratom tea in large amounts, and you are wondering to keep it for long periods, then you can store it in the refrigerator.

Kratom tea stays perfect for 4-5 days at cold temperatures. Avoid storing kratom for more than 7-8 days as it will result in mold growth and bacteria which is harmful to your health.

You can also save kratom tea with alcohol for long-term use. For this mixture, you need to seven parts of kratom tea and three parts of alcohol example 80-proof vodka.

To store the kratom tea, use a plastic container that is tightly sealed, for example water bottle. However, avoid the use of clear, glass bottles.

Keep 1/5th of the bottle empty, as the liquids expand on freezing.


It is advised to store the kratom tea properly in a cool, moisture-free environment. Store it in a place that is free from sunlight and oxygen exposure.

The rules for storing kratom are pretty much the same as that for any other tea. Keep it away from moisture, sunlight, and powerful smells; and you’re good.

Buy the product in bulk so that you can save money and stack it according to your proportions. It is advised to use the speciosa powder or capsules in 1-3 months and avoid storing it for longer periods.

You can also store kratom with tea flowers example Chamomile which keeps the kratom safe from strong odors. You can clean your refrigerator by keeping some baking soda which will absorb all the foul smell and neutralize the smell in the fridge.

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