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How To Get Kratom Out Of Your System Fast? Get Rid Of Kratom

Kratom, the new age herbal alternative to conventional medicines and supplements has various highlighting factors. The working of Kratom follows rapid absorption method which makes sure that the alkaloids of Kratom are now a part of your body. Absorption is slightly affected if you use capsules because the shell of capsules also needs time to absorb. For this, pills remain inside the user body for longer than Kratom powder. It is confusing for the new users and requires some strict guideline.

To understand this, let’s have a look on Kratom and its mechanism which predict how long Kratom will stay in your body and how to get Kratom out of your system fast.

How long Kratom remains inside your body?

The debate on how to take Kratom, which method to use, how long it stays inside your body and when to repeat dosing has endless borders. The experienced users will know that when you stop taking Kratom, it shows some mild withdrawal like symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are not something alarming. It is just an indication that the bioactive compounds inside your body are ending up.

Here is scientific evidence to understand it

To understand how long Kratom is active inside the user body, it first needs to know the half like the mechanism of Kratom. The relevant information here is that Kratom is only studied on animals and there are no human trials.

The benefits of Kratom are due to its bioactive compounds. Latest research says that average half life of one of the most prevalent Kratom alkaloid mitragynine is 23 hours and 24 minutes. Not to forget, mitragynine is the alkaloid which is abundant in all Kratom strains.

The only drawback of this study is its small sample size. The half life studies are based on the experimentation on ten users which are taking high dose Kratom for 1-2 years minimum.

The estimation of half life suggests that in 24 hours, maximum of the Kratom alkaloids and their metabolites will be removed from the user body. A complete elimination will take around five days approximately. The research study, however, has differential results. It shows that the elimination of Kratom alkaloids varies between users, based on their specific acts.

The fastest removal is 7 hours which means it will take one and half day. The slowest rate showed that a complete system clear from Kratom takes nine days. All the users were using Kratom for over a year. It is logical to consider that the new users will have even more differential results. You can read the complete research results yourself, it is available online.

Which factors determine that Kratom will stay inside your body?

After knowing the half life of Kratom, the average time of Kratom being in your body is 5-6 days. It is precisely the time when the body starts showing withdrawal effects if you stop using it. There are a lot of variations which influence the metabolism of the drug.

Here are some factors which determine that how long will Kratom be inside your body.

  • The alkaloid content of the particular Kratom strain
  • Dosage of Kratom which is under the user
  • Age of the user
  • Frequency of Kratom use
  • Metabolic rate of the user
  • Individual user factors, i.e., fat content and genetics
  • Health of liver
  • Food and water intake of the user
  • Effect of certain medicines and supplements

How to make Kratom leave your body fast?

When you take Kratom, all its alkaloids, mainly mitragynine absorbs inside the body. It makes its way to the gastro intestinal tract which is where the absorption takes place. After 40-50 minutes of taking the Kratom, it is in peak level inside the blood plasma.

In case the user had a festival meal before, it may affect the absorption.

Mitragynine can reside inside the fat cells of the body. It is evident through the process of lipophilicity.

The penetration of the blood cell barriers is the highest for mitragynine. It takes around maximum one week to eliminate the Kratom from the body completely. If you doubt it to be a part of you, you can check it through individual tests.

Can you detect Kratom inside your body?

There are a few standard tests which are commonly helpful to detect the Kratom traces inside the body. If you are not sure about the elimination time of Kratom, you can opt for any of these. These types of tests are usually kind of standard drug tests. They include blood, urine, hair, saliva tests and others.

Methods to accelerate the Kratom removal from your body

There are so many ways in which you can self-help your body to drain the traces of Kratom. The withdrawal effects of Kratom are not pleasant, and they may make you uncomfortable.

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If you plan to quit using Kratom for some time or permanently, you should consider the following options.

1) Hydrate your body as much as you can

This point may not look helpful at first glance, but if you have a little biology base, it will explain how the whole process works. Taking up high amounts of water will make sure to enhance the working of your digestive and excretory system abruptly.

As you know, when we intake food, it makes its way through the food canal and reaches to stomach. From here it is a part of the excretory system which removes the food from the body after absorption.

One point to mention here is that food doesn’t only mean the solid food particles but also the water and liquid foods. The idea to get rid of Kratom, out of your body is increased when your water intake is increased.

It will wash away the remaining of Kratom inside your digestive tract. So, if you want to pass the withdrawal effects of Kratom, increase your hydration levels.

2) Do a rigorous exercise to get rid of Kratom from the body

Another best way to get rid of Kratom from the body is to speed up the working of the body. When you go for a hardcore workout or running, it will make you sweat like anything. In this way, the metabolites of Kratom are also removed from the body. The additional benefit is that you will be losing fats too.

3) Take a heavy meal

It is suggested to use Kratom on the empty stomach for the enhanced effects. If you take a heavy meal before taking Kratom, it will make the results very calm and stable. Use this tip if you want mild effects from a super potent strain. This trick also works the other way. Taking a full meal after taking Kratom will speed up the recovery as a normal part of digestion and excretion. However, it may be slow as compared to the other methods.

3) Take highly acidic food contents

On very helpful measure is to increase the intake of acidic food. The intake of acidic solid food and beverages enhances the ph of the blood and it also degrades the alkaloids of Kratom. In this way, the metabolites of Kratom are broken and eventually excreted out from the body.

4) Use charcoal to get rid of Kratom traces

Activated charcoal is a natural remedy to get rid of opiate withdrawal effects. At this stage, the working of Kratom is also same as opiates and it shows a similar withdrawing effect. If you take a regular Kratom dose and are not happy with it or want to get rid of Kratom or want to make the withdrawal comfortable, use charcoal for it.

Using the charcoal will bind to the standard alkaloids of Kratom before the hepatic metabolism inside the liver. It will then remove some part of it before even it starts showing the psychoactive effects.

In case, charcoal usage is to ease the withdrawal phase; charcoal will eliminate the Kratom remaining from the body. In this way, charcoal works as Kratom detox solution.

5) Use Calcium-D-Glucarate to get rid of Kratom from body system

Evidence suggests that Kratom alkaloids mainly the abundant mitragynine is more likely to undergo breakdown in the liver which is also called hepatic metabolism followed by exertion. To use this process to help you with stopping the Kratom usage is an excellent idea. You can take calcium D-glutamate which is available commonly as a supplement. It will make the pathways of detoxification clear by acting as an active beta-glucuronidase inhibitor.

Final thoughts on removing Kratom from the user’s body

If you stop using Kratom and are waiting for it to remove out from the body or want to get rid of Kratom, while this article will be a great help for you. You need to make notes on what strain you use, how much quantity are you using, for how long you are taking Kratom and personal health details. Then select the most relevant and convenient method to remove the Kratom from your system. You can also combine two or more steps if you want an ever faster recovery. It may take one to two weeks for the complete Kratom detoxification.

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